A Quest for More: Living for Something Bigger than You

Paul David Tripp
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Paul David Tripp expertly traverses the deepest recesses of the human heart and compassionately invites fellow Christian travelers to journey with him into God's bigger kingdom. Readers will be encouraged, excited, and motivated by hope as they learn how to set aside their "little kingdom" attachments—which can expertly masquerade within the church as Christian activism, legalism, emotionalism, formalism, creedalism, and externalism—in favor of God's expansive and soul-freeing eternal quest.

Tripp demonstrates through sound, biblical principles how humanity is made by God to transcend far beyond the mere physical realm, and humans are likewise created to be "glory junkies;" those whose visionary lives are governed by God's grand purposes rather than existing only within their narrow, self-interested confines.

Tripp shows Christians how to "transcend" through daily, moment-by-moment practical methodology that transforms individuals into the image of Christ.

Within this purpose-driven framework, Paul David Tripp compels believers to see beyond the worldly deception of personal achievement, success, materialism to break free from this ungodly fulfillment that is too easily satisfied with a mediocre walk with Christ. Instead the author invites committed sojourners to a life characterized by an unyielding passion that pursues God simply for the pleasure of his glorious company and, in the process, affect eternal change in a hurting, hopeless world.


Paul David Tripp, MDiv, DMin, is the president of Paul David Tripp Ministries, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life. Paul is a best-selling author of many books on Christian living, including How People ChangeInstruments in the Redeemer's HandsA Quest for MoreRelationships: A Mess Worth MakingParenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family, and New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional. He has been married for many years to Luella, and they have four grown children.

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"Wow! I was doing fine mowing the lawn in my little kingdom . . . until I read Paul Tripp's book and found that I had been mowing with a toy lawnmower and the grass was Astroturf. This is a book about the kingdom and your part in it. If you’re satisfied with the toy lawnmower, stay away from this book. But if you really want more (and you know you do), this book could change your life."
Steve Brown, Author; professor at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL; president of Key Life Network, Inc.

"Many people have read books about purpose or meaning in life only to find their hearts were still restless, longing for something more. As you read this book, I suspect you will find yourself saying, 'Yes! That's it! This guy gets it!' Paul David Tripp not only understands the longing of the human heart for something more, but he skillfully leads each one of us to the 'above and more' for which we were created.
Bob Lepine, Cohost, FamilyLife Today

"The kingdom of self or the kingdom of God: Which will we pursue on a daily basis? Paul Tripp offers a compelling challenge to pursue God's with King Christ at the center! Then we will understand the purpose for which we were created. Then we will live a life that truly makes a difference.
Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

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14 Reviews

  • 5
    Life Is MUCH Bigger Than You

    Posted by Paul Hunter on 11 01 2014

    The context of Western culture begs for a focused book on living beyond self. I've read it from cover to cover, read it to some I've mentored, and am about to begin reading it again. Any guesses about how important I think this exhortation to live for something bigger than your self is? Get over yourself. Live more fully alive as you discover many things much bigger than you.

  • 5
    The best of the Tripp books I have read

    Posted by S. Grotzke on 10 09 2014

    Tripp gentle walks his readers through the painful process of realizing where our thoughts, hopes, fears, and desires lay. He confronts our inward propensity to focus on ourselves and opens our eyes to the possibilities of living for something (i.e.e “someone”) greater. Tripp does an excellent job at revealing our sinful inward focus and giving us a larger vision for Christ-centered living. The best of the Tripp books I have read. Clearly defined points. Helpful questions. Interesting illustrations. Usability: Would be great to hand to a single reader, work through with a group, etc.

  • 5
    Gain new perspective

    Posted by S. Theis on 05 13 2014

    I am a fan of Paul Tripp. I haven't read anything that I didn't enjoy. It took me a couple months to work through this book because I highlighted nearly every other page, then stopped to savor and let it sink in. Over and over again Tripp tears down the reader's "little kingdom" and rebuilds a "big kingdom" perspective. He speaks both from a theological perspective and from a practical perspective--laying out guidelines and giving shape to what that looks like in real life. This is now one of my favorite books, and since I own the kindle version I can't wait to get a hard copy.

  • 5
    A challenging book for practical living

    Posted by Scott A. Gray on 04 16 2014

    Paul David Tripp has written a challenging book that calls for Christians to live above and beyond their mundane, day-by-day activities that focus on self. He argues that we were made by God to live for something more than just our mere existence, but sin "shrinks our lives down to the size of our lives." The challenge is to follow the call of Christ: to die to ourselves, carry our crosses, and follow Him. This book really illuminated the condition of the human heart and causes intense reflection in your own personal life by asking penetrating questions. I highly recommend this book for those who desire to live for something bigger than themselves, those who are weary of living a status quo life, and those who need practical application of how to live out a life of kingdom living.

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