Galatians: Navigating Life in View of the Cross

McKay Caston
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In his Galatians Bible study, McKay Caston guides participants in keeping the gospel as the "true north" compass for their lives, allowing them to break free from religious rule-keeping and live with freedom and joy.

Readers will be equipped to fix their eyes on Jesus from every point on the map, especially in those moments when waves of legalism threaten to steal their joy and hijack freedom. Paul's message to the church in Galatia serves as a gospel compass for navigating life with the cross of the risen and reigning Jesus as their focus and guide.

Galatians: Navigating Live in View of the Cross completely turns the tables on what most people think religion is. Keeping the gospel compass visible in each lesson helps readers rediscover how gloriously central God's saving, sustaining, and sanctifying grace is to the entire Christian life.

  • Ten lessons from the book of Galatians and includes leader's notes.
  • Easy-to-use small group resource includes discussion questions, a short article, and practical application section that can be used for one-to-one discipleship, small group, or large group settings.
  • Part of the Gospel-Centered Life in the Bible series examining how the gospel story is revealed through both the Old and New Testaments, published in partnership with Serge.


McKay Caston, DMin, PhD, served as a pastor for twenty-six years and now leads the Doctor of Ministry program in Gospel Renewal and Pastoral Leadership for Metro Atlanta Seminary. The aim of his ministry is to help people come alive to the transforming power of God's grace in the crucified, risen, and reigning Jesus. He is the author of Galatians: Navigating Life in View of the Cross. When not writing or teaching, McKay enjoys spending time at home with his family and hiking the mountains of north Georgia. Discover more at

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"McKay Caston's pastoral experience and his understanding of the blessings of grace are well on display in this study of the apostle Paul's most penetrating letter about the transforming power of Jesus's resolute, determined, and undeterred love for those who can so readily and frequently forget his heart."
Bryan Chapell, Pastor; author

"What a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to take a deeper step into the wondrous riches of the gospel of grace in the book of Galatians! I love McKay's heart for God's Word and his passion to see every believer walk in the life-transforming reality of the cross. In this study, McKay Caston masterfully balances in-depth study with real-life application. His wisdom and insight along the way help the reader glean the multi-faceted realities of the gospel. This study will be one that I use often in my personal life and in my discipleship efforts."
Jeff Norris, Senior Pastor, Perimeter Church

"I have always loved McKay's pastoral heart and it is seen so clearly in his new study of Galatians. He makes deep theological truths easy to understand and gives great application for believers at any stage of their spiritual walk. There is no doubt in my mind that this book will be a tremendous resource for the church."
Laura Story, Grammy Award-Winning Christian Artist

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