Angels on Your Side: When You Are Feeling Scared (eBook)

Marty Machowski
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When children are scared by a storm, afraid of the dark, or wake up from a bad dream, how can you remind them of God’s protection and love? When a storm keeps Logan up one night at Grandpa’s house, Grandpa comforts him with stories about angels in the Bible who are ever at the Lord’s command. Using 3D illustrations to depict the spiritual realm, children learn along with Logan that these angels are watching over us and always on our side. 

Angels on Your Side by best-selling children’s author Marty Machowski dives into a biblical exploration of God’s army of angels. Logan’s Grandpa teaches him that not only are angels real, but God uses his mighty warriors to guard him. Logan learns that God’s angels are an invincible army fighting on our behalf in the strength of the Lord.   

Fear and worry are emotions all children experience—especially at night. But when an incredibly powerful angel is on your side, there’s no reason to be scared or worried. Learning God is in control and has sent his angels to protect us can help children keep their fears in check and not be conquered by them.  

Through Rommel Ruiz’s beautiful 3D illustrations and gospel truth, Machowski guides children ages four to seven to understand that God is always with them. Accompanied by two sets of 3D glasses, Angels on Your Side will become a favorite bedtime story to help children remember the best way to combat our fears is to take them to God.  


Marty Machowski is a Family Life Pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, PA, where he has served on the pastoral staff for over thirty years. He is the author of a number of family devotionals, curricula (including the Gospel Story for Kids), children’s books, and parenting titles. His latest releases include WonderFull, God Made Me for Heaven, Brave and Bold, and Angels on Your Side. He and his wife, Lois, have six children and several grandchildren, and reside in West Chester, PA. 

Rommel Ruiz was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and moved to sunny Southern California to pursue his passion for creative expression and storytelling. An accomplished designer and illustrator, he incorporates influences from theater, film, animation, and mid-century design. His work includes animated visuals for Cartoon Network and the award-winning Luther documentary, as well as illustrations for books including Golly's Folly, The Gospel in Color, Why Do We Say Good Night, Angels on Your Side, and more. He is also the cofounder and art director of Patrol. He and his wife, Anny, live with their two joyful girls in Los Angeles. 

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    A great book for frightened little ones

    Posted by Chloe (@christformychildren) on 09 12 2023

    What a fun book?! It beautifully shows the reality and significance of the hidden spiritual realm to little ones and parents. As soon as we finished reading my son asked me to read it again. He enjoyed the pictures, pointing out the rain and lightning and I think he really connected with the fear of the storm. ⛈️ We've had a lot of stormy days recently with big booming thunder and though he doesn't show that he's very frightened, he always wants us to affirm that God is in control and that he is watching over us. This story not only shows God's loving control, but also exposes the agents of his protection over us connecting it to a familiar experience in our kids' lives. I love the idea of the 3d images to show the hidden/invisibleness of the spiritual realm. It's been a while since I've seen 3D glasses around ?️, but I couldn't get enough of these books as a kid! Even though we have a digital copy, I can see how the 3D would add to the illustrations and I'm excited to see the physical book.

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