Between Us Girls: Walks and Talks for Moms and Daughters

Trish Donohue
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You feel more than mommy guilt. You feel a deep and growing conviction that you must do something to disciple your daughter. But what? How can a busy mom make sure her daughter learns about the most important things in life: what Jesus did for her on the cross and how to be faithful to him in this broken world?

Author Trish Donohue has been there, and that's why she wrote Between Us Girls: Walks and Talks for Moms and Daughters. These twenty-six gospel-driven talks are a fun and easy guide for mothers who want to disciple their daughters but don't know where to start. In each short chapter, moms and daughters read God's Word, ask one another questions about their thoughts and experiences, get honest about their struggles with sin, brainstorm ways to live out their faith, and build genuine fellowship into their relationship.

Between Us Girls is more than a devotional; it's a conversation guide, and the twenty-six "chats" are just the beginning. Ultimately, Donohue's book teaches mothers and daughters a new way to communicate and starts them on a wonderful, lifelong journey of getting to know one another better and learning to love their Savior more. Written by a busy mom for busy moms, so no prep time is needed! Just schedule some time with your daughter, grab this book, head to your destination of choice, and cherish every moment you share with your girl.

Between Us Girls was written for mothers with daughters between the ages of seven and fourteen. Moms of younger girls may choose to skip or modify a couple of chapters, while moms of older girls can springboard off certain chats into deeper conversations. Moms of teens may even find it fruitful to meet in a group and explore the material with their thirteen- and fourteen-year-old girls in a broader community setting.

While designed for mothers and daughters specifically, Between Us Girls could easily be used by any woman in a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a younger girl.


Trish Donohueis a wife and mom who writes from her kitchen table in West Chester, PA. A desire to disciple her girls paired with a love for writing inspired this book. She and her husband, Jim, have two sons and two daughters. They attend Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, PA, where Jim serves as a pastor.

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"Between Us Girls by Trish Donohue is the resource moms have been looking for to help them connect with their growing daughters. Trish weaves together meaningful Bible study, helpful questions, and life applications in a way that is provoking but not preachy. My wife is excited to start using it in our home."
Marty Machowski, Family pastor; author of The Ology and The Gospel Story for Kids books and curriculum

"In the midst of our busy lives, it is easy to forsake our best intentions for purposeful parenting. Adding to the struggle is not knowing how to enter in to the world of our girls with gospel truth. Between Us Girls provides a deliberate plan for bonding together over God's Word in a way that is fun, without sacrificing depth. What I love most though is Trish Donohue's ability to hand our daughters the biblical lenses to see each topic and the world around them rightly."
Kristen Hatton, Author of Get Your Story Straight: A Teen's Guide to Learning & Living the Gospel

"Between Us Girls is a mother-daughter discipleship guide covering many topics essential to life and godliness. For each topic, the guide demonstrates God's intention, sin's hindrance, the gospel's solution, and a practical application. Pertinent Scripture passages, sound and creative doctrinal teaching, and inviting discussion starters fill its pages. The guide is concise, simple, and enjoyable to use. Between Us Girls is a great idea. I heartily recommend it for Christian moms and daughters everywhere."
Starr Meade, Author of Training Hearts, Teaching Minds

"As a mother of a twelve-year-old girl, I am always looking for relatable ways to share my love for the gospel with my daughter. Between Us Girls does just that. Trish Donohue has set up a helpful, easy, and fun rhythm for discussions between mothers and daughters. You will enjoy the journey of getting to know your daughter and opening your life to her as you share about fears, faith, likes, and life."
Jessica Thompson, Author/Speaker

"As a father of three grown daughters, I have listened to a lot of mother-daughter conversations over the years. Talk about going deep real quick. But deep can be confusing, even misguided at times. That's what I love about this book! Trish provides a winsome path toward conversations that can be deep and wiseÑfull of good fruit for both moms and daughters because they are truth-guided and grace-focused. Who couldn't use that kind of help?"
Andy Farmer, Pastor; author of Real Peace and Trapped

"Every mom longs to have a close and enduring friendship with her daughter. In Between Us Girls, author and mom Trish Donohue takes a busy mom by one hand and her young daughter by the other, and leads them together into a deep understanding of God's Word and a sweet experience of fellowship with one another. Short chapters and engaging questions make this a book daughters will be eager to read and talk about with their moms. As a mother with a very close friendship with her daughter, I am excited to recommend and use this book to pass on a legacy of biblical womanhood to the next generation."
Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Mahaney Whitacre, Coauthors of Girl Talk, Feminine Appeal, and True Beauty

"Have you ever wondered exactly how to have meaningful conversations with your daughter? If so, this is the book for you. Trish Donohue helps moms build a deep relationship with their daughters with good questions that encourage openness and honesty. Through it all, she weaves the story of Jesus and how it relates to all aspects of life: peer pressure, friendships, appearance, church, siblings, fears, clothes, and much more. Let Trish take you on a walk with your daughter, enjoying the world God has created, and sharing how to walk in it with faith and confidence in what Jesus has done."
Rose Marie Miller, Author of From Fear to Freedom and Nothing Is Impossible with God; coauthor of The Gospel-Centered Parent

"What better way to create a memorable context for pivotal conversations with our daughters than while walking amid God's wonderful creation, with the evidence of his love and care surrounding us? The concept behind this book is brilliant in its simplicity. Trish Donohue's discussion guides, with their wisdom and transparency, are exactly what women need to make these conversations happen. This will not be a book that sits on your shelf. It will be a well-worn and beloved treasure between you and the young women in your life, be it a daughter, niece, granddaughter, or friend."
Debra Bell, Author; speaker; educator

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11 Reviews

  • 5
    starsThese twenty-six gospel-driven talks are a fun and easy guide for mothers who want to disciple ...

    Posted by Jalynn Patterson on 06 10 2019

    Growing up as a girl is getting harder and harder with each passing day. The world is changing rapidly and with each terrible headline it shows. so parents need to slow that pace down especially in their own homes so that we don't lose our children to this disastrous society. Bit by bit if we reel them in we may actually get kids that are untarnished, if we don't give hope. Through God we have hope for our future and theirs. That is why it's a good thing when those around us help parents in this endeavor. Trish Donohue, has taken a great book and catapulted this issue, in my opinion. She takes some great conversation starters and turns them into something that can actually change the course of your daughters life. Starters such as Focus, Feelings, Prayers, Friendships, and my personal favorite Hard Times in which she discusses when life takes a turn for the worse. whether it is for only a season or for what seems like an eternity. She aids us in what to do when life hands you a "splinter". great advice and great soul stirring conversation starters.

  • 5
    s 5.0 out of 5 starsPotentially life changing for moms and daughters

    Posted by Carol Jarvis on 06 10 2019

    I’ve always been a fan of fiction, but in the process of branching out a little, I’ve discovered some great non-fiction books that have the potential to be life changing, and Between Us Girls is one of those. First and foremost, it’s a book for mothers and daughters to share openly and work through together – but it can also be used by any woman who has a young girl in her life. Maybe you have a family member or friend who would benefit from this conversational study, and I can even see it being effective in a girls’ small group setting. There’s lots of situations where it could have an impact. Between Us Girls consists of 26 guided conversations/studies that can be used according to preference in whatever timeframe fits your schedule. Upon completion, you just use your own imagination and go on from there … the sky’s the limit. Topics include concepts such as foundation, words, friendships, prayers, weaknesses, gratitude. Each devotional consists of the following four sections: The Garden – describes God’s vision for us The Weeds – how sin messes everything up The Hill – represents the gospel: the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection The Field – take the truths learned and go to work I think every Christian mom wants to share her faith in raising her daughter to love the Lord, yet it’s not always easy for some reason. Between Us Girls provides that framework in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable setting. Some questions are just plain fun, and no preparation or knowledge is necessary. And I think one of the most compelling features is that this study isn’t one sided; mom has to be open and honest also. It’s a fact that as two people in relationship grow closer to God, they also grow closer to each other, and that’s an added blessing of this study. On a personal note, the greatest compliment I can give is to say that I wish Between Us Girls had been available when my daughter was growing up. She loves the Lord and currently serves Him on the mission field, yet I often feel all that came purely by God’s grace. She would have loved this conversational study as a young girl and it would have greatly enriched our relationship. I encourage you to use Between Us Girls personally or bless someone in your life with it. Highly recommended.

  • 5

    Posted by Loving Mommahood Blog on 06 10 2019

    "Between Us Girls: Walks & Talks for Moms & Daughters" by Trish Donohue is a easy to follow guide on how to disciple your daughter. There are 26 chapters to read, which the book lists as "walks". The idea is to teach your daughter the importance of gospel truths, all while building a stronger bond with her. In each chapter, the mom and daughter read a key Bible passage, ask each other questions about real and imaginary things, answer questions about struggles with sin, share how the two can better live out their faith, and build a better mother/daughter relationship. Each chapter is fairly short, at approximately 5 pages each. I would recommend this book for Mothers with daughters who are at the tween age of around 9-13. The description of the books says that it is not necessary to prep for any of the chapters, but I would still recommend reading it ahead of time just to get a feel for what type of book it is. The book itself is not very big, so reading it does not feel like a daunting task! As a mother of three girls, I would highly recommend it. I rate this book as 5 stars.

  • 5
    Great for jumpstarting conversations between moms & daughters!

    Posted by J Steed on 06 10 2019

    My daughter has been growing up before my very eyes. She is 8 going on 12, riding her bike around our neighborhood, making friends with the kids, going the “corner store,” and having her first friend conflicts. Frankly, I’m not ready. I’m not ready for her little heart to be broken. I’m not ready for her to encounter the mean girls in the world. And I don’t want to throw her to unknown wolves who may hurt her. And I am not the heart to heart kind of mom. I wouldn’t know where to start. Luckily, I don’t have to know how to have hard or important conversations. Trish Donohue’s new book, Between Us Girls, does it for me. Between Us Girls is a slim little book consisting of 27 walks and talks for moms & daughters. Each walk is divided into 4 parts: The Garden – describes God’s vision for how things should look. The Weeds – how sin messes up his vision. The Hill – how Jesus died to make up for sin, and The Field – practical ways to apply what we’ Each walk is short, around 5 pages long on average. It’s intended to be read aloud and has lots of places to talk with your daughter and tell her your stories and invite her to share hers with you. There are lots of references to bible verses that you are to look up and discuss. The topics discussed on your walks include things like words, feelings, friendships, work, gratitude, clothes, and protection of innocence. The topics cover nearly every hard topic I can conceive of talking about right now and some I will save for later. I really like this book, the topics and how it is laid out. Personally, I plan on using it to do bible journaling with my daughter. I find bible journaling works best for me when I have a bible study to use as a jumping off point. My daughter is the artistic type and loves to do artsy things with me (and artist I ain’t, so don’t be intimidated!). I would recommend this to anyone who has young daughters and struggles with being the mother they need or having Godly conversations. I can’t wait to dig into Between Us Girls with my daughter! What a great resource for special mom & daughter times.

  • 5
    What a great resource for Mom's navigating parenting their daughters through the ...

    Posted by A. Custo on 06 10 2019

    What a great resource for Mom's navigating parenting their daughters through the age we live in!!! Even the most intentional parents can benefit from this disarming tool that functions as a wonderful springboard into a variety of extremely important topics ....from faith to friendship to hard times and so much more. The beautiful applications of God's glorious gospel are woven into each topic in a natural and significant way ... never forced. It gives Mom's opportunity to be transparent with their girls in a refreshing way, that can build the closeness without compromising the roles of parent and child. A great resource that I highly recommend. My only critique is that I wish it had been available a decade ago!!

  • 5
    5.0 out of 5 starsI highly recommend this book to all mommas or any female discipling ...

    Posted by Dwayne Johnson on 06 10 2019

    I highly recommend this book to all mommas or any female discipling a younger girl. Very gospel centered. My relationship with my daughter has flourished since using this book, and both of our relationships with Christ has grown. I'm extremely thankful for this book.

  • 5
    Wonderful devotional

    Posted by Nick Swann on 06 10 2019

    I am writing on my husband's account- I don't usually leave reviews for items, but this book has been so helpful in getting meaningful one on one time with my 10 year old daughter. It has helped open up conversation about God, the gospel, and how we practically apply Biblical truth to all sorts of life situations. If you have a daughter age 9-15, I highly recommend you buying this book and going through it together with your daughter.

  • 5
    A Great Resource for Building a Close Relationship

    Posted by S Marve on 06 10 2019

    I just received this book and it's everything that I need to dive into some good conversations with my girls. I never had a close relationship with my mom where I felt like we could just converse. Because of it, I ended up rebelling in my teenage years and doing very stupid things. As a teenager,I longed to be able to talk with my mother in an easy manner. I knew I wanted something different for my own girls. This book exceeded my expectations in knowing where to start. After just one "walk" with my oldest at the beginning of this book, we talked about so much. My daughter asked when we could do the next one. I am so very excited about this book and resource to develop a close relationship with each of my girls. I highly recommend it and will definitely be sharing this with my mom friends.

  • 5
    An appealing way to start important mom-daughter convos

    Posted by Kantherine Scott Jones on 06 10 2019

    Sometimes a book lands in my hands that fills me with joyful anticipation, and this is one of those. First, because it promises delightful, fruitful time ahead with my beloved daughter (who is 12). And second, because it is in itself a delightful book. I was immediately taken with its feminine cover and lightweight size, perfect for easy toting. Strategically packed with 26 guided sessions for meaningful mom-daughter convos, Between Us Girls has become a valued tool in my mom arsenal — a cheat sheet for honest discussion. Not that my daughter and I require much prompting to get us to talk to one another — we are easy with each other that way. But we don’t always necessarily go to all the really important topics that should be discussed at various points along the way. The questions here are relevant and interesting, not fluffy or didactic. The tone is casual and relational, and the range in topics is broad — from flair to friendships and fears; from weakness to work and our world. For our first time out with this book, my daughter and I went to Menchie’s, our favorite froyo destination. While we enjoyed our treat, we read the short chapter and answered the included questions, and each of us learned a little more about the other. Afterwards, my daughter said, “That was fun,” and asked when we could do the next one. While the 26 chapters can be taken at any pace mother-and-daughter choose, she decided she’d like to work through the entire book this summer, which is still easily doable at 2 or 3 chapters a week. We together have decided to take it with us on our upcoming vacation, where we anticipate it will provide a welcome diversion. I am thoroughly enjoying the relational and growth opportunities this book facilitates with my daughter and can hardly wait for more. Now Trish Donahue just needs to write one for boys.

  • 4
    Good for opening lines of discussion.

    Posted by Paul Graafe on 06 10 2019

    Got this for my wife and daughter (15yo). They said they think it is a good resource, but they wish the questions were just a little more in depth. Other than that, they are enjoying it.

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