Middle School

Middle School


How do you help middle schoolers to help them develop their faith? Do you read the Bible with them? Pray with them? Look for opportunities to have deep conversations on important topics? While these are important ways of fostering faith in them, we can also help our teens grow in faith and Biblical literacy by providing them with well-chosen Christian books. The middle grades are the stage when kids transition from being young children to having more independence in their views and outlook. Their reading tastes also mature in this phase, yet they still need guidance from the Word of God.

At New Growth Press, we offer a wide selection of Christian books for middle schoolers aimed at this crucial life stage. If your middle-grade kids have a taste for fiction, pick from our Christian fiction for middle schoolers that will entertain and encourage them. We have some of the best Christian books for 7th, 8th, as well as 9th graders.


Are you on the lookout for middle school Bible lessons? Browse through our exhaustive collection of Bible study for middle schoolers that engage young minds in the narrative of the Scriptures. These age-appropriate Christian books for middle grades are centered around themes and topics that are relevant to them, and yet they also go deep into weightier subjects of identity formation, choices, and growing in faith. Our objective is to for middle schoolers discover that the gospel maps on to their deepest questions and to help them live a Christ-centered life. Gift your middle-schooler a whole new world of Biblical knowledge with our Christian books for 5th-9th graders.

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