Lost and Found: Losing Religion, Finding Grace (eBook)

Kendra Fletcher
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The "right" homeschooling philosophy. The "right" brand of theology. The "right" meal-planning, home-managing, keep-it-all-together parenting. Kendra Fletcher, homeschooling mom of eight, had it all "right," until it all fell apart. In the course of eighteen months, Kendra found her baby in a coma, ran over her five-year-old, and nearly lost her eight-year-old to a septic ruptured appendix. Lost and Found is the story of how God used those events to transform her family's self-righteous religion into freedom in Christ.

Fletcher's debut book is the gripping true story of how God used suffering to save her family from empty religion. As wave after wave of crisis hit, the Fletchers discovered that getting religion "right" wasn't a good substitute for a living relationship with a loving God. Through their suffering, they learned about misplaced identities and false hope, and they threw themselves wholly into the arms of Jesus—where they found the grace they needed.

Fletcher, a well-known writer and conference speaker in Christian homeschooling circles, addresses the quiet legalism that so easily infiltrates Christian communities and exposes the dangers of focusing our hopes on the "right" ways of worship, work, and family life. More than a memoir, Lost and Found invites all of us to give up the things that hold us in bondage and find our value, worth, significance, hope, and identity in Christ alone.


Kendra Fletcher writes on faith and education for a variety of publications, including her blog. She is also a frequent speaker at homeschooling conventions, but she spends most of her time with her very large family. The Fletchers reside in California, where they play in the Pacific Ocean as often as possible.

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"This book isn't pages. It's a compass that points you toward the Light, toward Christ, toward a life liberated to be freely and completely who you are in Christ. If you feel like you can't live right enough—read on. There's a way out: into him alone who is always more than enough."
Ann Voskamp, Homeschooling mother to seven; author of the New York Times bestsellers The Broken Way and One Thousand Gifts

"In this unbelievably heart-wrenching story of medical emergency after medical emergency Kendra tells us how she rediscovered the beauty of the gospel. As you read Lost and Found you will find yourself falling in love with Jesus all over again. You will identify with her when she admits failure and you will rejoice with her as she finds her identity in Christ."
Jessica Thompson, Author of Everyday Grace; conference speaker

"In his great kindness and love, the Lord frequently speaks to us with occurrences that are so much louder than words we're familiar with. He does this because he cherishes us and wants to free us from our false trusts: trusts in something other than his grace, trusts in the identity we've dressed ourselves in, trusts in our own abilities to self-righteously pull it off. Though this freedom is delightful we always militate against it, because we're terrified of losing what we think we can't live without. My friend Kendra Fletcher has been given that freedom and I'm so thankful; but the way that it came to her was as hard as anything I've ever read. Let me encourage you to dive deeply into Kendra's story and see the wonderful freedom that comes from loss and being found."
Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, Author of Because He Loves Me

"Someone has said that the hard places of life will either make you hard and mean or drive you to Jesus. That's true, but there's more than that. Sometimes the dark will teach you about yourself, about God's love and about amazing grace. There are those who have been there and teach the rest of us what they found so we can find it too. That's what Kendra Fletcher has done in a wonderful and refreshing way. As I read this book I cried, I laughed, and I sang 'The Hallelujah Chorus!' This is a book that just might change your life!"
Steve Brown, Key Life radio broadcaster; author of Hidden Agendas and How to Talk So People Will Listen

"Compelling, compassionate, convicting describe the story behind Lost And Found. Yet, as readers, we are lead to such a profound, transforming understanding of the infinite love and grace of God, our hearts are filled with relief as we are reminded that we do not have to earn his eternal love and companionship, but that his goodness and mercy follow us every step of our lives. Kendra's story brings lifegiving beauty through each page."
Sally Clarkson, blogger; speaker; author

"In days where worldly prosperity gospel tries to convince us that suffering doesn't exist, and religious moral behaviorism says, 'God owes me,' Kendra Fletcher reveals the beauty and grace of God found in the midst of real pain in honest people. Her testimony of God using the catastrophes of life to draw her back to himself encourages us to see the hope that we are all longing for and can find in Jesus. This book is a page turner of true hope and joy in a real world."
Jim Applegate, Pastor at Redeemer, Modesto, CA

"The message Kendra has to share is one that can only be described as 'desperately needed.' In a society laden with self sufficiency and self dependency, our souls are starving for the tenderness of being cared for by someone who truly loves us . . . not for what we can do for him, but because of his unrelenting grace. Experiencing heartbreak and trials beyond her wildest nightmares, Kendra shares how God reached down and helped her lose her religion and find the grace that was hers all along. He has that very same grace for each one of us. Kendra's story helps us see what it looks like so we can embrace it as well."
Durenda Wilson, Author of The Unhurried Homeschooler

"Too many believers aren't desperately needy for Jesus. They feel like they are good enough on their own. Through her tragic but beautiful story, Kendra describes how she powerfully encountered the God she thought she knew . . . a God who is close, gracious, and necessary for our every breath. Lost and Found is for anyone who desires a fresh encounter with God in their own story."
Barrett Johnson, Founder of INFO for Families; author of The Talk(s)

"Kendra's story of her journey to the cross drops keys of freedom into the hands of beautiful rowdy prisoners as she turns our eyes to the one and only Savior who sets the captives free. Read Lost and Found and share it with others, then watch as the prison doors swing open. A truly gospel-centered, Christ-exalting read."
Kimm Crandall, Author of Christ in the Chaos and Beloved Mess

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