Philippians: Finding Joy When Life is Hard (eBook)

Josiah D. Bancroft IV
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Josiah Bancroft guides readers in a study of Philippians, showing how a deep and abiding joy is possible in every circumstance when we understand who Jesus is and who we are in him.

When times are hard and overwhelming, the command to "Rejoice!" can feel mocking or even cruel. How can we have joy when circumstances in our lives and those around us are so difficult? Studying the book of Philippians helps us know and understand the implications of all that Christ has done for us, in us, and among usÑand how rooting ourselves in our identity in Christ can bring unshakeable freedom and joy, regardless of circumstances.

Philippians: Finding Joy When Life Is Hard helps participants see that through the power of the gospel we can rejoice in the Lord and live confidently on earth as citizens of heaven, no matter what we face.

  • Nine lessons from the book of Philippians, including leader's notes.
  • Easy-to-use small group resource includes discussion questions, a short article, and practical application section that can be used for one-to-one discipleship, small group, or large group settings.
  • Part of the Gospel-Centered Life in the Bible series examining how the gospel story is revealed through both the Old and New Testaments, published in partnership with Serge.


Josiah D. Bancroft IV is a church planter, pastor, and missionary, ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America. He has served with Serge since 1992, most recently as Senior Director of Mission, overseeing all of its ministries, mission work and publications. He is the author of Philippians: Finding Joy When Life is Hard. Together with his wife, Barbara, they trust God's grace at the fray.

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"Philippians: Finding Joy When Life Is Hard meets my high-bar expectations from my dear friend, Josiah Bancroft. This fresh, practical, gospel-saturated journey through Paul's letter to the church in Philippi captures the heartbeat of his message: joy isn't an abstract feeling of felicity; it's rocket fuel for missional living. It's Spirit fruit emerging from a gospel-soaked heart, bent on loving to God's glory in the community and among the nations. What a timely and refreshing study."
Scotty Smith, Pastor Emeritus, Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN; teacher-in-residence, West End Community Church, Nashville, TN; author

"I have been using The Gospel-Centered Life in the Bible series for several years and have appreciated how helpful it has been in leading small groups. I am encouraged by New Growth Press's efforts to continue producing these accessible studies and especially to read Philippians: Finding Joy When Life is Hard. Philippians has always been my go-to book during times of difficulty. I'm thankful for Josiah Bancroft's treatment of this wonderful epistle and look forward to its publication."
Wy Plummer, Cross-Cultural Consultant, Mission to North America (PCA)

"I've had the joy of hearing Josiah teach on a regular basis for the last fifteen years, and every time he opens Scripture, God shows me something new and nourishes my soul. Josiah's grasp of Philippians, his keen understanding of our hearts, and his ability to communicate the joy of the gospel are remarkable. I'm so thankful that his teaching is available in this new formatÑit will bless anyone who uses it."
Patric Knaak, Area Director for Renewal at Serge; author of On Mission

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