A Wondrous Mystery (5-Pack)

Charles H. Spurgeon; Edited by Geoffrey Chang
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Be filled with the wonder of Christmas with thirty days of devotionals from the sermons of Charles H. Spurgeon, reminding us of the incarnation to be marveled at all year round.

Spurgeon was considered by many to be the greatest preacher of his generation and lived during the nineteenth-century revival of the celebration of Christmas in America and England. He loved Christmas and welcomed the holiday season as an opportunity for rest and being reunited with friends and family.

How can Christians properly celebrate Christmas today? Certainly, Christmas trees, gift-giving, family reunions, and many other customs can all be joyful traditions of the season. But Spurgeon would say that the primary way to celebrate Christmas is by faith in the incarnate, crucified, and risen Savior. That's why A Wondrous Mystery exists: amid a busy holiday season, it is meant to be a daily reminder of why we celebrate—that "the Infinite has become an infant" and "the joy of his coming is still in our hearts."

  • Thirty daily devotions to help keep your heart focused on Christ in the busy holiday season.
  • First book in the Old Made New series, making the teaching of theologians and pastors who have left us a rich heritage of faith accessible for modern-day readers.
  • Compiled by Geoffrey Chang, curator of the Spurgeon Library at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Charles H. Spurgeon (1834–1892) was the pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, for thirty-eight years, and his ministry exploded, resulting in the largest evangelical congregation of his day and the founding of 66 parachurch ministries, including a college and orphanage. He is widely regarded as one of the nineteenth century's best preachers, and his sermons have been translated into over forty languages.

Geoffrey Chang, MDiv, PhD, serves as Assistant Professor of Historical Theology and the curator of the Spurgeon Library at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also the Book Review Editor for History and Historical Theology at Themelios (The Gospel Coalition) and is the author of many articles and books, as well as the editor of A Wondrous Mystery. He is married to Stephanie, and they have three children.

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"No preacher of God's Word speaks to me more powerfully than Charles Spurgeon. His are the words of an old friend, though sadly many of my other friends don't yet know him. Many thanks to Geoff Chang for giving us Spurgeon's rich insights into Christ's incarnation."
Randy Alcorn, Author of Heaven, We Shall See God, and Grieving with Hope

"While some mines quickly exhaust their stores of precious metals, others keep giving forever. And so too do the works of Charles Spurgeon. This book is a collection of treasures that will bless you this Christmas or any Christmas."
Tim Challies, Pastor; speaker; author of Seasons of Sorrow

"A Wondrous Mystery contains pure gold from Spurgeon's treasury of teaching on the incarnation. Far from being an opponent of Christmas celebrations, Spurgeon joined them. Though opposing religious superstition, he championed the Christmas holiday. This volume by Geoff Chang will delight you, deepen your theology of Christmas, and be a helpful tool for family worship."
Ray Rhodes Jr., Author of Susie: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon and Yours, till Heaven: The Untold Love Story of Charles and Susie Spurgeon

"In A Wondrous Mystery, Geoff Chang has collected Spurgeon's Christmas sermons to help us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. I can think of no better way to respond to the busyness of Christmas than to slow down and meditate on the glories of the incarnation."
Juan R. Sanchez, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, TX; coauthor of Reaching Your Child's Heart

"Spurgeon's captivation with Christ bubbles over as he dwells upon the incarnation. Combining deep thought and deep delight, his studies of the Son of God taking our nature settle our faith and stir our love. These sweet extracts, judiciously chosen and helpfully introduced, reveal and stimulate reverence and joy rooted in the wonder of Immanuel—God with us."
Jeremy Walker, Pastor, Maidenbower Baptist Church, Crawley, UK; speaker; author; From the Heart of Spurgeon podcast host

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