Seasonal Books from New Growth Press

Within the Christian tradition, the calendar revolves around the life of Jesus Christ and the establishment of his church. Thus, two of the most important holidays correspond with his birth (Christmas) and his resurrection (Easter). The seasons leading up to these holidays – Advent and Lent – encourage us to take the time to reflect on the significance of these events, for the world and for our own lives. Seasonal devotionals can help provide a framework for this reflection, allowing us to enter into the true spirit of each season and grow closer to Jesus as we immerse ourselves in his story. Explore our collection of seasonal books for adults, families, and children to guide your holiday preparation.

Devotions for Advent and Christmas

Advent is the season to anticipate the coming of Christ by reflecting on the story of Israel and how long they waited and longed for a savior. Taking the time to look back on the stories and prophecies of the Old Testament provides important context for reading the story of the birth of Jesus in Luke 2 and shows why the angels declared “tidings of great joy.” Our family Advent devotional books guide families through these stories and help them focus on the anticipation and celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ throughout the Advent season, as well as Christmas.

Devotions for Lent and Easter

Lent is the season to reflect on the death of Christ in preparation for the celebration of his resurrection at Easter. This is generally a more somber season, but it can foster a deep and meaningful connection to Christ in his suffering, as well as a deeper appreciation for what his death and resurrection have accomplished. Our family Easter devotional books center around the story of Jesus’s life leading up to Easter, while our adult books for Lent delve into various aspects of Christ’s journey to the cross and our participation in his death and resurrection. But the ultimate focus of each resource is the resurrection narrative and the joy of Easter.

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