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Angry with God: An Honest Journey through Suffering and Betrayal

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Book Description

No one gets mad at God for something small. When we’re angry with God, it is because we’ve faced something immensely hard. Anger is an often-overlooked part of grieving, and as such, is an appropriate response to profoundly painful events. Counselor Brad Hambrick provides a guided process to being honest with God about your pain to restore and deepen your relationship with him. While we are often prone to interpret our anger about intense suffering as being at God, this book is an invitation to process these intense emotions with God as a source of comfort who is sturdy enough to support these turbulent emotions. 

If you are struggling with deep grief that is accompanied with anger and confusion, Angry with God will be profoundly helpful in your journey.  Hambrick will patiently walk you through the process of being honest with God (and others) about your pain. You will learn how to articulate your pain, alleviate the effects of this pain, contextualize your experience in light of the gospel, and begin to hope again. God is a good shepherd who is patient and willing to move at the pace of his sheep. God can be trusted in places that merit the name “the valley of the shadow of death.”  

Angry with God is part of the Ask the Christian Counselor series. This series walks readers through their deepest and most profound questions. Each question is unpacked by an experienced counselor that gives readers the tools to understand their struggle and how the gospel brings hope and healing to the problem they are facing. 


Brad Hambrick, ThM, EdD, serves as the Pastor of Counseling at The Summit Church in Durham, NC. He also serves as Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, a council member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition, and has authored several books including God's Attributes: Rest for Life Struggles, Making Sense of Forgiveness, and Angry with God, and served as general editor for the Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused curriculum. 


"Bigger than a minibook, smaller than regular, just the right size to give biblical answers to common counseling questions. This book, along with others in the series, is an affordable, much-needed resource for the church community—strugglers, pastors, counselors, and other helpers."
Barbara Miller Juliani, VP New Growth Press

“Anger and grief are healthy responses to profoundly painful events in our lives. Those who grieve over painful experiences need patient care, not a lecture. Brad demonstrates a unique level of compassion and concern for those who are suffering. He delivers wisdom that helps us respond to and care for those who suffer in ways that are compassionate and practically informed.”
Justin S. Holcomb, Episcopal minister; seminary professor; author of Rid of My Disgrace: Hope and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault

“Brad Hambrick’s pastoral and prophetic approach is both comforting and incisive, providing helpful and compelling insights for all who are navigating grief and healing from painful experiences—especially hurt and injustice within the church. Filled with compassionate advice and practical tools, this book offers readers a unique invitation to evaluate anger through a different lens and understand how God comes alongside us in our suffering. With clarity and grace, Hambrick takes us on a journey of courage that will help us care for the broken parts of ourselves and be agents of healing and hope to the wounded along our path.”
Ruth Malhotra, Writer; advocate; ministry leader

“For years I’ve wanted a resource that can help me provide better counsel for those who are hurting and struggling with anger at God. Angry with God is the book I’ve been searching for. It’s eminently biblical, pastoral, and practical. I’ll be giving this book out to everyone I encounter who struggles emotionally with the problem of evil and suffering.”
Joe Carter, Associate pastor, McLean Bible Church, Arlington, VA; senior writer, The Gospel Coalition

“Mindful of those suffering profoundly, Brad Hambrick gifts his readers with perfectly portioned, practical wisdom. He honors a sufferer’s experiences, doubts, and pain while reminding us we have a patient and loving God who understands and tends to grief-filled anger. Angry with God: An Honest Journey through Suffering and Betrayal has already been an immeasurable blessing to my counselees.”
Darby Strickland, CCEF Faculty; author of Is it Abuse?

“Angry with God provides a pastoral and wise approach to grief, and the insights and reflection questions throughout the book will benefit anyone who is experiencing the anger that often accompanies loss. As a trauma specialist, I am eager to utilize this resource with my counseling clients because it compassionately addresses the struggles they often face in their healing journeys.”
Beth M. Broom, Executive Director, Christian Trauma Healing Network; care minister, The Village Church, Denton, TX

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Ask the Christian Counselor
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3 Reviews

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    Expressing Anger with God

    Published by Annette on 09 29 2022

    My Thoughts: In the grief cycle, anger is one of the stages in it. And this book, Angry with God addresses that huge stopping point in the grief cycle. The grief cycle is denial or avoidance. Anger. Bargaining-why did this happen? Depression. Acceptance. An important first statement in the book I believe is important. “If the info in the book is moving too fast, pause.” This is the first point I want to address about the book. This is a heavy meal kind of book packed into 160 pages. It is filled with teachings and questions for the reader to answer. I feel it is weighty. Too much to take in for a person who is especially grieving. One person’s slow reading may not be what another person’s slow reading is and so on. Also, taking one page at a time may be too much. I had a feeling of overwhelmed while reading Angry with God. However, I believe this is an important book. I believe the questions are fantastic. But I feel it would be better for the content and questions to be broken down further-other books or a serious of books on grieving. I also feel it will be a good idea for the mentee and mentor or the counselor and counselee to work on this book together. An important topic is heavily addressed in the book. How to handle and express anger with God. Angry with God is more than a title, it is the biggest theme and topic in the book. I came away with a feeling of peace about my particular feelings and words, that in the past, I’d directed and expressed to God. At this point in life, my prayers are becoming deeper, transparent; and at the point where I lose a sense of place and time because I am “in prayer” so deep. Anger with God is okay. In the past I’d not thought it was okay. Hambrick teaches us to push through in this feeling and work towards answering questions like why I am angry, and what is behind the anger. To clarify, “Angry grief is morally different from selfish anger; it calls for comfort, not repentance.” There are five sections with five chapters in each of them. “It’s Safe to Talk About Your Anger.” “Articulating Your Pain.” “Alleviating the Effects of Pain.” “Resolving Your Grief.” “Contextualizing Your Journey in the Gospel.” Several reasons why I love this book: A chapter on pacing and preparing for the work of dealing with anger. A list of things to look for and develop in a healthy positive friend relationship. Having a healthy “mid journey perspective.” One of my favorite questions in the entire book: “If my pain could talk what would it say?” Questions to help educate about “learning from painful experiences.” Understanding “primary emotions” and “secondary emotions.” A chart to help “gauge” our “level of trust for people.” And a statement that I’m still pondering: “grieving when we’re right about painful events maybe the most difficult form of grief.” *I’d like to hear further teaching on this. Source: I received a complimentary e-book from New Growth Press. I am not required to write a positive review. Audience: Readers who have an interest in learning about and healing from grief and anger.

  • 4

    A book to work through not just read

    Published by Joan Nienhuis on 09 26 2022

    I think this is the most comprehensive book I have ever seen to help a Christian work through hurt, pain and anger. Hambrick's aim is not to offer any answers for why one has suffered but rather to invite readers to be honest in exploring their hurt, pain and anger at God. The book provides an opportunity for the reader to express the anger and process the pain. Hambrick looks at pain and anger from more aspects than I knew existed. Ultimately, he desires we come to the realization God is alongside us as a trusted friend. This is not a book one just reads. The book requires work. There are scores of questions Hambrick wants us to think through and write our responses. In that sense, this is a workbook. I almost felt like I was sitting in front of a psychologist, following his instructions on processing my pain and anger. At times, the text sounded a little like a psychologist too, my having to work to understand some of the terminology. But the end result is having some good strategies for healing pain and anger. This book might be hard for some to work their way through. It will take time and determination. I would suggest reading it with a trusted friend for support and discussion. This would also be a good book for a lay counselor as a template for helping others work through issues. I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.

  • 5

    A healing guide in helping a person cope with anger, grief and betrayal

    Published by Leticia Glidewell on 09 05 2022

    This is such wonderful book and tool to help people work through their anger and grief, whether it is due to the loss of a loved one, or someone who has hurt them irreparably. It's a gentle guide towards healing and coping with their profound loss. Healing takes time and patience, and sometimes others tend to try to force an individual to "move on..." when they are not spiritually, emotionally or spiritually ready. This guide to healing works with the person through each thought provoking chapter to ease them gently in the direction of God's great love for them and to reflect on what they have just read and how to apply the teaching tools to their own painful situation.

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