Between Us Guys: Life-Changing Conversations for Dads & Sons (eBook)

Joel Fitzpatrick
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This easy-to-use, life-changing book for fathers and sons gives readers the tools to have important conversations with boys about life, faith, and being a man. With a conversational and captivating tone, fathers and other caregivers are guided into having gospel-focused conversations with boys ages six to ten about a wide range of topics from social justice and friendships to money, anger, and more.

Dads are given an incredible opportunity to be one of the primary influences in their children’s lives for the gospel. By inviting conversations in every arena of life, fathers pass down the message of Christ to the next generation. As a youth and family pastor and father to a young boy who’s entered into many of these conversations, Joel Fitzpatrick knows it’s important not to shy away from difficult subjects.

But he also knows dads and other caregivers need help in how to have intentional conversations with boys about God, themselves, and what difference knowing the gospel makes to their everyday life. Fitzpatrick invites fathers to share with their sons how the gospel shapes all aspects of life, including how they treat women, people from other ethnic groups, and much more. Specific, practical help is given to dads through suggested activities, God’s Word, and insightful questions.

In a world where television, the internet, social media, and gaming culture have taken away from quality time spent between fathers and sons, Between Us Guys urges readers to lean in to important conversations with the grace and knowledge of Christ.


Joel Fitzpatrick has served as an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America with a focus on youth and family. He received his MDiv from Westminster Seminary California. Joel lives in Southern California with his wife of nearly twenty years and their two children. He is the coauthor of Mom, Dad . . . What’s Sex? and contributed chapters to The Sinner and Saints Devotional: 60 Days in the Psalms.

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“Joel Fitzpatrick wants to help boys grow up to be passionate, spiritual men. But he knows that simply learning a list of godly character traits is not the key to manliness. Between Us Guys makes clear that what sons need most is to know and love the God who became a man to save them. I’m really excited to recommend this devotional for dads of boys in our church.” 

Jared Kennedy, Pastor of Operations and Families at Sojourn Church Midtown, Louisville, KY; author of The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible 

“William Butler Yeats, in his 1929 poem Coole Park, used these words to describe a particular man: ‘There one that ruffled in a manly pose, For all his timid heart.’ Everywhere we turn today, the fallout of ‘ruffling men’ is hard to ignore. Men are ‘ruffling’ and ‘posing’ because, deep down, they have no clue who they are. Within the heart of every man is the question, ‘Do I have what it takes?’ and, for most men, this question has never come close to being answered. Ideally, fathers help sons answer this question, but the fathers of most men are still looking for the answer themselves. Between Us Guys: Life-Changing Conversations for Dads and Sons is a book that is transformative for fathers and sons because it helps both answer the ‘Do I have what it takes?’ question. This book calls dads and sons into the true fellowship of manhood where ruffling and posing are no longer necessary.” 

Tray Lovvorn, Podcast Host, speaker, and cofounder of Undone Redone, Inc. 

“Life is hectic. Distractions abound. Meaningful conversations don’t just happen. Thankfully, Joel Fitzpatrick not only encourages fathers and father figures to cut through the clutter of daily life and engage their sons in real conversations, but he also equips them to do it. These fast-paced, engaging devotionals help dads point their sons to Jesus. As a pastor and father of three sons, I could not be more grateful.” 

Kevin Labby, Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Presbyterian Church, Winter Springs, FL 

“‘So be strong, act like a man’ (1 Kings 2:2). In our age the words of King David while on his deathbed to his son Solomon would be considered offensive. In this work, Joel realizes that sad reality and treats the subject of ‘what is a man’ with the utmost of care while never backing down on what a man really is. His little work teaches men to talk to their sons, telling them that a man is a broken person who looks to Christ as their only hope for salvation while trying to live their vocations by serving their neighbors in love, freely. If you are a father with sons, don’t miss out on this invaluable resource.” 

Scott L. Keith, Executive Director, 1517 The Legacy Project; author of Being Dad: Father as a Picture of God’s Grace 

“Some the most life-shaping moments of my life were spent one on one with my father. This wonderful book brought me right back to those conversations. It’s not just a book about ‘the sex talk’ that fathers dread. It’s a book about talking to your son as a fellow guy. It’s about having conversations that will never leave him. It’s about pointing boys to Christ in everything. I highly recommend it.” 

Daniel Emery Price, Director of Christ Hold Fast; author of Scandalous Stories: A Sort of Commentary on Parables 

“Here’s a book for each of us dads who has found it hard to start those most important conversations we want to have with our boys. Joel not only knows how to get us talking, he reminds us what is most important—and that’s Jesus.” 

Jack Klumpenhower, Author of Show Them Jesus 

“When it comes to dads building a close relationship with their sons, sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start. Between Us Guys is a valuable means for connecting fathers and sons. It provides both the substance and easy avenues for fathers and sons to have meaningful conversations. I believe that any father who reads through Between Us Guys with his sons will grow closer to them and their God.” 

Cameron Cole, Director of Children, Youth, and Family, The Cathedral Church of the Advent; founding chairman of Rooted Ministry; coeditor of Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry: A Practical Guide; and author of Therefore I Have Hope: 12 Truths That Comfort, Sustain, and Redeem in Tragedy 

“Attention Dads! In your hand is a tool that will guide you into a deeper relationship with your son and draw both of you into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Between Us Guys is filled with stimulating thoughts from Scripture on many rhythms of life (work, play, money, sex, . . . even failure!), which then tee up dads for great talks with their sons. If you’re looking for something fresh, practical, and gospel-saturated, something that includes solid discussion questions and helpful activities—buy this book and start making memories with your boy!” 

Dave Harvey, President, Sojourn Network; teaching pastor at Summit Church, Naples; founder and author of Am I Called?

“Since I’m neither a dad nor a son (obviously!), you might be wondering why I’d endorse a book like this. It’s because I know the author very well. In fact, I’ve known him well since the day he was born. I’ve watched him grow up, marry, have children, and become a pastor. And I’ve watched him parent his son and his daughter, and I love the way he loves them. He’s qualified to write this book for you because he lives this kind of life with his son every day. So, moms, pick this up as a gift for your husbands. Dads, pick this up as a starting place for meaningful conversations with your sons. I know this author. He’s the real deal.” 

Elyse Fitzpatrick, Author of Give Them Grace 

“Honest. Insightful. Christ-centered. Those words sum up well this splendid gem of a book by Joel Fitzpatrick. Drawing on his own experience as a dad, he leads us into wise and critical conversations to have with our sons. My own son is now eighteen. I wish I’d had this book early in his life as a guide on our own journey together.” 

Chad Bird, Author and speaker 

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