Manuscript submissions must follow the downloadable standard New Growth Press template and may be completed and emailed to

Thank for your interest in the New Growth Press(NGP). Our mission is to reach every church and home with gospel-centered resources that point to Jesus and help every person grow closer to Christ. NGP’s Bible-based materials provide churches, families, children, and individuals with resources for personal and spiritual growth and change. We welcome new as well as experienced authors to participate in our mission.

Potential authors can submit publishing proposals using the NGP proposal form. Please do not submit full manuscripts, unless directly requested. Your proposal should include 2-3 sample chapters (for long form books), and the entire outline and/or content for minibook proposals (3000–5000 words). Please ensure that your proposal form is submitted as either a PDF or Word document.

Due to the high volume of submissions, we may not be able to directly respond to each proposal, and we are not in a position to provide updates on your submission. We'll review your work as quickly as possible, and responses expressing our interest usually take 4–6 weeks. If you do not receive a response in 6 weeks, we have decided not to move forward with your proposal. All publishing proposals and questions not addressed here should be directed by email to the Acquisitions Manager. Please also see our frequently asked questions below.


Q. What is your mission and statement of faith?

A. Please find our statement of faith and what we believe here.

Q. How can I know if my proposal will be accepted?

A.  In the publishing process, no assurances can be given apart from our thorough consideration of each proposal. Because of our high and equal commitment to each book we publish, our process is careful and selective of the books we publish.  While not a requirement, authors with an established audience, and whose proposal is distinct, well-written, important to the Christian market, and supports our mission, have the strongest possibility of acceptance.

Q. How can I guarantee my book will sell if I publish with your company?

A. We are committed to the success of each title and resource we publish, but guarantees are not possible in publishing. Book markets are competitive, and the most successful books benefit from mutual marketing efforts between publishers and their authors. NGP’s excellent and highly committed editorial, production, and marketing teams work with each author to ensure the best finished product and give each book a wide distribution in the United States and internationally. We also work to strengthen and utilize the platform of each author we publish, and our authors are helped to play an invaluable role in the entire publishing process.

Q.  After a signed contract, how long does it take for a book to release?

A. The typical publishing time, from proposal to book release, is 1 to 1.5 years. NGP follows a thorough editorial, design, and marketing process. While in some cases, a shorter publishing schedule applies, we believe a serious investment of time will allow us to execute a successful and lasting launch of each book we publish.

Q. Are your books sold in bookstores?

A. Absolutely! We work through a wide variety of distributors (physical and electronic formats) to ensure our titles reach the largest audience possible. We support the work of our authors and labor diligently to maximize their impact for the Kingdom of God.

Q. Do you publish authors that live in countries other than the United States? 

A.  Yes, we do. NGP works with a wide variety of distributors and partners, bringing our titles to the global market and strengthening the Church around the world.

Q. May I call NGP to discuss my proposal or ideas?

A. We do not discuss book ideas or proposals over the phone, unless our acquisitions team has decided to take steps beyond the initial submission process.