Topical Studies

Topical Studies

Buy Topical Bible Study Books For Small Groups

God, in his Word, addresses all of the struggles you face every day, and topical Bible study books and workbooks are a great way to get specific guidance from God’s Word on the issues you’re facing. Small group Bible study topics are available on everything from anxiety and addiction to identity and relationships. No matter what you're going through, New Growth Press’s list of Bible studies by topic for small groups has you covered. Get into God’s life-giving Word and get the encouragement and direction you need today.

Bible Studies By Topics

Deepen your faith and connect with your community with our collection of topical Christian books for men & women in small groups!

  • Strengthen your faith: Find books that delve into core Christian beliefs, missions and evangelism, and personal growth in Christ.
  • Navigate life’s challenges: Discover Bible study books that address relevant topics like marriage and parenting, addiction recovery, and disability ministry, all grounded in biblical principles.
  • Dive deeper into discipleship: Choose Bible study topics for small groups focused on digging deeper into how the gospel works in real life, as well as leadership training for elders and deacons.

Transformative Topical Bible Studies

Explore profound insights into spiritual growth through three impactful topical Bible study series. 

These workbooks offer a rich and holistic exploration of biblical truths, fostering a deeper understanding of God’s transformative work in individuals’ hearts and lives.

The SOAP Bible Study Method

The SOAP method is a popular and effective way to engage with Scripture more deeply, fostering personal reflection and applying the Bible’s message to your life.

SOAP stands for:

  • S - Scripture: Select a passage or verse you want to study.
  • O - Observation: Carefully read the passage and note down keywords, phrases, or ideas that stand out to you.
  • A - Application: Reflect on the meaning of the passage. Ask yourself: What does this teach me about God? How can I apply this to my own life?
  • P - Prayer: Respond to the passage through prayer. Thank God for his Word, confess shortcomings, and pray for the strength to live out what you learned.

Whether used individually or in a group setting, the SOAP method is valuable for enriching your topical Bible study experience.

Benefits of Reading Topical Bible Study Books

  • Structured learning: Each topical Bible book provides a clear structure and format for small group discussions, often including questions, activities, and reflection prompts.
  • Enhanced engagement: Explore diverse perspectives and insights from various authors and teachers, enriching your understanding of the Bible.
  • Fellowship and support: Small group studies foster community and belonging as you learn and grow together in your faith.

Browse Small Group Bible Study Resources and find the perfect study to ignite meaningful conversations, strengthen your faith, and build lasting connections within your group!

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