New Releases

New Releases


New Growth Press releases new, gospel-centered, Bible-based book materials throughout the year. New releases are for individuals, families, churches and schools. The books cover a broad range of subjects, from Christian biblical counseling topics such as marriage, parenting, addiction, mental health and spiritual growth to illustrated books for children. Our top selling new release books offer biblical help for a variety of difficult issues such as suicide, trauma, eating disorders, and body image.


Our new release Christian books, offer a wide range of helpful resources based on your spiritual needs. Our carefully curated collections of the top new book releases are centered around diverse themes and topics, to help a wide spectrum of readers. Family Advent devotionals, self-help books, Biblical counseling, body image, trauma and depression, marriage offer biblical guidance and gospel-centered content. Our assortment of new book releases also includes great Christian books for kids that help parents address difficult but important topics with their children.

Buy books from our Bible bookstore online and get free shipping on orders above $29.99. Coupon codes are available for discounts on bulk purchases from our Christian bookstore online.

When looking for Christian books and free shipping, the outstanding online bookstore catalog at our Christian book website will engage both adults and children. We offer a quality book shopping experience so you can purchase Christian resources from a best-selling Christian book publisher in the comfort of your home.

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