Who Is Jesus? 40 Pictures to Share with Your Family

Kate Hox
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Who Is Jesus? 40 Pictures to Share with Your Family
Who Is Jesus? 40 Pictures to Share with Your Family Recent Book Releases
Who Is Jesus? 40 Pictures to Share with Your Family Recent Book Releases
Who Is Jesus? 40 Pictures to Share with Your Family Recent Book Releases
Who Is Jesus? 40 Pictures to Share with Your Family Recent Book Releases
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How do you help a child get to know someone they can’t see and hear? In Who Is Jesus? author Kate Hox and illustrator Joe Hox bring forty word pictures of Jesus to life so children can get to know Jesus better. 

The Bible is filled with stories and symbols that point us to Jesus as the Savior, the only One who can bring us back to God. In Who is Jesus?, Joe and Kate Hox combine illustrations and deep thoughts simply shared to guide family devotions and encourage rich conversations about who Jesus is, why he came to earth, and how we can get to know him now. 

Families will explore together the rich imagery of the Bible and learn about God’s great love for his people through Jesus Christ his Son. 

·       Written with the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter in mind but can be used any time throughout the year.  

·       Each picture of Jesus includes a captivating illustration, a key verse to remember, Bible passages to discuss, a family devotion to read, reflection questions, and a song. 

·       Twenty stories from the Old Testament and twenty from the New Testament tell about snakes, sticks, rocks, shepherds, sheep, water, bread, and so much more.  


Kate Hox has a deep desire to see her four children know and love Jesus Christ. She has always enjoyed finding gospel-centered resources, and now she has the joy of creating them as well. Kate is a graduate of Dordt University, where she received her degree in elementary education. She is married to illustrator Joe Hox, and together they enjoy worship time around the dinner table, especially at Christmas and Easter.


Joe Hox was raised on a farm in southern Iowa where he doodled whenever he wasn’t spading thistles or feeding pigs. Everyone knew by his crooked hay rows that he would choose art over farming. Joe earned his BA in art from Dordt University, and later received his M. Ed. in art education. Joe is the illustrator of more than a dozen books, including the Good News for Little Hearts series.

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“Kate and Joe Hox have produced a captivating and colorful mini-biblical theology for Christian families to use for their devotions. Great content and great illustrations about our great Jesus! Every family will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus by using this superb book. Highly recommended.”  
Jonathan Gibson, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia 

“A gorgeous delight. A richly written and visually evocative journey through Scripture like Who Is Jesus? has been long overdue. Kate and Joe Hox have given families a fresh way to enter the Bible, and what a wonderful portal they have made.”  
John Hendrix, Author and Illustrator of The Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Kill Hitler and Miracle Man: The Story of Jesus 

“Parents and church members alike need good resources to nurture children in the Christian faith. I am confident that they will find Kate and Joe Hox’s Who Is Jesus?  to be a great help in carrying out this task. Who Is Jesus  tells the story of the gospel from Genesis to Revelation with elegance and simplicity, keeping the focus always upon Christ. It also shows the story with illustrations that capture well the rich imagery and symbolism of the Bible’s story of redemption. A wonderful new addition to the genre of children’s Bible story books!” 
Cornelis P. Venema, President, Mid-America Reformed Seminary 

“The perfect little Lent book to use with your kids every year. Kate Hox breaks the big stories down into little person language while still being fiercely biblical. She brings solid theology to every story and shows how the entirety of Scripture—from beginning to end—all points to Jesus. Perfect for your little theologian or little apologist!” 
Hillary Morgan Ferrer, President, Mama Bear Apologetics; author/editor of Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies 

“Beautifully illustrated and theologically sound, this is a book my kids and I will treasure!” 
Jordan Raynor, National bestselling author of Called to Create 

“Through striking illustrations and engaging reflections, Who Is Jesus?  walks through forty favorite Bible stories and how they point to Christ. Each day includes a reading that is strongly rooted in Scripture, as well as reflection questions that can flexibly adapt to kids’ different levels of understanding. Kate and Joe created more than a beautiful devotional book—this is a valuable resource to help families worship together. I can’t wait to see how God uses Who Is Jesus?  to disciple children everywhere, including my own!” 
Kendra Broekhuis, Author of Here Goes Nothing: An Introvert’s Reckless Attempt to Love Her Neighbor 

“In my eighteen years as a theology professor, I learned how challenging it is to describe adequately the rich biblical testimony and the wonder of who Jesus Christ is and the wondrous significance of what he has accomplished for this precious world that God loves. That's why I'm astounded by the beauty and depth of Kate Hox's meditations for children, Who Is Jesus?  These meditations are age-appropriate and yet they stubbornly and poetically refuse to ‘dumb down’ the biblical witness to the majesty of Jesus. Her work celebrates the unity of Scripture and the primacy of Jesus; it reads to me like an extended reflection on one of the most powerful Jesus songs in the entire Bible: Colossians 1: 15–20, which boldly names the supremacy of Jesus over all. Thank you, Kate!  I wish I had this resource thirty years ago for our family devotions at the dinner table.” 
Syd Hielema, Former Professor of Theology, Dordt University 

“Every Christian parent’s deepest desire is to help their child see the Lord Jesus. This fascinating book takes your family on a walk to Emmaus, showing them ‘beginning with Moses and all the Prophets’ how all the Scriptures reveal the beauty and glory of our Savior. Take up and read!” 
Matthew Westerholm, Associate Professor of Church Music and Worship, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville 

“In over twelve years of doing family devotions, Who Is Jesus?  has been the richest material our family has used while still being understandable to children. This devotional goes much deeper than simply reading New Testament stories about Jesus and presenting moral lessons. Rather, our family was blessed to take a deeper look at how Jesus’s words and works may have been understood by the Hebrew mind in the light of the Old Testament. This devotional is filled with biblical and theological truth presented to children in a way that gives them a sense of the fullness of Scripture!” 
Steve Runner, MA Theological Studies, PsyD Clinical Psychology, Wheaton College 

“I have searched high and low for a family devotional that is faithful to Scripture, theologically rich, and understandable for all ages. I have found such a devotional in Who Is Jesus?  This book highlights the presence of Christ throughout the history of redemption, from creation in Genesis to the restoration pictured in Revelation. The structure and content of some family devotionals seem to present Bible narratives as distinct and unrelated stories about God and man or simply as moral tales. But the central thread that runs throughout the Bible is Christ himself, and Who Is Jesus? clearly highlights central facets of Christ’s person and work as shadowed in the promises, prophecies, and patterns of the Old Testament or revealed in the New Testament. More than anything else in our personal worship, I want my family to see the beauty of Christ at every turn in Scripture, and Who Is Jesus? has helped us to do that.  It is my sincere hope that many more families will benefit from this book as we have.” 
Lindsay Fikkert, M.A. Biblical Studies, Psy.D., Reformed Theological Seminary 

In Who Is Jesus?, Kate Hox does a wonderful job of showing just how limitless the facets of Christ are, through descriptive stories, reflective questions and biblical reference. Each day’s reading is adorned with Joe Hox’s beautiful wood-cut styled illustrations. Each big, beautiful illustration opens up the imagination of the reader to see the accompanied text in a brilliant light. This beautiful devotional will clearly offer readers many ways of seeing who Jesus has been, who he is, and who he will be in every aspect of our daily lives."
Joe Sutphin, Illustrator of The Wingfeather Saga and Little Pilgrim's Progress

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18 Reviews

  • 5
    Truth for all generations!

    Posted by Kim Bandstra on 03 07 2022

    Kate and Joe have created a keepsake book that beautifully speaks the truth of Jesus. What a meaningful way to focus devotions during Lent! This book is a gift worth sending to my adult daughters and reading as part of my own devotions. We all need to be reminded of the powerful truths of Jesus from Scripture!

  • 5
    Great for all ages

    Posted by Sunbonnet mom on 03 02 2022

    This book is a wonderful addition to any family devotion library. It is clear and understandable for all ages. It has been a great discussion starter. Even my teens enjoy seeing the picture for each day. The author shows Jesus through many Bible stories in a very clear way. I highly recommend this book for families of all ages.

  • 5
    Will be perfect for lent

    Posted by Jentri on 03 02 2022

    I’m so excited to use this book for lent. The content is engaging. The questions will fit a wide range of ages!

  • 5

    Posted by Jentri Van Wyngarden on 03 01 2022

    The pictures are fun! The content is engaging and the questions fit a wide range of age groups! I am so excited to go through this book with my kids for lent. Also excited for the website to launch with even more resources to enhance our devotional time!

  • 5
    Perfect for Lent and Family Worship

    Posted by Jennifer on 03 01 2022

    Beautiful book that is outstandingly written! This book has so many positives but here are a few of my favorites! I love that this book weaves the entire Bible back to Jesus! Each day is written in a simple, easy to understand format reflecting on many deep truths of Jesus. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful! I really enjoy that the author chose to include scripture references each day for further study. I also appreciate the questions listed at the end of each day to further discuss as a family and think more deeply. I have been wanting to be more intentional with my kids during Lent and this is a perfect book to do that! There are even free pintables and a worship song list on the author's website to correlate with each day! I love the book's diversity in that my kids from ages 3-11 will all benefit from listening to this book. I definitely recommend this resource as a great way to start incorporating family worship into your family's routine and becoming more intentional at Lent!

  • 5
    Who Is Jesus Devotional

    Posted by Amber Palmer on 02 23 2022

    This is such an outstanding book! There's a lot to love about it, but here are my Top 3: 1. It helped me see more clearly how Jesus is woven through the entirety of Scripture. I know that everything in Scripture points to our Savior, and I love seeing this come to life in ways I don't always think about. 2. I am not a fan of pictures/images of Jesus, and almost every Bible storybook/devotional has ample depictions of Jesus. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate a devotional about Jesus that's not filled with images of Jesus! This probably isn't a concern to a lot of people, but this is a gift to those who prefer to avoid images of Jesus. 3. I love having the key verse written out at the beginning of every devotional. What a perfect memory verse opportunity! Bonus thing I love about it: there's a list of corresponding songs at the end for every devotional! I think that's a wonderful idea and so great for families who enjoy singing together. Definitely recommend this book for families, church or school libraries, and Sunday School classes!

  • 5
    Personal and Family Devotional

    Posted by Emily Trytek on 02 22 2022

    I’ve quite enjoyed the simple story telling that shares what God has done throughout the Bible and how it all connects to Christ. Simple, short, well thought stories share how Christ is shown to the Covenant families and Israelites and beyond. Great for sharing the information with your kids or just to get a simple grasp for adults. The art and lay out are phenomenal as well! Nothing distracting or obnoxious in the ink print style illustrations. There’s just enough detail to keep the stories straight but a beautiful minimalist images to keep the stories central to the conversation. And finally, the questions at the end of each story! There are some that help kids understand and remember what they just heard/read. And some that make for some deeper thought. It’s great to engage any age kids to adults in a constructive conversation for faith building and growing. I think this would be a great resource for any family looking for a tool to grow with the kids and build a gospel foundation as a family unit. I also think it’d be a great addition to a Sunday School story time curriculum. I have found that I’ve been challenged to think a bit more with things and would certainly suggest adding this to your bookshelf in time for the up coming Lent and Easter season!

  • 5
    Seeing and Meeting Jesus

    Posted by Aaron on 01 17 2022

    How can you introduce your children to Jesus? In Who Is Jesus? Kate Hox presents 40 pictures to help you share Jesus with your family. Exciting and Insightful With bold illustrations, this book will help get your kids curious about discovering who Jesus is and what he came to do. By opening with Jesus Is the Firstborn Over All Creation, the book shares Colossians 1:15–17 with a short devotion and reflection questions. The rest of the book follows this pattern, and it is exciting and insightful. What I most appreciated were the theological truths that your kids will uncover. Day 28 shows that Jesus is the Light of the World. While John 8:12 is the main text, the book recalls the four giant pillars in the temple, with four branches that came out like a lampstand. By recounting Jesus’ interactions with the Jews, the book brilliantly shows how Jesus fulfills The Feast of Tabernacles. Christ Throughout the Bible The illustrations by Joe Hox will capture the imagination of your children. And the chapters by Kate Hox draw your attention to different allusions and pictures of Christ throughout the Bible: Jesus Is the Ark and the Door, Jesus Is the Passover Lamb, and Jesus Is the Rock Moses Struck are some of my favorites. This book is perfect for family devotions, as answers to reflection questions and suggested songs are included at the back of the book. In fact, the reflection questions will prompt you to further study, allowing you to go deeper into God’s Word. I can also easily see this being used in Sunday School, discipleship, or for simply enjoyable devotional reading. Seeing and Meeting Jesus The book ends by revealing that Jesus is the Bridegroom, with Revelation 19:7 as the key verse. The wedding feast is the perfect way to celebrate all that was learned before in the book while also looking forward to seeing Jesus face-to-face. This book will help your children meet him now. I received a media copy of Who Is Jesus? and this is my honest review.

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