The Acrostic of God





Since the beginning of time, human beings have been using acrostics and rhyme as a teaching tool. Putting ideas into an acrostic rhyme helps children learn things in a more memorable way than simple rote learning. God, the author of all language, knows this. The Bible is full of poetry. It contains acrostic poems that begin lines with each letter of the Hebrew alphabet (e.g. Psalm 119 and the book of Lamentations); it is also contains poems that emphasize rhyme in Hebrew (e.g. Psalm 1 and 2). These poetic features make the content of God’s Word easier to remember. Acrostic poems are straightforward, covering each letter of the alphabet, A–Z. The Acrostic of God is written as a rap. Children might be more familiar with this style of rhyme than their parents. If you need some help reading it, click on the audio above to hear Timothy Brindle rapping the text.



Christian faith consists in three things: knowledge (content), belief (that the content is true), and trust (that the content is reliable). This means that faith begins with acquiring knowledge. “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17). In other words, before our children come to faith in God, they must first come to know certain things about God. Once they believe those things about God to be true and they rely on them, then they are saved through faith in his Son Jesus Christ. But it all begins with acquiring knowledge about God—who he is and what he has done for us in Jesus. What better place to start than teaching children this acrostic of God?



Teaching children the acrostic of God will help them to know how to speak to God. Children cannot pray to God if they do not know God; and to know God, they need to know some basic truths about him. The child who knows God intimately will pray intimately. Where better to start than teaching children the acrostic of God, where they learn about his attributes and names from A–Z? Parents and teachers can encourage children to take the basic truths that they have learned about God in this acrostic poem and use them as they pray to God. For example, here’s a prayer based on A for ALMIGHTY:

Dear Father, I praise you for being the Almighty God, Creator of the whole wide world. Thank you for also being our Sustainer. Help me to receive all good things in this life as gifts from your hand, and especially the gift of your Son Jesus ChristIn his name I pray. Amen. 




Written by Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle and illustrated by C. S. Fritz, the Acrostic Theology for Kids series introduces children ages five to eleven to systematic theology uniquely on their age level. Families will find the book is a joy to read and reread, and a wonderful tool to help kids absorb eternal truth about God. The book may be read in one sitting (either by parent/teacher or child) or it may be used for family devotions, taking one letter per day for families to meditate on, with the accompanying Bible verses listed on each page.


Book 1
The Acrostic of God available now


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The Acrostic of Jesus available now


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The Acrostic of Salvation available now


Book 4
The Acrostic of Scripture Forthcoming 2023