God Made Me for Heaven: Helping Children Live for an Eternity with Jesus

Marty Machowski
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  • God Made Me for Heaven: Helping Children Live for an Eternity with Jesus
  • God Made Me for Heaven: Helping Children Live for an Eternity with Jesus Picture Books
  • God Made Me for Heaven: Helping Children Live for an Eternity with Jesus Picture Books
  • God Made Me for Heaven: Helping Children Live for an Eternity with Jesus Picture Books
  • God Made Me for Heaven: Helping Children Live for an Eternity with Jesus Picture Books
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Children have lots of questions about God and heaven. While most kids have ideas of what heaven will be like, do they know what God says? Kids (and many adults) picture heaven as up in the sky, among the clouds, with angels who have wings and harps. They have a general understanding that heaven is with God, but few realize our ultimate destination is not up in the sky.   

In God Made Me for HeavenMarty Machowski shares deep theological truths through a creative story. Told through the perspective of a grandmother sharing her hope of heaven to her grandchildren and their friends, this picture book beautifully illustrated by Trish Mahoney includes a gospel presentation and speaks about eternity in simple language kids can understand.  

God Made Me for Heaven invites children to understand that God made each person for heaven and provided a way to get there, through his son Jesus. In heaven, there will be no more sickness, suffering, or death.  

Together with their parents and caregivers, children will have the opportunity to have life-changing conversations about how God invites each of us to live with him and enjoy him forever. 

God Made Me for Heaven is part of the God Made Me series which equips parents to have important, impactful conversations with their children, helping them to grow in understanding of God, themselves, and others. Each book in the series contains a special section just for parents and caregivers that provides biblical guidance and offers additional information and resources for talking about the topic addressed in the story.   


Marty Machowski is a Family Life Pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, where he has served on the pastoral staff for over thirty years. He is the author of The Gospel Story Bible, Long Story Short, Old Story New, the Gospel Story Curriculum, the Prepare Him Room advent devotional and curriculum, Wise Up family devotional and curriculum, Listen Up family devotional and curriculum, Dragon SeedThe Ology, Don't Blame the Mud, Parenting First Aid, and Parenting First Aid Study Guide. He and his wife, Lois, have six children and two grandchildren, and they reside in West Chester, Pennsylvania.


Trish Mahoney is a graphic designer and illustrator in Seattle where she runs The Mahoney Studio with her husband, Patrick, also a designer and illustrator. They have two children, both budding artists too. Trish is the illustrator for the God Made Me series and The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible.

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“Marty Machowski’s God Made me for Heaven is a simple and delightful book that will help children look forward to living forever with Jesus and God’s people. It’s centered on the gospel, the good news of salvation in Jesus, which is the basis on which anyone can be assured of Heaven. Beautifully written and illustrated.” 
Randy Alcorn, Author of HeavenHeaven for Kids, and Its All About Jesus 

“Simple yet profound, Marty Machowski’s new book, God Made Me for Heaven walks children (and adults) through the glorious future that we anticipate as Christians. Engagingly presented with attractive illustrations, this book will help parents teach their kids important lessons about death and heaven. Highly recommended!” 
Iain DuguidProfessor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary; author of Jonah: Grace for Sinners and Saints 

“Children naturally ask questions as they observe, interpret, and apply their worldview. We need trustworthy resources to help us confidently answer their questions according to what the Bible says. Reading and rereading God Made Me For Heaven to your children is an engaging and clear way to introduce and reinforce a biblical perspective on heaven and eternity.” 
Gloria Furman
, Author of Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full and Labor with Hope  

"As parents we are inevitably going to get questions about death and dying from our children. God Made Me for Heaven is a must have resource for your library. Marty gently walks children through their questions about death, heaven, and God’s promises for eternity. This is a biblically-sound resource with fabulous illustrations for parents to teach their children about heaven and eternity with hope and joy." 
Justin S. Holcomb and Lindsey A. Holcomb, authors of God Made All of Me and God Made Me in His Image 

“Many years ago, Jonathan Edwards gave wonderful counsel to Christians when he said, ‘Labor to be much acquainted with heaven.’ Children need that advice just as much as anyone. Machowski’s simple yet biblically rich book will help that happen, and in the process moms and dads will be reminded of the glories up ahead as well. I highly recommend this book and, now that I’m a grandpa, I can’t wait to put it to use myself.”   
Mike BullmoreSenior Pastor, CrossWay Community Church, Bristol, WI 

“As Christian parents, we all want to prepare our children for the real world—and for the next. Marty Machowski’s latest gospel-saturated book, God Made Me for Heaven, helps parents do both. Engagingly illustrated and written, Marty grounds his story in Scripture and invites young readers into the breathtaking delights that God is preparing. Hearing about the new creation never gets old.” 
Champ Thornton, Pastor; author of several books including The Radical Book for Kids and Why Do We Say Good Night? 

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6 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Danni B on 08 09 2021

    I have never actually read any of Machowski's books but have seen many of them and they look absolutely wonderful. I was excited to read his newest children's book with my kids. After reading Randy Alcorn's book Heaven, we were always looking for a good children's version that would be effective in teaching kids their hope for Heaven. I think Machowski does a wonderful job of presenting Heaven to children in a way that they desire, hope and long for it. He begins the book with a scripture reference: Revelation 21:1-4 and introduces the book for parents and caregivers with encouragement to teach their kids the hope they have for heaven over the fear of death. The story itself is written masterfully. As an adult I enjoyed the characters and plot. It's engaging and stays true to scriptural reference of heaven. The illustrations are just as wonderful and beautiful. There are many details that my 5 year old daughter pointed out and enjoyed discussing simply from the illustrations. Machowski concludes the book with further information regarding heaven. He provides answers to some of the tough questions children may have regarding death and heaven and hell. I received a pdf copy of this book from New Growth Press in exchange for an honest review.

  • 5
    A Must-Have Resource!

    Posted by Ena Redding on 05 14 2021

    Do you feel unprepared for talking about heaven with your children or the kids you work with regularly? It’s hard to find solid, theological resources on a topic that often gets misconstrued, especially to kids. They need some biblical theology about heaven, and that’s exactly what Marty Machowski delivers in his recent book, God Made Me for Heaven. The theology is straight from Scripture, so it doesn’t veer from the truth. In this book, kids will learn about topics like the new heaven and the new earth. There’s a clear gospel presentation, so this book will give you a tool for communicating the gospel message with kids in an appropriate way for those with much or little to no church experience. By the end of the book, you and your young readers will want to join in the celebration of heaven. This book is also powerful because it reflects what the throne of heaven will be like – with people from all backgrounds who don’t necessarily look like me and you. I love that the book is so readable, especially with the different fonts highlighting questions and points that deserve reiterating. The book ends with a concise list of questions for teaching your kids about heaven. How often do books like these give you a bonus teaching section? Machowski has anticipated the questions kids often ask about heaven, so you aren’t left alone to try to come up with a sound answer on your own. I recommend reading this section before reading this must-have book with children so that you’re prepped ahead of time. New Growth Press indicates the age level for this book is 8 – 11 year-olds, but I think readers even slightly younger than that can understand and benefit from this truth-filled resource. God Made Me for Heaven makes me excited for the other books in this series. It would be a fabulous addition to your child’s library or your church’s or Sunday School’s collection of children’s books. Once again, if choosing gospel-grounded books for your kids is important to you, this is a book you’ll want to order.

  • 5
    Teaches children about heaven

    Posted by Wendy on 04 05 2021

    This is a great addition to the series, dealing with an issue that parents often struggle to explain to their kids with clarity: what heaven is like and how we get there. Leo is celebrating the end of the school year with his friends, and enjoying being outside playing together. He and his grandmother start talking about his grandfather who died three years prior. She explains how his spirit went to be with Jesus in heaven and his body will be resurrected when Jesus returns. She talks about how good heaven will be and how it won’t be boring at all. When Leo asks how good you have to be to get into heaven, she explains that “No one is good enough” and that’s why we need Jesus. Kids are encouraged to see that heaven will be great, like a summer vacation that never ends, with no one ever getting tired, or sad and praising Jesus together. It’s suitable for 5-9 year olds, giving a clear gospel explanation and the joyful promises of heaven and eternal life using images and concepts familiar to children.

  • 5
    Hope of Heaven

    Posted by Laura on 04 05 2021

    The God Made Me Series is filled with impactful books for families to enjoy together. God Made Me for Heaven is no exception. Creatively shared through the frame of a grandmother discussing her hope of Heaven, this book shares the gospel message in an easy to understand manner. While this complimentary book was provided for review by New Growth Press, no other compensation was given. All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.

  • 5
    Gospel Message

    Posted by Laura on 03 22 2021

    The God Made Me Series is filled with impactful books for families to enjoy together. God Made Me for Heaven is no exception. Creatively shared through the frame of a grandmother discussing her hope of Heaven, this book shares the gospel message in an easy to understand manner. While this complimentary book was provided for review by New Growth Press, no other compensation was given. All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.

  • 3
    Detailed discussion of heaven

    Posted by Sarah Poling on 02 27 2021

    This book is in the series of "God made me" books from New Growth Press, but this book is geared for ages 8-11. So that's important to know. Several of my recent reviews have been geared for preschool ages. What I like about this book: This book is written as a story with a group of children playing and asking their friends Grandma questions about heaven as they are celebrating the start of summer. She does the teaching as she talks about heaven and forever. This book teaches about the abstract concept of eternity. In the process, it also deals with death and the question will I see grandpa again. Such an appropriate question from children. Scripture references that connect with concepts are listed on the pages. The Gospel is clearly explained and connected to those who go to heaven. Scripturally accurate teaching about heaven. Shares the biblical facts. This book has some complex concepts. But when thinking like an 8-11 year old, I think it's appropriately done. What I wonder about this book: Should eternal be defined? or more clearly explained? What about eternal death? Not sure if you could accomplish that in one book or not. But it's not mentioned at all, at the end of the book in the follow up pages, a discussion question is what happens to those who don't go to heaven? but the answer isn't there- it will be up to the parents to direct that conversation. Will 8-11 years find the playing in the yard and illustrations age appropriate? or will they loose interest? How many adults know that there are going to be 12 fruits in heaven? and how will they respond when their children ask about this after being read the book or reading it together? It's a very specific fact. I'm not sure I knew that before reading the book! Thankful to partner with New Growth Press and read an early copy of this book.

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