Sketchy Views: A Beginner's Guide to Making Sense of God (eBook)

Daniel DeWitt
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Is your understanding of who God is and how he works in our lives today a little sketchy? Daniel DeWitt's Sketchy Views is a beginner's guide to making sense of God.

Everybody has beliefs about God. There are a million ways to get God wrong, but there's only a narrow path to getting him right. In order to understand God, we have to go back to the Bible, but that can be overwhelming if you are new to theology.

Sketchy Views uses words and sketches to help readers visually connect with and understand what basic Christian theology is and is not. DeWitt helps readers understand why what we think about God is the most important thing about us. Because God is the most important topic a person can think about, the way we think about God (our theology) is our most valuable and important collection of our thoughts and words.

  • Illustrations clarify the basics of theology, Christian thinking, and making sense of worldview issues.
  • Skeptics, atheists, and theological novices will learn basic truths about God and how Christians through the ages have come to these conclusions.
  • Readers will be challenged to examine their basic beliefs about God and themselves and see how they affect every part of life.


Daniel DeWitt, PhD, is a senior fellow at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO, where he leads the Center for Worldview and Culture and teaches courses on theology, apologetics, and C.S. Lewis. He is the author of multiple books, including Jesus or Nothing, The Friend Who Forgives, and Sketchy Views, and posts regularly at He and his wife, April, have four children.

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"What we believe about God our Creator is the most important thing about us. It shapes how we live in the world. It impacts how we serve our family, friends, and neighbors. It matters for both this life and eternity. That's why Sketchy Views is a great resource for Christians to think about what they believe."
FLAME, Grammy-nominated and Stellar award-winning artist

"Daniel DeWitt is a friendly and trusted guide to help us come to terms with what we can know about God and the world he has put us in. This book will be eye-opening for those wanting to think theologically for the first time, and wonderfully refreshing for those who've been doing so for years. It's a pleasure to commend it."
Sam Allberry, Pastor; author

"In a day when sketchy views of God abound, this is a timely resource to help you think clearly and biblically about not only what you believe but why. Daniel DeWitt puts his years of teaching university students and speaking at youth ministry conferences to full use in providing a beginner's guide for making sense of the God of the Bible."
Rick Melson, President, Southwest Baptist University

"Daniel DeWitt's gracious humility, friendly humor, gentle consideration, and easy-to-follow logic make complex concepts surprisingly easy to understand and controversial topics approachable. I look forward to giving Sketchy Views to my friends and family."
Jennifer Greenberg, Author of Not Forsaken: A Story of Life After Abuse

"This is an extremely useful resource for any serious student of the Bible. Whether someone is new to the faith or has been a Christian for several years, Sketchy Views is an introduction to theology that will support spiritual growth and knowledge of the Bible."
Melissa Tucker, Professor of Teacher Education, Boyce College

"Daniel DeWitt illustrates his message with words, stories, and even sketches to make this helpful book accessible and memorable. No matter where you're at in your spiritual journey, Sketchy Views will encourage, challenge, and assist you in thinking biblically about God."
Jeff Dalrymple, Executive Director, the Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention

"There's no shortage of books today telling us what to think about God. So why pick up this book? Because in a forest filled with pathways, what we need most are wise and experienced guides. Daniel DeWitt is such a guide. In this book, Daniel shows us how to find and traverse the trail of thought that leads to a discovery of God. I'm delighted to recommend this book by a guide I trust."
J. Tims, Lead Pastor, Immanuel Church, Nashville, TN

"In typical Daniel DeWitt fashion, this book successfully takes thinkers on an epic journey into the most important topic they could consider: God. Mixing ample cultural allusions with a healthy dose of humor (sometimes self-deprecating, sometimes merely dad jokes, but always keeping the reader on task), DeWitt guides his readers through some of the most treacherous theological waters they will ever face."
Jonathan Arnold, Associate Professor of Theological Studies, Cedarville University

"Systematic theology books tend to use complicated definitions and terminologies as they attempt to explain divine truths in human language. However, Daniel DeWitt has demonstrated that theological truths can be easily explained and therefore understood without the complexity of using sophisticated language. His starting point is knowing God. Orthodoxy flows when we acknowledge God is God and when we humbly submit to his Word. I wholeheartedly recommend this book, in its simplicity and clarity. I wish to see it translated into Arabic for the benefit of the Arabic-speaking church."
Wageeh Mikhail, Engagement Director, ScholarLeaders

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    For new Christians, young or old

    Posted by Joan Nienhuis on 07 29 2023

    This is a good book for young people to help them understand how their thoughts about God are formed and how to make sense of them. I like how DeWitt explains that the starting point of our thinking is so important. He explores necessary terms, like orthodoxy and heresy, making them understandable. He clarifies the need for initial assumptions and how all people make them. He shows how some beliefs are more essential than others, such as salvation over last days details. He covers three major areas of Christian belief, the Bible, God and the world. DeWitt's writing style is good, especially for people unfamiliar with theological terms like inerrancy and omnipotence. He is clear and explains issues well. He has some cool line drawing illustrations too. There are questions for reflection at the end of each chapter. They could be used for discussion in a classroom setting or for individual use. This book is a good introduction to orthodox belief for new or questioning Christians. I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.

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