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God Made Me Series

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What's Included?

  • God Made Me in His Image by Justin & Lindsey Holcomb
  • God Made Me for Heaven by Marty Machowski
  • God Cares for Me by Scott James
  • God Made Me for Worship by Jared Kennedy
  • God Made All of Me by Justin & Lindsey Holcomb
  • God Made Me AND You by Shai Linne
  • God Made Me Unique by Joni and Friends
  • God Made Boys and Girls by Marty Machowski

The God Made Me series features beautifully illustrated children’s books created to help guide parents and caretakers toward important, gospel-centered conversations with their kids. The back of each book contains a special section just for parents and caregivers that will guide them in how to have biblical, loving conversations with children and give them additional information and resources to equip them in talking about this important subject.

God Made Me in His Image 

When a group of students travel to a zoo to learn about different animals and what makes them special, the children notice how God made each of their friends different tooWhile differences in their bodies and appearances can be confusing and sometimes embarrassing to children, this simply-told story helps parents teach kids that God not only created their bodies, but he made them in his image. 

God Made Me for Heaven

Does your child have questions about heaven? Most kids have ideas of what it will be like, but do they know what God says? Marty Machowski shares deep theological truths through a creative story.  As they read, parents and caregivers will have the opportunity to have life-changing conversations with children about how God invites each of us to live with him and enjoy him forever. 

God Cares for Me

Why do we have to wear a mask? Why can’t we see Grandma and Grampa today? And what if I get sick? Children have lots of hard-to-answer questions, and Dr. Scott James uses the true-to-life story of Lucas, a young boy who wakes up with a sore throat, to help with the answers. As children follow Lucas through his sick day, they will learn how God cares for them and how they can care for others when they are sick.  

God Made Me for Worship

Sitting in a worship service for the first time can be a difficult experience for a young child. God Made Me for Worship by author Jared Kennedy helps children ages four to eight piece together all of the different parts of worship using the vision of Isaiah 6. 

God Made All of Me

A simply told, beautifully illustrated story to help families talk about these sensitive issues with two- to eight-year-old children. Because the private parts of our bodies are private the home is the ideal environment where a child should learn about his or her body and how it should be treated by others.

God Made Me AND You

An approachable guide for families to begin conversations about cultivating God’s perspective on ethnic diversity, confronting the sins of racism, bigotry, and ethnic pride.

God Made Me Unique

God Made Me Unique, a beautifully illustrated picture book, helps parents and caregivers teach children that God creates every person in the image of God and each individual has tremendous value, regardless of his or her appearance or abilities.

God Made Boys and Girls

In a world where there is so much confusion about gender and identity, God Made Boys and Girls invites children to understand that their gender is a gift from God who made them and loves them. Best-selling author Marty Machowski provides biblical truth illustrating how we are all made in the image of God as either male or female.

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God Made Me

2 Reviews

  • 5
    God Made Me Series

    Published by Becky L Crutsinger on 11 09 2021

    Excellent God breathed books that every child 3-5 years old needs to hear before they begin going to school! Excellent for planting God's word in their hearts!

  • 3
    Quality Concepts, Sometimes Too Wordy

    Published by Kristy on 08 29 2021

    I love the concepts behind the series. The topics are on point, relevant, and critical. My daughter asks good questions after we read them and the parent guide at the end of each book helps parents talk further with their child. My only complaint is that sometimes the books try to provide too much of a lesson in the storyline. On these pages, my kids just tune out, which is a shame because it is the most importantly parts of the books. I often skip some of the text to keep the story moving in these parts, without losing the important biblical truths that are being communicated. It works for us, but I wish the authors would have already done this. I do find this to be a common issue with Christian children’s nonfiction, however.

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