Christian Living

Christian Living


Are you on the lookout for Christian living books? We, at New Growth Press, offer a thoughtfully curated collection of Christian life books that will not only foster your spiritual growth but also help you nurture your relationships. The books are centered around diverse themes and topics but, in a way, have a shared root in Biblical living. These Christian lifestyle books cater to a wide age group and will surely appeal to the young and the old alike.


Contrary to popular opinion, the Bible is not the only book that qualifies as Christian reading. At New Growth Press, we spoil you for choice when it comes to Christian books about life that will inspire you to explore your faiths and beliefs. These books, focused on a Christian-centered life, deal with Christian living topics, guiding you through difficult times and helping you grow closer to Christ as an individual, or even in a relationship. Some of the best books on Christian living are more questioning, delving into the truths about forgiving, introspection, humility, grief, and so on.


Irrespective of what you've been through in your life’s journey, you’ll surely find a Christian book in our collection that will speak to you and your personal experiences. You can treat these books as a welcome respite from your regular reading of the Bible. Most of these Christian living books will, in fact, complement your Bible reading, enriching your understanding of the scriptures. These Christian life books will also offer a fresh perspective on life’s challenges and widen the horizons of your imagination. A close look at such Christian living topics stimulates new thought processes, enabling you to have renewed interpretations of the Bible in different contexts. If you want to explore discipleship or evangelism, these books will broaden your outlook on Christian life issues. Whether you are a pastor or just an ordinary man, our handpicked assortment of Christian life books will equip you to deal with problems in your marriage, family, or even the church with spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

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