Gospel Story for Kids Sunday School Curriculum

Gospel Story for Kids Sunday School Curriculum


The whole Bible, both the Old and the New Testament, tells one story of how God rescued his people from sin and death by sending his Son, Jesus. The Gospel Story for Kids curriculum tells that one story using 78 OT stories and 78 NT stories. Your church and family will learn to trace the gospel through the Bible stories for kids that they read and study. 

We also offer children’s Bible story books that feature the same stories as the curriculum and family devotionals. New Growth Press children’s books are centered around gospel stories for kids that help children understand their need for God and his great gift of Jesus who died and rose again. The gospel story about Jesus will change children’s lives as they turn to Jesus in faith.


The Gospel Story curriculum is a Christ-centered Bible study for kids and students that begins in preschool to show how all Scripture points to Jesus Christ. New Growth Press is excited to offer the Gospel Story for Kids curriculum because we believe that when even a young child encounters the gospel, it can truly transform them.

  • The Gospel Story curriculum helps kids see how the Bible points toward Christ.
  • The Gospel Story curriculum is designed to spend equal time in the Old and New Testaments, helping children learn how each story connects to the gospel.
  • The Gospel Story Bible curriculum makes it easy for families to grow in the gospel together.


Preschool Lessons:

Gospel Story for Kids excels in preschool lessons by delivering age-appropriate, engaging content. Through preschool Bible curriculum, kids will engage in captivating Bible stories and interactive activities, preschoolers grasp foundational biblical truths, laying a solid spiritual foundation for their faith journey.

Lower Elementary Lessons:

The Bible curriculum for kids seamlessly transitions into lower elementary lessons, providing a dynamic and structured approach to biblical education. Marty Machowski’s expertise ensures that young learners understand and connect with the gospel narrative, fostering a love for God’s Word.

Upper Elementary Lessons:

Through the Gospel Story for Kids Bible Curriculum, kids in the upper elementary get an in-depth exploration of Scripture. The material is crafted to meet the intellectual curiosity of older children, fostering a deeper understanding of the gospel and its transformative power in their lives.

Why Marty Machowski's Sunday School Curriculum?

  • Cohesive Learning Journey: The children’s ministry curriculum provides a seamless learning journey from preschool to upper elementary, ensuring a consistent and comprehensive understanding of the gospel message.
  • Engaging and Interactive: Marty Machowski’s approach combines storytelling, activities, and discussions to keep kids engaged, promoting a genuine connection with biblical narratives.
  • Age-Appropriate Content: Tailored content for each age group ensures that lessons are educational and relatable, making learning a joyful and meaningful experience for every child.
  • Biblically Sound: Rooted in sound theology, the curriculum ensures that children learn Bible stories and grasp the foundational truths of the gospel, laying a strong spiritual foundation for their faith journey.
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