Best Selling Christian Books for Men & Women

Explore our selection of best-selling Christian books for men and women. From compelling Christian books to insightful mini-books addressing men's and women's issues, they delve into topics ranging from personal growth to relationships, counseling, and devotionals. Discover timeless wisdom and practical advice rooted in the Bible, empowering you to navigate life’s challenges with faith and resilience.

Top Selling Christian Books for Children & Young Adults

At New Growth Press, we have a wide range of Christian books for young readers, including Bible storybooks, devotionals, and Christian picture books. Our bestselling collection includes books on theology for kids that teach the gospel, explain biblical values, and offer guidance for parents to converse about difficult topics with their children. Find the perfect Christian book for your toddler or teen, and give your child the joy of knowing God and his kingdom!

Best Selling Christian Authors on New Growth Press

Explore the best-selling Christian authors on New Growth Press, featuring renowned voices like Marty Machowski, David Powlison, Paul Tripp, and more. From insightful theological works to inspiring devotionals, these authors deliver profound spiritual wisdom and guidance for readers seeking to deepen their faith journey. Immerse yourself in their transformative writings that offer timeless truths and practical insights, significantly impacting individuals and communities alike.

Marty Machowski

David Powlison

Paul Tripp

Ed Welch

Bob Thune

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