Trapped: Getting Free from People, Patterns, and Problems (eBook)

Andy Farmer
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We all know how it feels to be trapped. We feel trapped by things outside of usÐwhere we live, our culture, the economy, and world events. But we also feel trapped by our background, upbringing, natural abilities, and our physical and emotional limits. As if that's not enough, we can also feel trapped by wrong choices, destructive habits, bad luck, and difficult relationships. How can we find the freedom we crave?

Author Andy Farmer is convinced that there is a way to get free from any trap we face in life. Trapped takes one of the great themes of the gospelÑthe truth that we've been ransomed to freedom in ChristÑand applies it to some of the most troubling, life-controlling issues we face. Farmer demonstrates compellingly that the gospel doesn't just solve our sin problem with God, it actually gives us what we need to battle against the complex everyday strugglesÑlike laziness, addiction, or approval-seekingÑthat keep us from experiencing freedom and peace.

We don't "get free" all in one moment, explains Farmer, but we learn to walk out freedomÑstep by stepÑeven in the hardest parts of our lives as we come to know Christ. Trapped explores our "freedom to" and not just our "freedom from"Ñshowing how the gospel actually gives us the incredible freedom to deal with our problems in a life-giving way.

Through individual chapters on issues like laziness, fear of man, addictions, and escape through pornography or eating disordersÑFarmer models the intensely practical, everyday gospel application he promotes. Readers will catch his vision for living life beyond the traps that most of us have given up on escaping.


Andy Farmer, MA, has served as a pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, for over twenty years. He also serves on the board of the Biblical Counseling Coalition and is the author of The Rich Single Life and Real Peace. He and his wife Jill live in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and have four children, including three married daughters and several grandchildren.

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"Porn, food, work, bad marriage, dashed dreamsÑwe all know someone who feels trapped. Maybe that someone is you. With over two decades of proven counseling experience, Andy Farmer takes his unique gift for 'simplifying-the-complex' and escorts the reader from the trappings of bondage to the soul-satisfying vistas of freedom. If you or someone you care about needs liberation, fresh hope and practical help await between these pages!"
Dave Harvey, Executive Director of Sojourn Network; pastor of preaching at Four Oaks Church; CCEF Board member; founder of

"If you have ever been stuck, trapped, or cornered, then you know how hopeless it seems. You just do not know what to do. Andy Farmer wrote this book to help you experience the freedom found in a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. I encourage you to read it and let Andy lead you again and again to Jesus Christ."
Rob Green, Pastor of Counseling and Seminary Ministries, Faith Church, Lafayette, IN

"Trapped speaks to a universal problemÑfeeling trapped in relationships, circumstances, and life. As Christians, we boast of the freedom that we have in the gospel and yet we still feel trapped. None of us are as free as we want to be, and many of us don't even understand what real freedom is. We live as if we must set ourselves free. Using five case studies of common traps, Andy Farmer carefully explains how to gain a freedom that we can't earn or win, a freedom that is a gift from God."
Jack Delk, Pastor for Counseling, North Campus at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN

"Andy Farmer has written a very insightful, readable, and biblically-based book that applies the gospel of grace to those who have become ensnared or feel trapped in life. Its liberating truth provides a pathway to freedom, pointing to Christ as our Redeemer. As a pastor who longs to see people living transformed lives, I see this book as a great resource and one that I will want to recommend to others."
Ian Ashby, Lead Pastor, New Frontiers Church, Portsmouth, NH; Northeast Regional Leader, Newfrontiers USA

"Ever felt trapped and not known what to do? Andy Farmer's Trapped will help you get out of your trap and find true freedom in Christ."
Deepak Reju, Pastor of Biblical Counseling and Family Ministry, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC; author of On Guard and The Pastor and Counseling

"There is something about being human that craves freedom and loathes confinement. So we try to bust loose from something or someone, only to find that we still don't feel free. It is at this pointÑwhen we think that freedom might be an illusionÑthat Andy offers us a better way. Just read the first ten pages and he will engage you in this better way."
Edward T. Welch, CCEF Faculty; psychologist; best-selling author

"Trapped is a book about what so easily entangles us, but more so a reminder that we are free in Christ. It invites us to take another look at grace and the provision we have to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives. If you have a bad habit, unhealthy relationship, or seemingly unsolvable problem, you need to read this book. Andy Farmer points us to the gospel afresh to break free from idols and to run to Christ and his redeeming grace. I recommend this for anyone who is trapped or those in the process of bearing with and restoring those who are."
Garrett Higbee, Executive Director, Biblical Soul Care at Harvest Bible Chapel; Executive Director, Biblical Counseling Coalition

"Here you will not find simplistic formulas. But if you really want to be free from the complex webs that entrap you, read this book. Andy Farmer's penetrating insight and wise guidance were learned through the struggle of escaping his own traps and decades of helping others escape theirs. He will lead you to the fundamental truth that will set you free."
Jon Bloom, Author and Cofounder of Desiring God

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