Jesus Rose for Me: The True Story of Easter (eBook)

Jared Kennedy
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Jesus Rose for Me: The True Story of Easter (eBook)
Jesus Rose for Me: The True Story of Easter Picture Books
Jesus Rose for Me: The True Story of Easter Picture Books
Jesus Rose for Me: The True Story of Easter Picture Books
Jesus Rose for Me: The True Story of Easter Picture Books
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Every Easter, we celebrate that Jesus is more powerful than death. But what does that mean for your little one? Jesus Rose for Me by author Jared Kennedy helps toddlers and preschoolers understand the true meaning of Easter in a personal, memorable way.

This board book is a part of The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible series. For children ages three to five, this beautifully illustrated book begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter, when Jesus rose for us. Children will learn that Jesus is our king, and that everyone who trusts in him is part of his forever family.

Help your kids understand that Jesus died for us and rose from the dead. Because of the compelling content and modern, vivid illustrations, children will live in the joy of the greatest truth of all: Jesus is alive!

This conversational book simply tells the story of the gospel and invites children to respond. Jesus Rose for Me helps toddlers and preschoolers celebrate that every day is resurrection day.


Jared Kennedy, MDiv, ThM, is the cofounder and managing editor of Gospel-Centered Family, a ministry that helps churches and families share Jesus with the next generation. He also serves as the Children's and Family Ministry Strategist for the Harbor Network, and is an adjunct professor at Boyce College. He is the author of The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible, Are You Close to God?, Jesus Rose for Me, Jesus Came for Me, and God Made Me for Worship, and has developed two VBS programs, Proof Pirates and Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your Feet. He blogs regularly at Gospel-Centered Family and contributes to @TGC, @ERLC, and @HeReadsTruth. You can follow him on Twitter @jaredskennedy. He and his wife, Megan, have three girls.


Trish Mahoney is a graphic designer and illustrator in Seattle where she runs The Mahoney Studio with her husband, Patrick, also a designer and illustrator. They have two children, both budding artists too. Trish is the illustrator for the God Made Me series and The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible.

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"The crucifixion and resurrection are the central events of the entire Christian faith. And yet, few books for the youngest of our children have focused on the meaning of the cross and the empty tomb. This exploration of the resurrection is thoroughly biblical yet written in a way that even a preschooler can understandÑand parents who read this book to their children are likely to find their own faith strengthened as well."
Timothy Paul Jones, Ph.D., Professor of Christian Apologetics, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"For parents who want to make sure their children understand Easter as more than pastelÐcolored eggs, pretty clothes, and pictures with Grandma, this book is for you. The most important truth you can pass down to your children is the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and Jesus Rose for Me is the creative, beautifullyÐwritten, artistically designed resource you need. If Easter changed everything, then this book helps your littlest ones know, understand and believe it."
Daniel Darling, VP of Communications, ERLC; author of several books, including The Dignity Revolution and The Characters of Christmas

"What a wonderful reÐtelling of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus! The narrative is shaped around the kinds of details that children notice and enjoy, like donkeys and friends and songs. Insightful questions bring us into the story, making the good news of Easter personal to all who read this delightful book."
Will Walker, Pastor at Providence Austin, M.A. Covenant Theological Seminary

"Jesus Rose for Me by Jared Kennedy is the perfect Easter storybook for young children. The captivating illustrations, clear invitation to hear the truth of the gospel story, and engaging questions open the eyes of wonder in young children."
Deborah Harrell, Overseas Educational Advisor, Serge; author of What's Up? Elementary; coauthor of What's Up? Discovering the Gospel, Jesus, and Who You REALLY Are and GospelÐCentered Parent.

"Too many gospel presentations leave Jesus hanging on the cross. But a dead Savior is no Savior at all. In Jesus Rose for Me, Jared Kennedy completes the story. Read this radiant book to a young child, and introduce them to the living King who loves them."
Matt Smethurst, Managing editor, The Gospel Coalition; author of Before You Open Your Bible: Nine Heart Postures for Approaching God's Word

"Can I say it? Most Christian children books are more about what we do for Jesus than what he has done for us. Jesus Rose for Me is not that. Kennedy has written a fun, engaging book for children that introduces them to the beautiful realities that Jesus rose from the dead, and he did it for me! Why keep the gospel from our children? Don't. Buy this book and begin a lifelong journey of telling the good news to your child."
Joel Fitzpatrick, Husband, father, pastor, sinner, and saint; author of Between Us Guys: Life-Changing Conversations for Dads & Sons

"This book makes me want to stand up and cheer. The way Jesus Rose for Me leads little hearts and minds into the true story of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus is a gift to churches, children, and parents alike. As much as it is a children's book, it is also a solid biblical literacy tool. I defy any adult who reads this book to a child not to learn something themselves."
Russ Ramsey, pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church Cool Springs, Nashville, TN; author of The Passion of the King of Glory

"Hooray! Jesus Rose for Me is a wonderful little book about the biggest truth of allÑGod loves his people. The children in your life need to understand this gospel story, and so do you. Parents and children alike will rejoice as they see and come to know the beauty of Easter."
Jamin Stinziano, Lead Pastor, Summit Church, Fort Meyers, FL

"Jared Kennedy knows that little hearts can hold on to big truths, if we'll only show them the way. Through his faithful and engaging retelling of the Easter story, Jared has given toddlers and young children just such a gift with Jesus Rose for Me. In this book, families will find eternal, lifeÐchanging truths communicated with beautiful clarity."
Scott James, Author of the Easter family devotional Mission Accomplished, and the illustrated children's books The Littlest Watchman and Where Is Wisdom?

"Jared has created a vibrant, artistic and gospelÐrich retelling of the greatest story ever told. As Bible stories become more and more mythologized in our culture today, Jesus Rose for Me provides children with an Easter narrative anchored in the beauty and accuracy of God's Word!"
Ronnie Martin, Lead Pastor of Substance Church; author of The Best Gift Ever Given

"In Jesus Rose for Me, Jared Kennedy pours his wealth of experience in family ministry into the pages of a vibrant new Easter book for parents with young children. The writing and the illustrations are both wonderfully simple and beautifulÑjust like the biblical truth that they so effectively convey. Parents, this needs to be on your gospelÐcentered bookshelf!"
Joshua Cooley, Children's minister; author of The Biggest Win, Heroes of the Bible Devotional, and The One Year Devotions with Jesus

"What continues to amaze me about Jared Kennedy is his ability to take deep gospel truths and creatively make them understandable and accessible to the youngest of churchgoers… without losing any of the impact. Trish Mahoney's art is exceptional and draws young eyes into the story. If your church is serious about helping kids understand their need for the Savior, get this book!"
Pat Aldridge, Community Life Pastor, Redeemer Fellowship, St. Charles, IL

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