Pastoral Resources

Pastoral Resources


Pastoral resources are indispensable when it comes to fostering a Christ-centered mindset weekly sermons, preaching and conducting worship services. Church pastors not only help foster a Christ-centered mindset but also play an instrumental role in interpreting Biblical scriptures for the congregation. Pastoral ministry books are centered around the idea of serving others in accordance with Christ's interests. At New Growth Press, we offer an array of books for pastors that will inspire them to see and accomplish God's purpose for them in the world. These books aim to encourage church leaders to influence and morally support the congregation, the volunteers, and others within the community. Our handpicked assortment of pastoral care books will help you provide care and counseling to church members and assist them in crisis situations.


Choose from a wide array of books for pastors, centered around relevant themes such as addressing mistakes in Biblical counseling, Biblical counseling activities for children and teens, premarital guides, and so on. The pastor, priest, or minister plays a crucial role in feeding the church not only from a spiritual perspective as its shepherd, but also by extending the essential leadership and direction. This, in turn, drives the church to achieve its chief mission and directive. Through pastoral care books and counseling, the shepherd and leader of the church can be better equipped to fulfill his spiritual and social responsibility to the church. New Growth Press ensures that a strong tie is established between the church leadership and the parishioners with its thoughtful collection of pastoral ministry books.

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