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What's Included: 

  • Child Proof
  • Safeguards
  • Show Them Jesus

Child Proof

As a freedom-over-formula parenting book for moms, dads, and caregivers of all ages, Child Proof provides biblical insight and encouragement for readers who want to parent by faith. As an experienced counselor of children and families and an adoptive and foster mom applying the CCEF model of biblical change, Julie Lowe uses Scripture and biblical wisdom to teach caregivers how to know their children and specifically love them with the love of Christ. 


Because children are vulnerable, they need to be protected. After more than two decades as a family counselor, Julie Lowe has seen how important it is to help parents and caregivers think wisely and biblically about the dangers children face. Instead of living in fear or denial, parents and caregivers can equip children to assess people and situations and model for them how to live by faith in a world where evil exists.

Show Them Jesus

Show Them Jesus is an instruction manual for teachers written by a lay Bible teacher with 30 years’ experience. With a simple framework and lots of real-life examples, Klumpenhower’s book helps teachers to identify and communicate the heart of the gospel in each lesson. Show Them Jesus’s how-to approach will complement and enrich existing lessons or teaching materials and help teachers to make the most of every moment in the classroom. Appropriate for teachers of children and teens in any setting. 

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