The Shadow and the Promise (eBook)

Marty Machowski
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Take a front row seat along with the animals who watch as a terrible shadow mars God's perfect worldÑyet redemption is not far behind!

While two newly created rock badgers explore their growing world, they encounter a dark foeÑthe great dragon, the serpent of old. The sinister creature interrupts the badgers' joyful exploration of the growing landscape to reveal his wicked plan to destroy God's creation. When the enemy takes flight, the badgers race to warn Adam and Eve of the impending danger. With every thunderous flap of wings, the serpent draws closer to his perch in the forbidden tree. Will the badgers make it in time to expose the evil plan?

The Shadow and the Promise by bestselling author Marty Machowski follows the adventures of the animals who witness the events of Genesis and Exodus unfold before them. Join badgers in the Garden of Eden, an array of animals in the Ark, groundhogs at Babel, Abraham's donkey, sheep from Joseph's herd, the cats in the palace in Egypt, and a dog and oxen present at the Passover.

  • First of four books in the Redemption Tales series for ages 8-12, retelling Bible narratives from the perspective of the animals who could have witnessed the events firsthand.
  • Includes discussion questions to acquaint kids with the "truth behind the tales."
  • Offers a new point of view of God's overarching story of redemption found throughout his Word.


Marty Machowski is a family life pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, PA, where he has served on the pastoral staff for over 30 years. He is the author of a number of family devotionals, curricula (including the Gospel Story for Kids), children's books, and parenting titles. His latest releases include The Light before Christmas and The Treasure. He and his wife, Lois, have six children and several grandchildren and reside in West Chester, PA.


Blair Files is an illustrator and textile designer based in New York City. She is inspired by colorful characters, travels abroad, and of course, great stories. Her work and sketchbook can be found at

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"I can hardly wait to share The Shadow and the Promise with our grandchildren. What a creative way to engage the imagination and stir the interest of children in telling key narratives from Genesis and Exodus. We parents and grandparents can find such help in applying these stories in a Christ-focused way by tapping into the included questions and answers."
Larry E. McCall, author of Grandparenting with Grace: Living the Gospel with the Next Generation

"The Shadow and the Promise captivates young (and older) minds while recounting significant stories from Genesis and Exodus. All three of my children asked for 'just one more chapter' again and again! The questions at the ends really turned reading the book into incredible discipleship time!"
Megan Jenkins, Owner of His Kids Company

"In his typical creative and gospel-centered style, Marty traces the biblical storyline throughout redemptive history from the ground level. The Shadow and the Promise will make you laugh, think deeply, and help young people truly appreciate God's grace in creation, the fall, and ExodusÑall from the perspective of animals in the story."
Leo Parris, Pastor of Community and Care of Covenant Fellowship Church, Glen Mills, PA

"The Shadow and the Promise is unlike other biblical fictionÑin the best way. It doesn't add to or embellish the stories in Scripture but faithfully retells them alongside an easily distinguishable fictional storyline of eyewitness animals. Read these wonderful retellings to not only delight children but also to show them how these events are a shadow and a promise of Christ."
Korrie Johnson, Good Book Mom, Christian children's book reviewer at

"With his trademark creativity, a Bible teacher's deft touch, and a heart that beats for the next generation, Marty has crafted another wonderful story that is sure to delight young readers and sow seeds of eternity in their hearts."
Joshua Cooley, New York Times bestselling author of I Can't Believe My Eyes!, the Heroes of the Bible Devotional, and more

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