Struggling with Body Image: Seeing What God Sees

Lainey Greer
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Lainey Greer helps readers to see what God sees when he looks at us and gives a biblical basis for caring for our bodies without negativity or obsession.

Everyone has a body image, and whether from society’s influence or age-related changes, most people battle a negative one. In a world with confusing messages about the body and social media’s promotion of unattainable standards for thinness or muscularity, it’s difficult to think well about our bodies. Greer, a counselor and fitness trainer with a firsthand understanding of body image struggles, helps readers reject negative messages and embrace a biblical vision for thinking about our bodies.

Because our bodies matter to God, it’s important that his Word, not the world we live in, informs how we view our physical selves. Struggling with Body Image helps believers develop a biblical understanding of the body that is foundational for a God-honoring body image.

  • Practical biblical help for building a positive body image based on God’s Word instead of the world we live in.
  • Shares stories about others’ struggles with body image that will identify root issues.
  • Part of the Ask the Christian Counselor series, walking readers through their deepest and most profound questions. 
  • Compact format goes deeper than New Growth Press’s popular minibooks without overwhelming the reader.


Lainey Greer, PhD, is the founder of S_ma Consulting, LLC, and creator of Understand Healthy, an online course with a biblical view of nutrition, exercise, and stress management. She is passionate about Christian theology and body stewardship, striving to give Christians the necessary tools to glorify God in their bodies. She is the host of the Forsaken Body podcast, author of Struggling with Body Image and the minibook, Be Well: Learning to Steward Your Health, and blogs at

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