Alongside Jesus: Devotions for Teenagers

Drew Hill
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Foreword by Ed Cash and Franni Rae Cash Cain, We the Kingdom

Have you ever considered that Jesus could actually be walking alongside you? Like right now, in this very moment—even though you can't see him. If you knew that for sure, how would it change your day? Your life? Because you can't see or hear Jesus with your physical eyes and ears, walking with him takes a different kind of seeing and hearing. And as you learn to walk with him, your faith will grow, and your life will never be the same.

Through a month of meditations, Drew Hill invites you to look for Jesus with the eyes of your heart and learn to hear his voice. As you encounter Jesus, you will begin to see yourself through his eyes.

Alongside Jesus uses a daily devotional format, and each chapter takes a look at a different truth about Jesus and invites you to establish an "Alongside Practice" that will help solidify this truth in your heart. Each week includes a weekend conversation with your "Alongsider"—a parent, mentor, or friend who can help you process what you're reading. These encounters with Jesus will help you see that Jesus is closer than anyone else could ever be.

Alongside Jesus is the first book in the Devotions for Teenagers series.


Drew Hill, MDiv, is an award-winning author and speaker. His book Alongside: Loving Teenagers with the Gospel was a 2019 ECPA Christian Book Award winner. He is also the author of The Alongside Devotional and the minibook, When to Get My Kid a Phone. Drew serves as the head of school for The Covenant School in Greensboro, North Carolina and also works in a mission-wide leadership role with Young Life. Drew has been in pastoral ministry for more than two decades and regularly speaks around the country to thousands of parents, youth workers, and teenagers. Drew is married to Natalie and they have five children.

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"This book is an amazing tool as it uses the Word of God to show how Jesus wasn't just some long-haired hippie that lived a long time ago, but that he is very much alive and wants to walk with us throughout life. Who better to show us how to live than the Creator of life itself!"
Ed Cash, We the Kingdom

"The teenage years can be one of the most difficult times in a person's life. There are so many conflicts of identity and attacks against the soul. Alongside Jesus is an incredible tool that does an amazing job of sparking sacred, vital encounters with the living God. The questions, the prompts, and the stories in this book all soften the heart and prepare the reader to meet with Jesus and hear from him for themselves."
Franni Rae Cash Cain, We the Kingdom

"I have read many devotional books, but never one like this. As I read, I kept thinking, WOW, I wish I had read this book when I was a teenager. I also thought, What if I had read it and discussed it with my father? I highly recommend this book to all teens and the adults who care about them. This is not a book simply to be read. Rather, it is a book to be experienced. I highly recommend it to all teens who would like to know God better, and to all adults who love teenagers."
Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages

"Jesus walks alongside us—this may be the most profound revelation we ever learn. Yet, grasping it takes a lifetime of trust. In everyday language and stories, Drew Hill helps teenagers ask questions, engage Scripture, and ultimately better grasp this profound revelation. In doing so, Drew offers a book for teens and adults alike."
Newt Crenshaw, President of Young Life

"If you're looking for a way to connect with the teenagers in your life, look no further. Alongside Jesus: Devotions for Teenagersis more than a book. It's a key that will unlock fresh conversations between teenagers and Jesus, and also between teenagers and adults."
David Eaton, Axis CEO and Cofounder

"Devotionals for teenagers are notoriously difficult to recommend. They're either trendy and biblically light or they're so exegetically dense students have a hard time knowing what difference it makes to real life. Drew Hill's Alongside Jesus is different. He invites students into the presence of Jesus and draws them into the biblical text while leading them to put it into practice. As a youth pastor and parent of teenagers, I cannot wait to get Alongside Jesus into the hands of my teenagers."
Mike McGarry, Youth pastor; author of Lead Them to Jesus and A Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry

"Drew Hill has written a devotional that meets teenagers where they are so that they can encounter Jesus where he is. Alongside Jesus first and foremost is centered on Scripture, which is where I always want my teenage friends to start. Drew invites kids to use their imaginations, making note of their 'wonderings' as they read Scripture. The stories, Alongside practices, music recommendations, and weekend conversation starters with an 'Alongsider' together create a significant space for kids to fall more in love with the Jesus who loves them."
Julie Clapp, Vice President of WyldLife, Young Life

"I wish that when I was going through my teenage years I'd have had a devotional that made me want to know Jesus more. One that created space for me to study, question, wonder, and fall more in love with Jesus at a pace that didn't make me want to tap out if I couldn't devote time every day. Alongside Jesus: Devotion for Teenagers is a game changer for young people trying to figure out what it really means to follow Jesus. It will make the adults in their lives remember what it was like when they first started on their journey with Jesus and will be renewing to them as well!"
Derrica Barbee, Hollywood actor and producer

"I love how this book helps me to understand and see Scripture in a whole new light. It not only helps me to slow down in a world that keeps rolling but teaches me about the wonder of Jesus and helps me lean into healthy ways I want to live. I will forever be proud of my dad for writing this amazing book, but mostly for showing me through it how much Jesus comes alongside me."
Honey Hill, thirteen-year-old daughter of Drew and Natalie Hill; big sister of Hutch, Macy Heart, Hobbie, and Huddle; writer; beloved of the Lord

"In Alongside Jesus, Drew Hill writes a compelling guide that will cause any teenager to reimagine what it looks like to engage in a personal walk with the Lord. This devotional is a tool that should be in every young person's toolbox."
Gerald Fadayomi, Pastor; author of Before You Go: Following Jesus and Growing in Your Faith After High School

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    Teen Devotional

    Posted by Laura on 10 11 2022

    Alongside Jesus is terrific devotional firmly rooted in scripture and specifically designed for teenagers. It provides four daily devotions each week focusing on a specific truth about Jesus. Unique to this devotional is the element of including an “alongsider”. An “alongsider” is a parent/mentor that you process the devotionals with using questions that are included in the text on a weekly basis. While this complimentary book was provided for review by New Growth Press, no other compensation was given. All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.

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