Overcoming Addiction: 9 Steps toward Freedom

Brad Hambrick
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Overcoming your addiction is a hard journey, and while nothing makes that easy, it is worth it. Taking this journey one step at a time with the support of others with similar struggles will give much-needed support and help.  

If you are willing to admit that alcohol and/or drugs are disrupting your life, Overcoming Addiction will guide you toward healing. Counselor Brad Hambrick provides a 9-step framework to help you reclaim your life and experience the freedom God wants for you. Find hope as you learn to be honest with God, yourself, and others.

Overcoming Addiction is a support group curriculum that seeks to capture the gospel in slow motion and provide a safe environment for participants to grow together as they pursue steps toward lasting change to addictive patterns.

  • 9-step model that gives gospel hope for those whose alcohol and/or drug use has overtaken their life.
  • In depth resource for churches and individuals to use for addiction support groups.
  • A resource in the Church-Based Counseling series, built on the G4 model of subject-specific, lay-led counseling groups, designed to help churches create sustainable lay counseling ministries.


Brad Hambrick, ThM, EdD, serves as the Pastor of Counseling at The Summit Church in Durham, NC. He also serves as Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, a council member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition, and has authored several books, including Making Sense of Forgiveness, Angry with God, and The Church-Based Counseling series, and served as general editor for the Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused curriculum._ 

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“In this book and the accompanying videos, Brad Hambrick serves as a guide who will understand your hesitations, anticipate your questions, be very clear about directions, show you the right path when you are lost, be respectful, and always have in view the God of life and love. This is a very wise and trustworthy roadmap.” 
Edward T. Welch, Faculty and counselor, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF); author of Crossroads: A Step-by-Step Away from Addiction and Someone I Know Is Grieving 

“Brad Hambrick has produced a resource that will be of such great help to those struggling with addiction. It has so many strengths—it is biblical, honest, insightful, and so very, very usable. Those who find themselves ensnared need powerful tools to break free, and this is definitely such a tool.” 
Steve Midgley, Executive Director, Biblical Counselling UK 

“Insight is necessary for change, but insight without practice guarantees everything will stay the same. Few books manage to thread the necessary connection between insight and practice, tending to emphasize one or the other. Overcoming Addiction manages to cover both beautifully by providing a gospel-saturated, clinically sound model for addressing addictions within the context of community.” 
Andrew Dealy, Executive Director, Austin Stone Counseling Center; Director of Soul Care, Austin Stone Community Church 

“Brad is excellent at noticing how the specific patterns of addiction contradict the purpose of life described in Scripture. He gives simple direction on a range of topics, including understanding motives, overcoming temptation, navigating relationships, and developing personal goals. We’ve used this material in support groups for years and cannot commend it highly enough in this newly published format.” 
David and Krista Dunham, Biblical counselors, Sparrow & Heart Soul Care; coauthors of Table for Two: Biblical Counsel for Eating Disorders 

“If you are looking for a book that helps you to understand the lies we say to ourselves through addiction, a book that will also show you the way back and help you walk in the freedom of the gospel of Christ, you should get Overcoming Addiction. Read it, walk in what it says, and be helped by the clear process Brad has assembled. It will help you experience freedom, victory, and peace.” 
Kike Torres, Lead Pastor, Horizonte Cristo es Mejor, QRO, Mexico; certified biblical counselor; author 

“This is spot on! It has been a true blessing to use these sound biblical principles that help people on their lifelong journey to sobriety. I became sober, by God’s grace, more than fifteen years ago when introduced to Overcoming Addiction, and having now facilitated classes with this material for over six years, I have watched it change many lives. Excellent resource!” 
Jerry Moore, Jr, G4-Overcoming Addictions Leader, 21 Sober 

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