Nothing Is Impossible with God: Reflections on Weakness, Faith, and Power (eBook)

Rose Marie Miller
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No one likes to feel weak. Just thinking about our inadequate resources can fill us with fear and hopelessness. But Rose Marie Miller has a different perspective. For her true weakness is a gift born out of a deep sense of need, it drives us to Christ and unleashes all the redeeming energy of God's grace in our lives and others. Rose Marie Miller, a living example of God's power in weakness, weaves together biblical insights and personal experience and shares a new, gospel-driven way of living where the way up is down, the weak become strong, and the dead receive life. God, for whom nothing is impossible, uses weak people to change the world.


Rose Marie Miller, Bible teacher; conference speaker; missionary with World Harvest Mission; author of From Fear to Freedom: Living as Sons and Daughters of God and Nothing Is Impossible with God: Reflections on Weakness, Faith, and Power; and coauthor of The Gospel-Centered Parent. Rose Marie and her late husband Jack Miller worked together to plant the New Life Presybyterian Churches and begin Serge (formerly World Harvest Mission). She has five children, twenty-four grandchildren, and seventeen great-grandchildren and divides her time between London, England and Jenkintown, PA.

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"In Nothing Is Impossible with God, my friend Rose Marie Miller writes with depth, integrity, and authority about a subject she knows wellÑbeing more than a conqueror. Suffering is the textbook that teaches us not only about ourselves, but reveals the power of God's sustaining grace and Rose Marie experiences that grace each day. You will be blessed and refreshed by her insights."
Joni Eareckson Tada, Best-selling author, Founder of Joni and Friends

"I met Rose Marie some 28 years ago. Since then, every time I have heard her speak, read something she has written, or even just had a conversation with her, I come away understanding more about the way God's grace connects with my life. Over the years, this has shaped my faith, my life, and ministry in very significant ways."
Tim Keller, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Church; best-selling author of The Reason for God

"I've just spent the day traveling with Rose Marie Miller in her wonderful new book. I feel like I've been walking with her through another book of Acts with the teaching of Romans and Galatians thrown in. I'm a cynical old preacher and far less cynical after the day with Rose Marie. This book is a life changer. Read it and give it to everyone you know. You'll be glad and they will be too!"
Steve Brown, Key Life radio broadcaster; best-selling author of Three Free Sins

"Rose Marie Miller's new book is a beautiful trifecta of weakness, faith, and power. Rose Marie seamlessly embeds her writing with these three themes, not through cleverness and willful intent, but rather through the spiritual stealth that only God at work in a person can achieve. This is why I love Rose Marie and read her work. She is a broken soul given over to the renewing love of her Maker. There's no artifice here; it's all heart."
Charlie Peacock, Cofounder, Art House America; record producer

"Thank you, Rose Marie, for turning my thoughts to 'God, the consummate gardener' our God who is with us. And thank you for your powerful words that challenge me to know forgiveness and to forgive, to rest in Jesus when I am weak and desperate, and to persevere in prayer. You met your goal for this book: perhaps I am finally ready to grow in that counterintuitive life in which I spend more time with Jesus when days are especially hectic."
Edward T. Welch, CCEF Faculty; licensed psychologist; author of Shame Interrupted

"With characteristic humility and warmth, Rose Marie Miller has written a book sweet with the love of Christ on every page. This is much more than an exploration of the doctrines of grace, but a very personal reflection on how God's grace continues to unfold in her life through repentance, forgiveness, prayer, and faith. As you read you'll feel like you're meeting with a dear friend who both knows your heart and, most importantly, the heart of our Savior."
Winston T. Smith, CCEF Faculty; author of Marriage Matters

"At Serge, Rose Marie is affectionately known as our spiritual mother. Over the years she has consistently challenged meÑand the missionÑto live a life of dependent prayer and realize how great and wonderful God's promises are when you dare to pray boldly. On behalf of all of us at Serge, I highly commend this book to youÑexpect to be changed and blessed as we have by Rose Marie's ministry to us! Don't be surprised if you also find that nothing is impossible with God!"
Bob Osborne, Executive Director, Serge

"I've heard great sermons on nothing being impossible with God; I've seen those words from Jesus needle-pointed, done in calligraphy, and written out on three-by-five cards and taped to the front of refrigerators. But there is one person in my forty-five years of knowing the Lord who has been a living validation of this promise, more so than anyone else, and that is Rose Marie Miller, my spiritual mom. That's why I am thrilled with her new book. Hype-free, spin-free gospel sanity is the best way I know to describe Rose Marie's new book. It you want to know how the fragrance of the gospel is released through those who have the courage to own their brokenness and weakness, this is your book. How thankful I am for my octogenarian mentor and verdant garden of grace."
Scotty Smith, Founding Pastor, Christ Community Church; author of Everyday Prayers: 365 Days to a Gospel-Centered Faith

"Reading Nothing Is Impossible with God has made me realize again why Rose Marie Miller is my role model! Her transparency in sharing her own struggles and her realization that Christ is our only answer are incredible encouragements. Her writings on the power of prayer, humility, and faith are brought to life in a fresh way by her amazing life stories. This is a book to read over and over to remind ourselves that God can do the impossible for any of us if we will just let him."
Betsy Silberman, Retired Director of Development, Girls Preparatory School, Chattanooga, TN

"Rose Marie Miller is the neediest person I know. She is also the wealthiest. This book records the journey of how her needs have driven her to the source of all riches. Reading this book is like sitting down with Rose Marie and letting her share gently the ways of this glorious Christ. This is Rose Marie's story of how, at 87 years old, she is on the front lines of bringing repentance and forgiveness of sins in Jesus's name to all nations. This is the true story of a seed falling into the ground, dying and producing much fruit. Read it to draw closer to the God of the impossible!"
Carolyn Barker Lonas, along with her husband Jack, worked with Serge in London from 2001−2009

"Rose Marie Miller writes as she lives: steeped in Scripture, and boldly engaging in the real world. In this book she repeatedly brings the two together in the context of her own life experiences with suffering and weakness, to remind all of us that Nothing Is Impossible with God."
Dr. Jennifer Myhre, Serge medical missionary and author of A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest and A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue

"Having known Rose Marie for more than 30 years, much of her story is familiar to me, but I wasn't very far into this book before being enthralled yet again by the way the Spirit works to continually reveal God's love and the gospel's power to transform a life. She writes frankly of her struggles with pain, fear, weakness, pride, and unbelief, and recounts vividly her experiences of God's love breaking through. Then, true to the heart of Jesus, she calls you to go beyond yourself to others with this hope. God breaks into my life time and time again through her. He's done it again through this book."
Andi Brindley, Executive Assistant to Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

"Rose Marie Miller is a woman who knows her weakness and dependence on God. Out of this weakness comes great courage and faith. She is one of Jesus's lambs who hears his voice and follows to the ends of the earth. If you read this book you will find the true gospel and it will encourage your soul and increase your faith. You will love her, I do. Rose Marie is my Amy Carmichael."
Diane Winningham, Women's Director of Ministries, Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN

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