Saints, Sufferers, and Sinners: Loving Others as God Loves Us

Coming January 25, 2021

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There are many complexities associated with helping another person in ministry. Where does a helper begin? What’s important to notice? How do we even understand ourselves? Is there an overall ministry strategy that’s helpful?

Saints, Sufferers, and Sinners by author and counselor Michael R. Emlet outlines a model of one-another ministry based on how God loves his people. By better understanding God’s love for us first, Emlet helps men and women use Scripture to find foundational categories for understanding and approaching one another, which serve as guideposts for wise ministry.

With this overall ministry framework in mind, we are able to focus on particular aspects of people’s lives and walk with them wisely, moving toward them as God moves toward us. Filled with everyday examples as well as counseling examples, Emlet demonstrates what it looks like to minister to someone who is simultaneously a saint, a sufferer, and a sinner.

This counseling guide provides a balanced overall framework for wisely approaching any person, holding together all three aspects of our experience as Christians. Emlet is also the author of CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet.


Michael R. Emlet, MDiv, MD, practiced as a family physician for over ten years before becoming a counselor and faculty member at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF). He is the author of the books CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet and Descriptions and Prescriptions: A Biblical Perspective on Psychiatric Diagnoses and Medications and the minibooks Asperger Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Angry ChildrenHelp for the Caregiver, and Overeating: When Enough Isn't Enough.

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