Discover: Questioning Your Way to Faith

Mike McGarry
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It's ok for you to have questions about your faith. You aren't the only one that has those questions, and you shouldn't be embarrassed by them. In Discover: Questioning Your Way to Faith, Mike McGarry explores the twenty most common questions teenagers ask.

In nearly twenty years as a youth pastor, Mike has heard just about every question students ask. Your questions are important—and they may prove to be the very thing that actually leads you into deeper faith. Discover covers a wide range of questions that teens like you ask about faith including: Why does God allow suffering? Why should we trust the Bible? Is church relevant? Does God care about my sexual identity? and more.

Mike wants you to see your questions as an opportunity to dig deeper and grow in your faith. Each chapter is short and tackles important topics such as doubt, the resurrection, tolerance, sexual issues, prayer, and more. He thinks you will be encouraged to see what God has to say.

  • Equips you to help you answer the questions your friends have.
  • Helps you to understand what the Bible teaches about the issues we face today in everyday life.
  • Shows how doubt and questioning can be a pathway to greater faith.


Mike McGarry, DMin, served as a youth pastor for nearly twenty years and is the founder/director of Youth Pastor Theologian. He and his wife, Tracy, have two teenagers and are committed to investing in the next generation. Mike is the author of A Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry, Lead Them to Jesus, and Discover: Questioning Your Way to Faith, and has contributed to Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry. He writes and speaks frequently through Youth Pastor Theologian.

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"Who is God? Why am I here? Where are we going? If you have questions about the Christian faith or if you have friends with questions, you are not the first and won't be the last. This book will help you process your concerns with compassion and truth. Whether you are curious about the Christian faith or you are rock solid in your beliefs and want to help someone know Jesus, pick up Discover and encounter the beauty and wonder of the Christian gospel that has given hope to believers for 2,000 years."
Daniel Darling, Director, The Land Center for Cultural Engagement; bestselling author of several books, including, The Dignity Revolution, A Way with Words,and The Characters of Christmas

"As the parent of two teens, as a pastor, and especially as a former teenage questioner who was afraid to express my uncertainties, I am deeply grateful for Mike McGarry's new book. I love that Discover does not underestimate the minds and abilities of teens to think through and to grasp wonderful truths about God and his Word. This is just the kind of resource parents and youth ministers should have on hand to shepherd the next generation toward a deep, affectionate, and rich relationship with Christ."
Barnabas Piper, Pastor, Immanuel Church Nashville; author of Help my Unbelief

"In a day and age when we are encouraged to embrace a personally-formed spirituality without regard to theology, we must recognize that any God-talk or engagement with the Christian faith is all about theology. Everyone is a theologian. It's simply a matter of unintentionally doing theology poorly, or intentionally doing theology well. I'm grateful that Mike McGarry has given us a tool to use with our students that respects their ability to go deep, offers sound biblical theology, and can be used by both youth workers and parents to spark solid theological thought and discussion that will serve to build up students for a lifetime of faithfully following Jesus. "
Walt Mueller, President, Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

"As a youth pastor at my church for almost thirty years, as well as a professor of youth ministry, I will use and recommend this book enthusiastically. Mike suggests that students can read this book with a mentor or adult leader or in small groups, but I would love to buy this book and give it away to every student I could. There is also immense instructional value for small groups, student leadership teams, or one-on-one discipleship of students, to help grow their faith and transform their lives."
Danny Kwon, Pastor of Youth and Families, Yuong Sang Church; adjunct professor, Eastern University/Missio Seminary; author of Mission Tripping and A Youth Worker's Field Guide to Parents

"Today's teens grow up in a confused and skeptical world. McGarry gives pastors and churches a tool that doesn't shy away from hard questions but instead roots students in biblical truth. Discover will be a great resource for youth pastors preparing kids for baptism or confirmation."
Jared Kennedy, Editor, The Gospel Coalition; author of The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible and Keeping Your Children's Ministry on Mission

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4 Reviews

  • 5
    High-quality content, easy to read

    Posted by Daniel Klassen on 01 29 2024

    This is the most well received book I have used with students in the last few years! I ended up buying a whole case to give out to students at youth group. The middle and high school boys use it for Sunday school now, reading a chapter a week. It’s the only book I’ve ever gotten them to read of their own free will. The topics are engaging and, this is key, the chapters are short enough that they don’t get lost. I’m really thankful for this resource!

  • 5
    Questioning Your Way To Faith

    Posted by Sandra Akatay on 11 28 2023

    Though this book is targeting youth/youth ministry and covers many things they should know, it covers many subjects/questions many new believers and those seeking answers to questions about faith will find helpful and a convenient resource to have on hand for conversations with friends, relatives and neighbors. Another beauty of this book is that the chapters are short, concise and clear. It could also be used as a Sunday School or Youth Ministry curriculum or even a new believers class or bible study. It includes questions and follow up for personal or group discussion or journal response as well as extension resources. A timely and much needed resource for middle school to midlife and beyond making Jesus the testimony of truth and purpose with answers to questions that bolster our faith.

  • 5
    Excellent for Students, Parents, and Leaders

    Posted by Nathaniel Hillmer on 08 17 2023

    When I heard Mike was coming out with a common questions book, I was very excited. I was so excited that I bought 15 copies and I wasn't disappointed. I'm a first-year, first-pastorate youth pastor and I'm always looking for resources to give to parents and youth as they learn more about Jesus and grow together. Though this book is written for and geared towards teenagers with questions, it's been helpful to give to parents as well. I think it's been helpful so parents can address these common questions now that they feel equipped to do so. Whether you're looking for a resource for parents and youth leaders or have a student that has more questions than answers, this is the book for you. It's accessible, easy to read, and has discussion questions at the end of each chapter to further the conversation.

  • 5
    A Much-Needed Resource

    Posted by Joseph Bradley on 07 27 2023

    This is the Youth Pastor Theologian at his very best. As a youth pastor, it is really hard to find solid biblical and theological resources that every student can easily engage with and learn from. In fact, most marketed to teens are the opposite of what we want! Mike has done the Church a huge favor with providing a solution: an accessible, broadly structured, biblically ground resource that teens, parents, youth workers, and mature Christians will find beneficial. This has discussion questions, apologetics, theology, and is deeply pastoral in tone. Buy a dozen copies and hand them out!

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