Affiliate Program

Do you, your church, or your ministry have a website or blog? If so, that means you can register to be an affiliate of New Growth Press!

What does it mean to be an affiliate? It simply means that you can earn money for recommending our books. By joining our affiliate program, you can earn 6% back on any purchase made on that is linked through your website or social media post. All you have to do is recommend a product and share a link! 

How does it work? Simply sign up for an account by registering here. Once you set up an account, you will have a code that will be added to the end of any link from our website. On the homepage of your Affiliatly account there is a link generator to help you create a link to any product of your choice. That link is tracked so that when a purchase is made, your account will be credited. The more you share, the more the link is clicked. And the more that visitors from your site purchase, the more you earn! Once you reach $100 in earnings, you will receive a payment via PayPal. 

Here are just a few examples of ways you can make recommendations:

  • A counseling practice has a website with a recommended reading section that includes a selection of our minibooks. By linking to the minibooks on our site, the counseling practice receives a commission for each purchase.
  • A church is doing a small group or church wide study. They include a link on their website so everyone can get a copy of the book.
  • A blogger posts a review of our new book on their blog, linking to our website. When they share their post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, they include the same link, and the potential for earnings multiply.
  • An author showcases his or her books on their author website. When including links to purchase, they link to using their affiliate link. 
  • Add a banner or badge to your website linked to ours so visitors can click to shop. 

What’s great is that even if a visitor clicks on your link to one specific book, even if they shop around our website for other products, you will get credit for the total of any purchase.