I'm Stressed: A Path from Pressure to Peace

Eliza Huie
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Counselor Eliza Huie unpacks three common causes of stress—fear, control, and temptation—and gives direction on specific ways to respond to and manage the pressure and anxiety associated with stress.

The pressures and demands of life can leave us overwhelmed, discouraged, or burned out. Stress affects all of life, including physical, relational, and spiritual health. But God does not want us to white-knuckle our way through life—he intends for us to thrive as his beloved children, remembering his care and walking in his strength.

Eliza offers readers the NEAR (notice, explore, address, remember) plan for stress management and a way forward to move from stress to hope. In I'm Stressed, she gives biblical and actionable direction on how to alleviate stress in ways that honor God, bless those around us, and help us to live in peace.

  • This resource helps readers differentiate between good stress and bad stress and understand its effect on their lives.
  • Each chapter ends with a "stress test" to help readers immediately apply and practice what they are reading.
  • Part of the Ask the Christian Counselor series, walking readers through their deepest and most profound questions.
  • Compact format goes deeper than New Growth Press's popular minibooks without overwhelming the reader.


Eliza Huie, MA, LCPC, is the Director of Counseling at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, VA. She is the author of several books, including I'm Stressed, Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids, the minibook Teens and Anxiety, and is coauthor of The Whole Life and The World Rejoices. Eliza and her husband, Ken, have three grown children, two daughters-in-law, and a sweet grandson.

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"This book is a transformative guide for anyone seeking to navigate the tumultuous waters of modern life with grace and resilience. Eliza offers a refreshingly honest and biblically grounded approach to managing stress. Whether you're dealing with daily pressures or overwhelming challenges, I'm Stressed will provide a clear path to fruitful well-being and is a must-read for anyone seeking clarity amid the chaos of daily life."
Dwayne Bond, Lead Pastor, Wellspring Church, Charlotte, NC; CEO, Proximus Group, LLC

"We all deal with stress, but navigating it with wisdom and hope can be tricky. In this little book, Eliza Huie combines a counselor's experience, real stories that resonate, and lots of wisdom for dealing with this common struggle. Drawing from Scripture and practical insights, Huie helps us chart a better way forward."
Kelly M. Kapic, Author of You’re Only Human: How Your Limits Reflect God’s Design and Why That’s Good News

"In this highly practical guide, Eliza Huie explores the multifaceted nature of stress and offers a plan for navigating life's demands in a redemptive way. If you find yourself feeling constantly crushed by layered concerns and responsibilities, this insightful book is especially for you."
Christine Chappell, Certified Biblical Counselor; author of Midnight Mercies: Walking with God through Depression in Motherhood and Postpartum Depression: Hope for a Hard Season

"In I'm Stressed, Eliza Huie provides a compassionate and practical guide for navigating the pressures of life from a biblical perspective. Her wise counsel and gentle encouragement will help readers find true rest in Christ. If you find yourself burdened by stress and seeking lasting relief, this book will refresh your soul and renew your trust in God's loving care."
Joe Carter, Senior Writer, The Gospel Coalition; author of the NIV Lifehacks Bible

"Eliza Huie's book, I'm Stressed, is a concise yet comprehensive guide for helping both yourself and others with the pressures of living in a fallen world. The 'stress tests' at the end of each chapter are priceless and practical, and they point us to Christ and his Word for peace that the world can't offer. I highly recommend this trusted resource!"
Robert K. Cheong, Founder and Executive Director, Gospel Care Ministries

"In I'm Stressed: A Path from Pressure to Peace, Eliza Huie masterfully combines biblical encouragement with practical strategies, offering readers invaluable tools to navigate stress. Through engaging exercises and relevant case studies, this book empowers readers with immediately actionable steps toward inner peace."
Emily Dempster, Training Advisor, Association of Biblical Counselors; counseling ministry director, Salem Heights Church, Salem, OR

"I love this resource! Eliza simply and helpfully walks the reader through an acute understanding of stress. Saturated with biblical truth and hope, this book takes the concept and feelings of stress and breaks them down through godly wisdom and practical solutions. I found myself convicted and comforted in each new chapter. This small resource will make a huge impact! I'm certain I will come back to it time and time again."
Rebekah Hannah, Director of Kids and Families, Redeemer LSQ; President & CEO, Anchored Hope Virtual Counseling

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