Gospel 101: Learning, Living and Sharing the Gospel

by Jeff Dodge

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This small group study and practical resource invites readers to develop the biblical literacy needed to share the gospel simply and effectively and without formulas. Designed for Christians who want to put their faith into action and grow in biblical knowledge, Gospel 101 explains the foundational gospel truth with digestible amounts of Scripture without diluting the gospel message.

Christians wondering how to share the gospel effectively will find Scripture-based content on understanding the background of the gospel rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to evangelism. Rather than giving an information overload or too-simplistic view of the gospel, Gospel 101 communicates the good news of Jesus in a clear, understanding, and compelling way, inviting readers to grow in gospel fluency, gospel community, and gospel action. Practical, small group study layout helps readers experience the transforming power of new life in Jesus.

This flexible resource serves as an introductory-level course on the “big picture” message of redemption. It equips church and ministry leaders with the language of the gospel to confidently move past the fear of sharing their faith by living out of gospel community and Scripture knowledge. By defining the gospel and why it matters, readers will learn about God, humanity, Christ, justification, our response, and the implications of the gospel through pointed questions, Scripture reading assignments, and encouraged discussions.

Gospel 101 will provide life-changing biblical truths so readers can speak gospel truth into everyday conversations with friends, family, children, coworkers, neighbors, fellow students, and others.


Jeff Dodge, M.Div, DMin., PhD, is the teaching pastor and director of theological formation at Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa. He also directs the Cornerstone School of Theology as part of The Salt Network, a church-planting movement focused on establishing multi-generational churches in major university communities. Jeff and his wife, Teresa, have four children and several grandchildren. He is the author of Gospel 101: Learning, Living, and Sharing the Gospel.


"Jeff Dodge is one of the most respected, faithful pastors I know. He has led countless people to Christ, discipling them in the way of Jesus. This book will equip the church to carry out our mission by taking us through a clear, easy-to-understand layout of the language of the gospel. By the end of this book you will feel less scared and more confident to share the gospel with those around you, including those who seem really hostile to the faith. The Great Commission starts with getting the gospel right, and this book gets the gospel right. Read and go do likewise."
Russell Moore, President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

"Gospel 101 is a primer on the gospel. It covers the theological and biblical basics, but always with an eye toward evangelism and how to share the message that changes our lives. Jeff Dodge brings simplicity, clarity, and passion to the central message of the Bible and showcases Jesus as the Hero of the story."
Trevin Wax, Director for Bibles and Reference at LifeWay Christian Resources; author of This Is Our Time and Eschatological Discipleship

"I first came across Jeff Dodge's gospel training course more than a decade ago when a college student passed a copy along to me. I've referred to it often since then—in fact, it's sitting in a binder on my bookshelf right now! I'm thrilled to see this excellent resource published. It will help you understand the gospel more fully and communicate it to others more effectively."
Bob Thune, Founding Pastor, Coram Deo Church, Omaha, NE; author of Gospel Eldership and coauthor of The Gospel-Centered Life

"For over a decade Gospel 101 has deeply impacted college students and leaders planting churches in university connects. It has given emerging leaders enormous clarity in understanding Christ, his work, his mission and his call for Christ followers to make disciples. Dodge's simple, transferable insights drive to the heart of mission, giving readers a clear pathway for advancing God's Kingdom through how they think, how they live, and how they articulate the gospel to the lost. I recommend this book because I like it, but even more because I see the fruit of its impact."
Brian N. Frye, National Collegiate Strategist, North American Mission Board

"Jeff Dodge is one of the most vibrant followers of Christ and one of the most committed Christian ministers I know. He also serves one of the most compelling college ministries I've ever observed. He is a man worth listening to, and Gospel 101: is a book I highly recommend reading."
Jason K. Allen, President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Of all the messages competing for our attention today, none is more needed than the gospel. With more than 267 million people in North America headed to an eternity separated from God, we need men and women who can confidently share the gospel with the people God is bringing into their lives. My friend Jeff Dodge's book, Gospel 101, will help you dive deep into how the Bible explains the gospel so you can share it in a simple yet powerful way. I pray as men and women gather to study God's Word through this book, God will use it to begin a gospel movement across North America and the world."
Kevin Ezell, President, North American Mission Board, SBC

"Jeff is a thought leader as it relates to gospel-centered ministry in the context of the local church. I'm so thankful that he has written this rich and accessible introduction to the gospel and the implications of the gospel. It will undoubtedly serve the church for years to come."
J. T. English, Pastor of the Village Church Institute

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An effective tool for evangelism and discipleship

Jeff is a fellow pastor in Ames, Iowa (though in a different church), and I’ve been influenced by his ministry since the first week I came to campus in 1998. I’ve gotten to watch this town rocked by Jesus’s message through the work he and his fellow pastors and church members done on and off campus at Iowa State University and in Ames up close and personal.

Jeff is the real deal. This study is the real deal.

The contents of this book have been around town in various forms for quite awhile, as a class that hundreds and hundreds (thousands?) of students in town here have been through and been blessed by. The publication process has only sharpened an already excellent tool and I can’t wait to see influence the next generation of students through the Salt Network and even beyond.

The 8-lesson study walks you through the first principles of the faith: Gospel, God, Humanity, Christ, Justification, Response (repentance and baptism) , Belonging (to the local church), and Culmination (final judgement, new heaven and earth).

Aiming at the sweet spot between over-simplicity and info-deluge, this is a very usable study that many newcomers to the faith have been able to benefit from. The book feels “just right” – thick enough to be substantial, light enough to not be overwhelming.

If you are looking for a plug-and-play resource to ground your church in the basics of the faith and provide them with a tool for evangelism and discipleship, I commend it to you.

Note: I was graciously provided with a copy of this book for review by New Growth Press. However, in this case, I was glad, because Jeff is a friend, and I was going to pick up a copy anyway, and still shall. :)
Posted by Matt Heerema on 15th Jan 2019

Good study to help share the gospel

It is not always so easy to share the gospel. We say too much or we make it too simple. Dodge wants to help Christians feel more comfortable sharing the gospel so has developed this study. The title is correct. This book contains the basic elements of the gospel. Dodge presents the material in a way that even this seasoned Christian found it interesting and containing some new insights.

I think the strength of this study is the survey. The reader is asked to survey three people about the topic of each study. The emphasis is on being a good listener. There are prompts to further the conversation, depending upon the person's answer. Those exercises are a good way to work into talking to people about Jesus and sharing the gospel.

Dodge provides a Scripture passage and an article to read on each of the basic parts of the gospel. There are questions to answer and the survey to do. The readers then meet in a group setting to discuss.

This is a basic eight week study with an emphasis on preparing people to share the gospel. It would be a good study for new Christians or a refresher course for seasoned Christians. It would also be a good way to form relationships with others learning how to share the gospel.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.
Posted by Joan Nienhuis on 27th Oct 2018

A Tool for Going with the Gospel

We read the commands in Scripture. We hear the pleas from the pulpit. We even desire to do it. Yet, we feel inadequate and fret about the task at hand. What are we talking about? Evangelism. The topic of sharing your faith with unbelievers often produces fear of not knowing enough and not knowing what to say. As a result, sharing the gospel is handled with anxiety. However, it does not have to be this way. Sharing the gospel can be approached with anticipation. This happens as the believer understands the gospel and the Holy Spirit empowers the believer with boldness to engage with others in gospel conversations. In Gospel 101: Learning, Living, and Sharing the Gospel, Pastor Jeff Dodge equips and encourages Christians to do just that.

Understanding and Sharing the Gospel

Too many study guides on evangelism either overload the reader with information or are too simplistic in their explanation of the gospel. This is not the case with Gospel 101. In eight lessons, Pastor Dodge takes the participant through the Gospel (Lesson 1), God (Lesson 2), Humanity (Lesson 3), Christ (Lesson 4), Justification (Lesson 5), Response (Lesson 6), Belonging (Lesson 7), and Culmination (Lesson 8). The width of this study does not lack depth but equips the believer well to understand the gospel and share the gospel. In each lesson, Pastor Dodge encourages Christians to engage in the text with a Bible reading assignment, to expand their understanding on the lesson’s theme with an article related to the Bible reading assignment, and to apply the content by answering workbook questions and using survey questions to start conversations with skeptics and unbelievers.

Groups Going with the Gospel

The uniqueness of this study guide is how it explains the gospel in a clear and faithful manner while it also equips Christians to evangelize in a considerate and fresh manner. The survey section in each lesson reminds believers the gospel is not merely good news to be studied. The gospel is good news we need to share. With a resource full of such gospel gold, this feature may be the best. The survey questions give the Christian the tools they need to be equipped in evangelizing. Those who fear not knowing what to say will find out one of the best ways to interact with unbelievers on this matter is to ask questions and simply listen to them before speaking and sharing. 

Gospel 101: Learning, Living, and Sharing the Gospel is a call to action. If you are a Christian who does not recognize the urgency of the gospel and who plans to study the gospel only to sit on this knowledge, then this study guide is not for you. Gospel 101 is for the Christian who wants to know the gospel and share the gospel clearly and faithfully. Ideal for small group use, churches can help Christians in their congregations face their fears of not knowing enough and not knowing what to say by recommending to them Gospel 101: Learning, Living, and Sharing the Gospel. Go with the gospel by going through Gospel 101!

I received this book from New Growth Press in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and are my honest review of the book.
Posted by Theron St. John on 24th Oct 2018


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