Coop Learns He Can: The Wheelies

Sarah Reju
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Coming Soon. Releases March 3, 2025


In Coop Learns He Can, the youngest member of the Wheelie family learns that he is fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

Coop dreams of doing big, important things like his older siblings do. He is excited to go off-roading with Joy, a Jeep, but as a MINI-Cooper, he can’t keep up. Coop becomes sad that he isn’t built to climb rocks and fling mud like his sister and wonders if the Bible verse they had been memorizing about being fearfully and wonderfully made applies to him. When Joy gets stuck and needs her brother’s speed and agility to rescue her, Coop realizes that God did give him special talents of his own.

The third book in The Wheelies series, written by Sarah Reju and illustrated by Tania Rex, Coop Learns He Can will show children ages 3–8 that God made each person unique and special with their own purpose.

  • Children will learn that God made them just as they are and to trust that God knew exactly what he was doing.
  • Children will be captivated by a fun story about a family of cars and trucks.
  • Special section for parents provides points for further conversations about embracing our strengths and weaknesses.


Sarah Reju, MDiv, is a pastor’s wife and mother. She is the author of Jesus Saves, God Is Better Than Trucks, God Is Better Than Princesses, and The Wheelies series. Sarah and her husband, Deepak, have five children. 


Tania Rex was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. She’s happiest when she can take an idea and turn it into a picture. Experimenting with styles and drawing is how she spends most of her spare time. Tania draws inspiration from little everyday miracles, aiming to point audience attention to the ever-present magic of real life. 

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