With These Words: Five Communication Tools for Marriage and Life (eBook)

Rob Flood
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Every couple knows they need to talk with each other. Every couple knows they need to pay attention to how they can communicate better.

This practical marriage resource by pastor and author Rob Flood not only explores why couples should grow in communication, but it addresses the “how” of communication.

With These Words offers in-depth, theologically rich tools that will also help flourish relationships outside of your marriage—your relationship with your kids, your friendships, and your coworkers.

In this Scripture-based marriage book, you will learn that God is for you and on your side as you press toward helpful, biblical communication. In the face of many emotions and obstacles, there is a clear purpose and a clear method for words.

But in the midst of this shift toward communication and biblical change, Flood shares how you can retain your unique personality, remaining as God made you while honoring him with your words.


Rob Flood, MAR serves as a Community and Care Pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, PA. Prior to pastoral ministry, Rob served as a writer for FamilyLife, a division of Cru. He is the author of With These Words: Five Communication Tools for Marriage and Life. He and his wife, Gina, have six children and live in West Chester, PA.

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“Sadly, the kinds of words that often come naturally to us as we navigate our relationship with the most important, most precious person in our lives can be careless, hurtful, and alienating. In this book, Rob Flood applies biblical insight to unhealthy patterns of communication, offering genuine hope to couples who long for a marriage in which words are used to affirm, connect, and bless.”
Nancy Guthrie, Author; Bible teacher

“Your words bring life or death to your most important relationships. Healthy communication in marriage is like blood to the body – it is the life giver to every marriage. Rob's authenticity and biblical approach to communication in marriage and life will be a fresh, life-giving transfusion for all your relationships.”
Dennis Rainey, CofounderFamilyLife

“Of any marriage counseling topic, communication is easily in the top three. This is why Rob’s book is both timely and timeless. I was struck immediately by his honesty and vulnerability, starting in the introduction and continuing throughout the book. Rob helps couples navigate the difficult path of communication with warmth, compassion, and biblical honesty. I’ll be commending this resource to couples for years to come. “
Jonathan Holmes, Executive Director, Fieldstone Counseling; author of Counsel for Couples: A Biblical and Practical Guide for Marriage Counseling 

"In a Twitter world, most of us have become way too casual about the words we speak every day. Words have so much power! They can build up a marriage or tear it down. This book will be a turning point for a lot of marriages. It gives us the help we need to know how to use our words wisely and carefully."
Bob Lepine, Cohost, FamilyLife Today

“With These Words serves as a marriage toolbox, providing the tools people need to strengthen a healthy marriage and rekindle hope and inject fresh faith for couples in conflict. This is the marriage book pastors have been looking for to use with their couples’ ministry or married small group. With These Words is scripturally rich, theologically grounded, and filled with practical application to make this book a must read for every married couple.”
Marty Machowski, Family pastor; author of The OlogyParenting First AidLong Story Short and other gospel rich resources for church and home

“Whether your marriage is happy or hurting, every couple needs help communicating. Rob Flood is a skilled counselor with years of pastoral experience in strengthening marriages. The unique value of this book is its focus on practical application, and the insistence that God’s truth must function in everyday marital communication. I can’t wait to get With These Words into the hands of married couples in our church and beyond.” 
Jared Mellinger, Author of Think Again and A Bright Tomorrow 

“My recommendation begins with the author. I know Rob Flood. He pastors with me in our church. He has helped me be a better husband and father and communicator. I pass by his office and see married couples sitting with him. Couples who can’t resolve their problems because they don’t even know how to talk about them. I’m glad they’re in his office. Rob helps people change. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. This book is your opportunity to see it in your own life.”
Andy Farmer, Pastor; author of Real Peace and Trapped; council member, the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

"Communication is challenging. Some, however, limit their understanding of communication—their view is too small. With These Words reminds us that communication is a much deeper issue than we realize. Since our words are an outflow of the heart, every aspect of our heart impacts our communication. That is why prayer is so important. It is why timing is so important. It is why your closeness with Jesus is so important. You will find help for both your heart and for your tongue in this book.”
Rob Green, Pastor of Counseling and Seminary Ministries at Faith Church, Lafayette, Indiana; author of Tying the Knot and coauthor of Tying their Shoes

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