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Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students

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Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students gives teenagers and young adults a biblical, gospel-centered framework to understand sexual issues. In a changing culture where feelings about our identity inform our sexual choices, this ten-week small group resource from Harvest USA applies biblical truth in a compassionate way to sexual struggles.

Cooper Pinson, with years of experience working with students, aims to bring the theological truths of our union and communion with Christ into the world of sexuality. Students are met where they are and encouraged to talk about the issues that are part of their everyday world. At the same time, Pinson guides them to learn robust, deep, and strengthening theological content that will help them follow Jesus in how they express their sexuality.

Out of this framework, topics addressed include God's good design for sexuality, gender-related issues, singleness, dating, marriage, masturbation, pornography, and same-sex attraction, among others. Students are shepherded to understand their sexuality in light of who Jesus is and to approach these issues with truth, faith, and compassion.


Cooper Pinson, MDiv, speaks to and helps create resources for those who work with students, including Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students and Helping Students with Same-Sex Attraction. Having volunteered, interned, and been on staff in the world of youth ministry, he has a passion for helping students follow Jesus, particularly in the area of sexuality. Cooper and his wife, Katie, have two, beautiful daughters.

Harvest USA is a non-profit that has been ministering to individuals and families affected by sexual struggles since 1983. With over 100 years of combined direct ministry experience, Harvest USA staff also seek to equip the Church with their writing and teaching on biblical sexuality and how to help those who struggle sexually.



"With the culture screaming skewed and destructive sexual guidance into our students' ears around the clock, we must step up and speak God's life-giving message about sex and sexuality into the lives of the kids we know and love. Alive provides much-needed gospel-centered content in a ready-to-use format that enables leaders to speak God's life-giving message about sex and sexuality into students' lives."
Walt Mueller, President, Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

"This book is helpful on many levels: it's both solidly biblical and user-friendly practical; it's pastoral and encouraging without softening the truth; and the topics it covers in chapters 4 through 10 are all ones desperately needing careful reflection from Christians today. I intend to use it with my graduate students this coming fall!"
Kevin Offner, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Director of Grad-Faculty Ministries for Washington, DC area universities

"Confusion over sexual ethics is rife among Christians because of the messages sent by the wider culture—whether the politics of identity, the omnipresence of pornography, or the promotion of promiscuity via the entertainment industry. Therefore, thoughtful teaching on such matters is vital in Christian discipleship. This excellent book provides a solid curriculum, which pastors, youth workers, and small group leaders will find most helpful in guiding people to a clear understanding of biblical teaching."
Carl R. Trueman, Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies, Grove City College

"I highly recommend this new resource! Harvest USA does a great job bringing the conviction of God's Word as well as the compassion of the gospel to bear on the issues of human sexuality. Students will not only be informed, but they will also be better equipped to offer the love of Jesus to friends who may be struggling and need a safe place to ask questions."
Michael A. Hall, Director of Training, Reformed Youth Ministries

"In the shifting sexual landscape of our time where anything goes and 'love wins,' our teenagers have readily accepted this new worldview. But when we, as parents and the church, fail to enter into the conversation, why should we be surprised when their cues come from culture? To that end, Alive is the perfect and necessary resource to help teenagers, parents, and the church evaluate the issues through the framework of God's good design of marriage and sex." 
Kristen Hatton, Author of The Gospel-Centered Life for Students in ExodusFace Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World, and Get Your Story Straight

"Talking about sexuality can be a daunting task, but Alive is an amazing study for students that clearly defines gospel sexuality by providing theologically rich teaching, practical insight, and discussion-oriented lessons. We live in a world that is constantly telling students that God is keeping them from something great, and we must show them that God is actually preserving them for something greater. This is a must-use curriculum for every student ministry!"
Jay Shaw, Youth Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL

"Students today are being bombarded with messages of broken sexuality. As parents and youth workers, we know it is important to share God's perspective, but often do not know where to start. Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students presents a gospel-centered approach to this complex topic. It pushes us to look beyond the 'fruit' of sexual sin to the issues of the heart in a practical and grace-filled way."
Jon Shepherd, Student Ministry Director, Chelten, a Church of Hope, Dresher, PA

"As our culture has cut itself loose from any sense of biblical mooring when it comes to sexuality, Alive steps into the massive gap that our youth are now facing. It unashamedly addresses the relevant issues, and brings students through the Scriptures to understand God's will as well as the heart motivations behind each behavior. The rising generation will be well served by Pinson's biblical and compassionate discipleship."
Ben Falconer, Senior Pastor, Proclamation Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, PA

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11 Reviews

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    Informative for Older Students

    Published by Terra Heck on 09 06 2018

    I have six kids that I've raised to be teens and young adults. I've had my fair share of "the birds and the bees" talk. I'm not embarrassed to discuss sexuality with my kids and am open to listening to them when they want to talk about it. I also want my kids to turn to God for all aspects of their life, including sex. With that said, I'm not blind to the fact that kids usually listen to their peers more than their parents when it comes to sexuality. Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students is a 10-week devotional that explores and studies several topics related to sexuality. Because of its deep extensive content, I'd recommend it for students who are in high school. The book should be used in a small group that is guided by a leader. The book itself is divided into two sections - the Student's Guide and the Leader's Guide. There is no homework to do but there are questions to go over with the group, along with Key Truths and Concepts. Some of the topics covered are marriage, dating, masturbation, and homosexuality. All areas explored are backed by verses and scenarios in the Bible. I think an hour to an hour and a half of time each week is plentiful to cover that week's discussion. This Bible study is a good resource to help older students openly engage and talk about sex - the good, the bad, and the ugly - with fellow believers their age.

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