Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling


Biblical counseling is soul care that relies on the sufficiency of God’s words in the Bible to saints, sinners, and sufferers (which includes everyone). Biblical counseling aims to restore Christ to Christian counseling and to restore counseling to the church. Biblical counseling books also aim to restore Christ to Christian counseling books and to grow people in their love for God and others. Biblical counseling books equip and help counselors, pastors, students, educators, ministries, small group leaders, spouses, parents, caregivers, etc.


Biblical counseling books and resources have a nuanced and well-established foundation in Scriptures and seek apply Biblical truths to all of life. Faithful to the Word of God and Bible as the authoritative source, these spiritual counseling books equip readers to apply the gospel to all areas of life, including marriage, parenting, addictions, trauma, sexual issues, psychological disorders, etc. Through our carefully curated collection of biblical counseling books, individuals can get a deeper insight into God’s Word, which will help them with issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, peer pressure, fear, rejection, and so on. These books talk in detail about sins, dilemmas, sufferings, and more, from a biblical perspective. You can take your pick from an exhaustive assortment of Biblical counseling resources catering to different themes and age groups.p>

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