At New Growth Press, Christian books for teens provide grace-filled, gospel-centered resources that will shape their thinking and help them navigate faith, friends, and the pressures of daily life. Our resources for teens include small group studies, Bible studies, and devotional books for teens, as well as fiction book series for teens, that address relevant challenges and practical hardships and encourage them to lean on Jesus.

Topics include questions about faith, sexuality, relationships, peer pressure, anxiety, student life, and other counseling problems. Authors and contributors are youth ministers, youth workers, and church leaders who are committed to being faithful to the Bible, making the gospel central, and, along the way, providing good Christian books for teens.

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The teenage years can be difficult and sometimes painful to navigate. New Growth Press offers a variety of youth devotional books to encourage, challenge, and support teens on their spiritual journey. Our Bible study books for teens help them dig deeper into the Word, while other small group resources for teens apply Scripture to a particular topic. If you are looking for recommendations for good Christian books for teens, please see below for a list of popular categories.

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Christian books for teens are a great way to instill Christian values in your kids. Fiction books allow teenagers to visualize how the gospel brings redemption and change to both individuals and communities, while Christian devotional books for teens encourage them to cultivate their own relationship with Jesus. Small group studies help teens learn and grow in their faith in community with their peers, whether studying individual books of the Bible or delving into a specific topic that impacts their lives.

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