Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Books from New Growth Press

Pastoral care and counseling books are essential reading for pastors and church leaders seeking to minister effectively with grace, truth, and love. Deeply rooted in Scripture, these books provide valuable insights for keeping your own heart refreshed by the gospel, while ministering to congregants facing a wide variety of challenges. Exploring the intersection of God’s grace and the ministry of care, our pastoral counseling books guide pastors and church leaders through the complexities of providing care for hurting people in a fallen world.

Delving into the intricate dynamics of pastoral ministry, New Growth Press pastoral ministry books emphasize the importance of addressing individuals in the context of community. Building a church community that is willing and equipped to walk alongside each other through struggles and suffering is the antidote to the “pastor does everything” mentality that contributes so heavily to ministry burnout. These resources help you build that sort of community in your own church and are an invaluable resource for those seeking practical wisdom in the field.

Which Pastoral Care Book Is For You?

Caring for the Pastor

Being a pastor or a church leader is hard. With so many competing demands for your time and emotional investment, it can be easy to lose track of why you went into ministry in the first place. The Gospel Shaped Leader offers practical, specific guidance for prioritizing your own spiritual growth, as well as healthy relationships, to become a more effective and Christlike leader, while Shepherding the Pastor provides a window into a pastoral mentoring relationship between an older pastor and a younger pastor to both learn from their wisdom and see how you might also benefit from such a relationship.

Church-Based Counseling Ministry

Learn how to set up a volunteer-led counseling ministry in your church and how to cultivate an overall church community that encourages each other to share their struggles with each other and seek more specific help when needed with the Church-Based Counseling series by Brad Hambrick. From figuring out what sort of model works best for your church and training group leaders to addressing liability, ethics, and sustainability concerns, this series guides you through the process from conception to start-up and beyond.

Topical Minibooks

Focused on the intersection of faith and counseling, New Growth Press minibooks are short, accessible guides that apply biblical wisdom and compassion to many common struggles. These resources are an excellent entry point for church members or visitors to begin to address difficulties they are facing when they are not yet ready to talk to someone about them. Having a selection of these minibooks available in your church narthex or other common space is a great way to offer resources to people who need them.

Leadership Training

Train up the next generation of leaders in your church with Gospel Eldership and Gospel Training for Deacons. These resources offer not only the needed theological training for these important offices but also spiritual formation that prioritizes character

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