Be Loved

Emma Mae Jenkins
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Emma Mae Jenkins, a young writer, has inspired many with the freedom she has to be herself—a dearly loved child of God. In her first book, Be Loved, she invites readers to join her on a journey of life-changing faith and the freedom that comes from knowing the love of God.

She chronicles her own high school journey through starting a new school, navigating the typical pressures of school work and sports, going to prom, and even homecoming. Emma Mae faced each new challenge with the confidence that God was with her and was going to make her uniquely useful in the place he had prepared for her.

For Emma Mae, it all starts with her relationship with Jesus. Because she knows she is loved by him, she is free to be herself and to live out her faith no matter what the cost. As a young, passionate, and intimate lover of Jesus, Emma Mae's love for her Savior overflows unashamedly into her unconditional, fierce love for people.

Readers will experience the chain-breaking liberty of knowing the Lord's presence and the freedom to be unique. This full-color, hardback book includes pictures from Emma Mae's life, along with key Bible verses that God used to strengthen and guide her through the ups and downs of her high school years. Readers will learn to face the challenges of their student years with faith, courage, hope, and lifegiving love for others.


Debut author Emma Mae Jenkins is a social media influencer, writer, speaker, and YouTuber with the sole purpose of leading others into a relationship with Jesus, sharing this chain-breaking freedom, and being a vessel of God's Word. Emma Mae chronicled her journey through high school on social media and has inspired thousands of young people to live their faith freely and with courage.

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"In her inspiring and upbeat new book, Emma Mae Jenkins shares about her single-minded devotion to Christ and her desire to extend his love and compassion to others. As she describes reaching out to her peers right where the Lord has placed her, I believe readers will be encouraged to consider how God is calling them to do the same."
Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

"Emma's love for God and his word is absolutely contagious. Watching the way she lives her life with a consistent and jubilant faith and a complete and total dependence on God has been an inspiration to me. Be Loved reflects Emma—who she is and how she lives her life, but even more importantly it reflects the God she serves wholeheartedly. I'm so excited for you to read it!"
Bella Robertson, Actress and television personality

"Emma is changing culture by loving people well. Be Loved is a treasury of wisdom and truth that will help young women navigate constant transition, cultural lies, and the lies to self. Emma provides ideas to influence your campus, turn negative thoughts into truth, and grow intimately with God. How beautifully illustrated, creative, and relatable it is. Be Loved is a must-read that will strengthen your identity. If you get this, you get what really matters."
Elizabeth Britt Bramel, Director, NWA Beautiful Girls Retreat; founder of NWA Momentum Ministries

"Solomon said, 'A joyful heart is good medicine.' Be Loved is good medicine! I can't wait to get a copy for my teenage daughter. Through telling her story and sharing key Scriptures, Emma Mae offers readers a full dose of gospel joy with a spoonful of gladness—straight from her heart. She doesn't just tell you to put on joy; she takes you by the hand and walks there—straight to Christ."
Marty Machowski, Family pastor; author of The Ology, Long Story Short, and other gospel-rich resources for church and home

"Emma Mae Jenkins is the real deal. She radiates the love of Christ. The pages of her book do the same. Full of beauty and truth, Be Loved sings the anthem all young women desperately need to hear: 'Because of Jesus, you are fully known and fully loved.' I can't wait for our daughters to read it!"
Drew Hill, Pastor; award-winning author of Alongside: Loving Teenagers with the Gospel

"In the midst of my own teenagers' fears, insecurities, and self-doubt, what I want them above all to remember is God's never-ceasing look of love toward them. Be Loved is a book about just that—a girl met by a God whose radiant love rewrites the narrative of her thoughts, sets her free from self, and by his grace gives her the creativity to love others well. What a gift Emma Mae and this book will be to the many teen girls thirsty to know God's smile."
Kristen Hatton, Author of The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for Students, Face Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World, and Get Your Story Straight

"Be Loved is an engaging way to journey through Scripture with Emma Mae Jenkins. She has used her vast experience and wisdom to captivate her audience through vivid pictures and vibrant colors. Emma Mae has proven her godly character. I've never met a person in all my life as happy, glowing, loving, and enthused about life as Emma. She is truly one in all the world."
Dr. Joe White, President, Kanakuk Kamps

"Girl. After these ten sweet, life-breathing, truth-telling, chapters, I have to warn you: Your heart will be so contagiously inspired to live out your own beloved journey. There's no going back! Emma's love for Jesus and this side of heaven shines through each intentional story told. And who doesn't love pretty colors and pictures? Sister. This is the book for you."
Georgia Brown, Leader, The Point College Ministry

"Emma's joy for the Lord does not go unnoticed, whether you know her firsthand or through social media. Now her joy is available to hold in your hands with this sweet outpouring of her heart in Be Loved! Her authenticity and genuine joy bounce off the pages through both her words and art. This is a must-read for every young woman looking for a way to own her faith and grow deeper with Jesus. You will feel encouraged by truth, Scripture, and guided prayer to believe you are deeply loved just as you are."
Hannah Morrison, Blogger at The Cake by Hannah

"The book is so beautiful and so fun. Cover to cover, each page artfully presents Scriptures that Emma Jenkins recites to celebrate each day. She shares her heart for God's Word—and God's heart for his girls. On each page and in each illustration, sweet words and strong faith come together in Emma's inspirational writings. Put it in your backpack or by your bed, ready for your own time with God."
Joneal Kirby, Family Counselor and director, Heartfelt Ministries

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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Be Loved

    Posted by Deborah T. Edwards on 01 09 2021

    Excellent content and presentation. Has been used by the Spirit to stir my granddaughter's heart with questions and longing for a deeper, more personal relationship with the God who truly loves her.

  • 5
    Refreshing and encouraging

    Posted by Savings in Seconds on 12 28 2019

    Be Loved gives the reader a window into the life of Emma Mae Jenkins, a vibrant teenager who loves Jesus. Emma Mae’s zeal for life pours from the pages through colorful photos, vibrant fonts, and descriptive text. She shares what it’s like to move often, making new friends, and navigating the hurdles of high school. Prom and homecoming milestones are different through Emma Mae’s eyes. Would you let her sit with you in the cafeteria? You’d be honored to! I found the book to be refreshing and encouraging, even though I’m an adult. It’s great to see a teen who is absolutely on fire for God. Emma Mae glorifies the Lord in every action and word found in Be Loved. Thanks to the publisher for sending me a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions shared are mine.

  • 5
    A powerful, inspiring book!

    Posted by Alexis A. Goring on 11 19 2019

    "Be Loved" is a powerful and inspiring debut book by Emma Mae Jenkins! She's really made a good impression on this reader with her open heart, transparency and the JOY that shines through her words on every page of this book. Emma is more than just a young person with a talent to write; she is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ who has a BIG HEART for people, especially the youth! After reading this book, I can totally see Emma becoming a youth pastor or something to that effect. Her bravery in sharing her personal stories, not hiding her struggles and her heart for helping people find the path that leads to Jesus Christ is something to be admired! What I wasn't expecting in this book was all of the vibrant color in photography and graphic design that's on every single page! It's the first book that I've read that has these vivid features, not your traditional book (even the pages are made of glossy material) and I find that to be refreshing! Emma's voice and storytelling style will engage you from the start and keep you turning the pages until the finish. I highly recommend this book for parents to give their pre-teen and teenage daughters! I think that it will make a positive impact on their mind and heart and will also lead those young souls to JESUS (Christ)! Bravo, Emma Mae, for making a SPLASH that LASTS! *The author's publisher provided me (Alexis A. Goring) with a complimentary copy of this book, Be Loved, by Emma Mae Jenkins. My opinions in this book review are my own.

  • 5
    I am so much Excited

    Posted by Precious on 05 07 2019

    Finally! I am so excited for this one. <3 <3 <3

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