A Small Book about Why We Hide: How Jesus Rescues Us from Insecurity, Regret, Failure, and Shame

Edward T. Welch
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As humans, we are prone to insecurities, fear of failure, and regrets which we try to hide and cover up, resulting in isolation from both those around us and God. Through fifty devotionals, counselor Edward T. Welch shows us how God speaks with gentleness, depth, and hope that will lead us out of hiding and to live more openly, authentic, and regret-free.

Welch speaks to our struggles with shame, disappointments, and inadequacy with God's words of love and change. Welch shows us how we were created to be known by God and others, and how hiding undermines these relationships. Each daily devotional focuses on a specific biblical truth that unpacks the reasons underlying our feelings of failure and weakness and then points us in the direction of turning to God for acceptance, identity, and security.

Sometimes we hide because of our own failures and weakness, and sometimes we hide because of what others have done and said to us, but in either case, we can be free from shame because of the work of Christ on the cross. Jesus took our shame on himself, so we can trust that now we are valued children of God.

Through a closer examination of Scripture, we can be assured God will meet us in the insecurities of daily life. We can find true security in his love and live freely and honestly with others.


Edward T. Welch, MDiv, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and faculty member at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF). He earned a PhD in counseling (neuropsychology) from the University of Utah and has a master's of divinity from Biblical Theological Seminary. Ed has been counseling for nearly forty years and has written extensively on the topics of depression, fear, and addictions. His biblical counseling books include Shame Interrupted, When People Are Big and God Is Small, Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest, A Small Book about a Big Problem: Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace, A Small Book for the Anxious Heart: Meditations on Fear, Worry, and Trust, and A Small Book about Why We Hide: How Jesus Rescues Us from Insecurity, Regret, Failure, and Shame.

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"There are few people I trust more than Ed Welch to help me navigate issues of shame and insecurity. In this brief but rich book, Ed points us to the full breadth of how Scripture speaks into our struggles and welcomes us out of hiding. You won't find platitudes of self-empowerment here, but you will find true hope and acceptance by a Savior who has a unique love for those who tend to hide and be ashamed."
Jonathan D. Holmes, Pastor of Counseling, Parkside Church; executive director, Fieldstone Counseling

"Ed Welch's new book, A Small Book about Why We Hide, is a huge encouragement for those, like me, wanting greater freedom from insecurity, regret, failure, and shame. In fifty brief meditations, Ed helps us understand how the gospel puts an end to our posing and pretending. Jesus, the one who knows us the best, loves us the most. He didn't just take our guilt; he bore our shame. The more alive we are to the love and loveliness of Jesus, the less we hide and the freer we become, the greater our joy, and the quicker our repentance. Being present starts meaning more to us than being impressive. Who doesn't want more of that?"
Scotty Ward Smith, Pastor Emeritus, Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN; teacher-in-residence, West End Community Church, Nashville, TN

"Insecurity, failure, shame, and hiding from God and people—these are not small troubles. They haunt us. Every day. Praise God for a devotional book that delivers gospel truth for every day. In Christ, God pursues, forgives, and covers us. He does even more. Ed Welch invites us to trust and follow the One who removes every reason to hide."
John Henderson, Pastor and professor

"We are all tempted to hide. Ed Welch tenderly uses both story and Scripture to invite us to live differently—as people who are known and deeply loved by God. He does so masterfully. Sweet truths and probing questions encourage us to see more of God's relentless love and less of ourselves. Each page in A Small Book About Why We Hide overflows with irresistible and life-changing truths."
Darby A Strickland, Faculty and counselor, CCEF; author of Is it Abuse?

"Ed Welch has a unique way of writing that makes us feel at ease being transparent with God and with others. This book is no different. It makes us want to draw near to the heart of Jesus, to throw ourselves into his arms, and to stop hiding from him. In this book, we discover the affection that Jesus has for us. It helps us leave behind the surface-level image that we have of ourselves, to face our intimate interior thoughts, and share them sincerely and honestly with God for our benefit and for the good of those around us."
Francois Turcotte, President, SEMBEQ

"Ed has written many good books, but it's his writing on shame that people read through tears. It touches deep, onto nagging insecurities: I know Jesus died for my sins, but why do I feel like an imposter at work and a disappointment at home? Ed invites us to entrust our 'fragile inner worlds' to God for safekeeping. We find that it's ok to be ordinary and imperfect, and that we really can be both known and loved."
Michael Gembola, Executive Director, Blue Ridge Christian Counseling; author of After an Affair: Pursuing Restoration

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6 Reviews

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Erin on 05 23 2022

    I love the Moby Dick and Garden intro...I have been highlighting like crazy!

  • 5
    I am only 4 days into this little book and I have already struck gold with each day's reading. I plan on ordering these as gifts. This book is like sitting down and talking to a very wise, loving friend who leads you to the love and compassion of C

    Posted by Tina Brockman on 04 27 2022

    Love this book and have already been ministered to through it. I have shared quotes from it with friends and they too have been comforted and encouraged. Excellent!

  • 4
    My Thoughts

    Posted by Annette Kristynik on 11 02 2021

    My Thoughts: Several reasons why I love, A Small Book About Why We Hide. 1. The book is divided not by chapters per se but days. There are 50 days in the book. 2. I love this line in the intro or “Start Here” section: “But we wonder if we need something else to speak to the hidden parts of our lives-the fears, shame, regret, and failures.” And in a follow up statement about anxiety and shame, “God aims to replace it with a settled confidence.” 3. I love how the book encourages us to speak to God honestly about our fears. 4. From Day 2. Women and men experience anxiety and insecurities differently. For women it can look like fear or shame. For men it can look like anger. This is interesting to me! And it is eye-opening 5. From Day 7. Another eye-opening teaching is when we are honest with God we are “less terrified to be seen by other people.” 6. Throughout the book two things kept resonating: honesty before God and turning towards Him. 7. Day 15 is about the desire to be perfect and pleasing. We are actually trying to “measure up to people’s standards. These rules are not necessarily bad, but they are not Gods.” I struggle with this. 8. Subtopics discussed in the book: hiding our selves from others, weakness, rejection, shame, regrets, living out our purpose from God, writing out a confession, and humility. 9. A Small Book About Why We Hide is easy to understand and apply. It is straight-forward. It has solid helpful techniques. Format: E-book. Source: I received a complimentary e-book copy from New Growth Press. I am not required to write a positive review. Audience: Christian readers who want to read about help for anxiety. Rating: Very good.

  • 5
    Want to be free or help others to find freedom?

    Posted by Reyna Orozco Meraz on 10 18 2021

    I can assure you this, probably when you read this: "insecurity, regret, failure, and shame" you may think about other people who you think may benefit from this book, you may think about family, friends or people you are counseling. BUT I´m sure that if you read it, you will find some areas to grow. This book is not divided into chapters, but into 50 devotionals. It is easy to read at fast peace, but I think you will benefit more if you start and ponder. If you are a person who has suffered from abuse (any kind) or trauma, you will find this helpful. If you are cold and strong and get desperate with people who are not type A, outgoing, and secure you will also find this useful, because you may try to understand and have empathy with the people you love and are like that. I really enjoy Ed Welch's books, they are clear, easy to read and useful, practical. Love the Response part at the end of each devotion. If you don´t like some days, keep reading, and I´m sure you will find other treasures ahead. If you want to grow in your identity in Christ, and silence the ugly inner voices who haunt you, this book will be helpful.

  • 5
    Small book about why we hide

    Posted by Mike Paisley on 10 11 2021

    This book has helped me to reflect on why I choose to hold back on what I share with others. It has been deeply personal and helpful. Today I read day 10. It was helpful to see where I can easily misplace my love for God and that can make a mess of my relationships. Thanks for this book!

  • 4
    Insights into healing insecurities, regrets, fear

    Posted by Joan Nienhuis on 09 27 2021

    Welch provides 50 devotions that are thoughtful reflections on biblical truths. I like the idea of reading one devotion a day or even one a week. Welch reminds us that turning to God for our identity and acceptance is not something automatic. We need to practice and the format of this book helps us do that. Welch concentrates on our letting Scripture reshape our life. He provides practical suggestions, such as how to talk to God, confess to Him, and listen for words of life. I found a few of surprises in these devotional readings. Welch writes that the difficulties we have with other people in our relationships are typically found in our relationship with the Lord. (21) That made me stop and think! Welch also has a lesson on learning to fail well. He encourages us to embrace Jesus' compassion, turning to Him, helping us deal with perfectionism. This is a book that should be read slowly with thoughtful reflection. None of us is immune to insecurities, fear and regrets. This book gives us the tools to take our struggles to the truth of Scripture, knowing we will find healing for deep issues. God created us to be open and honest with Him and others and this book will help us move along to that place. I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.

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