Ecclesiastes: Life in the Light of Eternity

David Gibson
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What constitutes a meaningful life? We seek fulfillment in success, prosperity, recognition, relationships and even self-sufficiency, but we always seem to come up short. If you feel you are coming up empty in your life and need a bigger vision and greater purpose, this accessible study by David Gibson will show you that all of your hope for meaning lies in getting to know and trust your Creator.

Listening carefully to the wisdom of Ecclesiastes will topple your false hopes in temporary comforts and achievements and steer you toward the unshakable hope you have in Jesus. Life is difficult and faith is a constant challenge, but dismantling your time-bound idols will help you look ahead to a hope-filled eternity and will equip you to live generously, wisely, and happily.

This small group guide includes ten in-depth lessons that include discussion questions, a short article to read, and a practical application section that can be used for one-to-one discipleship, small group, or large group settings.

Ecclesiastes: Life in the Light of Eternity is part of The Gospel-Centered Life in the Bible series published in partnership with Serge. Each book in the series examines how the gospel story is revealed throughout both the Old and New Testaments.


David Gibson, PhD, is the Minister of Trinity Church in Aberdeen, Scotland. He has been married to Angela for twenty years and they are parents to four children. David is the author of Ecclesiastes: Living in Light of Eternity and Living Life Backward: How Ecclesiastes Teaches us to Live in Light of the End.

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"Ecclesiastes is a book for thinkers, and David Gibson's new study on Ecclesiastes will certainly invite you to think. It takes one of the most challenging books of the Bible and divides up its ideas into bite-size pieces, so you can wrestle with the complex challenge of living a brief life in a fallen world under the eye of an all-powerful God."
Iain Duguid, Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary; author of several titles including Jonah: Grace for Sinners and Saints

"This is a deeply considered work that lets the book of Ecclesiastes speak in its own strange voice while never losing sight of the big sweep of the Bible's story. In a refreshing way, it applies the text to life with subtlety, wisdom, and insight, offering engaging and revealing discussion questions along the way. Ecclesiastes is deeply liberating and Gibson offers its freedom."
Kirk Patston, Director of the Centre for Preaching and Pastoral Ministry; lecturer in Old Testament and practical theology, Sydney Missionary and Bible College, Australia

"Nothing is more vital to our intimacy with Christ than spending time with him in his Word. But a lot of Bible studies stop short and only deal with concepts and ideas and never really speak to our hearts. That's why I'm so excited about this series. Each author writes about the unique gospel insights he or she has gained from Scripture and has created a small group study that will help people actually encounter Christ and be changed by the power of his grace. God has used this material powerfully in my life, marriage, and ministry, and that is my prayer for you as well."
Bob Osborne, Executive Director, Serge

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