I Prayed and Nothing Changed: What God Is Up to in the Silence

Ste Casey
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Ste Casey addresses the disappointment that comes when life seems to go from bad to worse despite our fervent prayers for change.

When pain and disappointment shrink our world to the size of what's troubling us, we can easily miss what's right in front of us—our God and his daily grace. Pastor and counselor Ste Casey reminds readers that although our worries, fears, and suffering can fill our mind's eye, the truth is that God is still watching, keeping, caring, hearing, and speaking to us.

I Prayed and Nothing Changed will challenge you to be honest as you talk to God about your struggles in our messed-up world. Casey points readers to see all that God is doing, even when he seems distant, and encourages readers with specific ways we can see God at work in the silence.

  • Practical, accessible, spiritual guidance on disappointment with prayer written by a pastor and experienced counselor.
  • Part of theAsk the Christian Counselor series, walking readers through their deepest and most profound questions.
  • Gives readers the tools to understand their struggle with waiting on changeand how the gospel brings hope and healing.


Ste Casey is the pastor of Speke Baptist Church, Liverpool, UK and on the Executive Committee of Biblical Counselling UK and leads the Certificate Course in Liverpool together with his wife, Jane. He and his wife have six daughters and live in Central Speke. He is the author of I Prayed and Nothing Changed.

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"In this succinct but powerful book, longtime pastor Ste Casey tackles head-on the experience of disorientation and disillusionment we often face in the wake of persistently unanswered prayer. What is God up to amid our weakness and waiting? Written with pastoral warmth and rich biblical insight, I Prayed and Nothing Changed points the reader repeatedly toward the sufficient grace of Jesus Christ at work transforming us in our darkest and most hopeless places."
Michael R. Emlet, Faculty and Counselor, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF); author of Saints, Sufferers, and Sinners: Loving Others as God Loves Us

"In the agonizing experience of unanswered prayer, we long for a wise and compassionate companion to walk with us. Filled with honesty, drenched in grace, and so powerfully personal, this book is that companion. It will be a blessing to many, particularly because in regard to unanswered prayer, Ste Casey is not just a faithful guide but also a fellow traveler."
Steve Midgley, Executive Director, Biblical Counselling UK

"This book is powerful and practical, making a very helpful contribution to a common human experience. Ste helps us to see what we don't always want to see about who God is and what he is up to when it seems as though he is doing nothing. This book is gritty, honest, and relentlessly practical. I highly recommend it."
Peter Sondergeld, Lead Pastor, Restoration Church, Toowoomba, Australia; pastoral and counseling supervisor; author of Becoming You: Becoming the Person God Made You to Be

"This precious book answers an often-asked question, but it does so much more than that. Ste draws us into the kind, loving, sovereign heart of a heavenly Father, a selfless Savior, and an all-able Spirit. He grounds this counsel deeply in Scripture and connects it to the messiness of life that we all see and feel. I'm better off for reading it—better in myself and better equipped to serve others who are telling me, 'I prayed and nothing changed.'"
Adrian Reynolds, Pastor and Head of National Ministries, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, UK; author

"Honest about struggle, unafraid of tough questions, realistic about life's challenges, and yet hope-saturated, Ste Casey fights to help us see more of Christ, even when we feel like he's silent."
Amy Smith, Resource writer; podcast host, Faith in Kids

"Here is strong encouragement for when we experience that most heartbreaking of issues—seemingly unanswered prayer—from someone who knows this experience very well. I wish I had read this before tragedy struck in my life and God didn't answer my desperate prayers in the way I wanted."
Marcus Honeysett, Director, Living Leadership; author of Powerful Leaders: When Church Leadership Goes Wrong and How to Prevent It

"It seems so unnatural and unfair to us to embrace weakness and sit in suffering, trying to believe that God is hearing you and doing something in the silence of unanswered prayer. However, in this book, Ste wonderfully shows us through personal experience and biblical rigor that God is working in the waiting—he is giving grace in the suffering and he is strength in our weakness. A wonderful, thoughtful, and hopeful book for all who pray and feel like nothing is changing."
Steve Robinson, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Liverpool, UK; director, Cornerstone Collective; dean, Grimké Europe; author of Serve: Loving Your Church with Your Heart, Time, and Gifts

"This book deals with a vital but overlooked topic. Drawing on his years of pastoral experience, his own story of suffering, and the apostle Paul's account of his thorn in the flesh, Ste has given us a wise, warm, and easy-to-read resource that transforms our perspective and turns lives around. I am so glad I read it and I want others to do the same."
Andy Robinson, Training Director, Living Out; training director, South Central Gospel Partnership, UK; former pastor

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