Last Words: Seven Sayings from the Heart of Christ on the Cross

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Jesus's words in Scripture capture who he was and what he was about. His last words on the cross, over two thousand years ago, offer gospel hope for our spiritual journeys today.

In this powerful, moving book, author Robert J. Nash explores a fresh perspective on a familiar event, guiding readers into the forgiveness, hope, comfort, and compassion of Christ's words in his final moments on earth.

While pivoting history, Jesus graciously offers encouragement for Christians today and hope for seekers looking for significance in his death. In this glimpse into the heart of Jesus, Nash helps men and women find historical truths about Jesus's love for the church in his death and resurrection.

Last Words includes a reflection section for small groups and a devotional prayer at the end of each chapter to help readers relate to God. For easy reference, men and women can find a Scripture index in the back of the book.

Come and ponder the wisdom of Christ and see for yourself a new view of the cross.


Robert J. Nash, MDiv, serves as a pastor at Sawyer Highlands Church in Southwest Michigan and is the author of Last Words: Seven Sayings from the Heart of Christ on the Cross. He is married with six kids and enjoys teaching, reading, running, and traveling with his family.


“We are fascinated by the last words a person speaks. We ponder them, even dissect them, looking for meaning. Since the church’s earliest days, Christians have pondered the last words the greatest Man ever spoke as a mortal. Here Rob Nash joins this ancient succession of meditation, dissecting the dying words of the divine Son. He shows us that in them is a world of profoundly personal meaning, for Jesus meant them for each of us.”
Jon Bloom, Author; board chair and cofounder of Desiring God Ministries

“Robert J. Nash’s exposition of the last words of Jesus is faithfully and vividly presented, drawing from the other passages of Scripture in order to show their theological implications. These gospel-saturated truths are then helpfully applied to the reader, who is encouraged not only to apply the truth personally but also to share it with others. I heartily recommend this book.”
Jim Newheiser, Director of the Christian Counseling Program and Associate Professor of Practical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC

“I truly enjoyed this fresh look into the last words of Jesus. When you study them deeply, you will see what the Roman soldier who stood at the foot of the cross saw: surely, Jesus is the Son of God! In these last words of Jesus, we see that hanging on the cross was not just a good man, but the God-man who died to pay the price that God demands for the sin and rebellion of humanity. This book is not just for Easter; it is for everyone to read and reread year-round to have your heart and your mind grounded in the awe of the cross. You will never partake of the Lord’s Table the same way again”
Steve Leston, President of To Every Tribe

“I found Last Words by Rob Nash to be full of gospel encouragement. When the world is so full of distractions to the soul and spiritual life, it is refreshing to read and think about what God accomplished on behalf of his people through the death of his Son, Jesus Christ. Last Words makes a great devotional tool as it provides reasons to give thanks and praise to God on almost every page.”
Norm Wakefield, President of Elijah Ministries 

“Pastor Rob Nash offers helpful insights into the background and context of Jesus’s final words. Last Words is a spiritually refreshing treatise for anyone who desires to reflect more deeply on Christ’s experience on the cross.”
Brian Weber, Executive Minister of Converge MidAtlantic

“Other than the Bible itself, Last Words is the most insightful, interesting, compelling, and profound book I’ve ever read about the cross. As I pondered this in-depth exploration of the last statements of Christ, my mind was challenged, my heart was warmed, and my faith was strengthened. Rob Nash has written a biblically precise masterpiece—one that not only brings forth a more thoughtful, thorough understanding of the redemptive work of Jesus, but also encourages God’s pattern for Christian living.”
Ginger Hubbard, Best-selling author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three and I Can’t Believe You Just Said That! 

“I find Last Words an excellent resource for every serious student of Scripture desiring to wrestle with the last words of our Savior. The book is filled with rich truths, deep meditations, and strong practical applications. Be prepared to think deeply and be stretched personally.”
Gary Rohrmayer, President of Converge MidAmerica

“Rob Nash explains that the brief and sometimes cryptic final words of our Lord on the cross unpack profound realities in heaven and on earth. This warm devotional work will take you beyond the surface to explore the depths of the gospel. As you read it, your passion for God will be inflamed, your gratitude deepened, and your worship of our great God and Savior enriched, all to the glory of God.”
Craig Parro, President of Leadership Resources

“This book reads with the immediacy and richness of a film. The seven phrases Jesus gasps out on the cross serve as touch-points for Nash to explore layered flashbacks to Old Testament rituals, Hebrew prophecies, and the Gospel stories. But the real beauty of Nash’s method is this: he personalizes each phrase right down into the nitty-gritty of the reader’s present life. While this book is short enough to read in a single sitting as I did, it is full enough to provide seven weekly meditative chapters leading up to Easter, which is how I intend to read it next!”
J. A. Myhre, Author of The Rwendigo Tales; physician serving with Serge in East Africa

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8 Reviews

  • 5
    Last Words" Seven Sayings from the Heart of Christ on--the cross.

    Published by Connie Porter Saunders on 04 18 2020

    This is a small book, just 96 pages long, but it is packed full of information and inspiration. Author Robert J. Nash has chosen the last words of Jesus and he specifically targets seven sayings that he hopes will challenge our souls. To help deepen our understanding even more, he then focuses on seven specific words from those sayings: Forgive, Today, Behold, Why, Thirst, Finished, and Father. There is a chapter devoted to each of these words and I especially like that in each chapter he shares Bible scripture, ideas for Reflection. and a suggested Prayer. He also offers an Index of Scripture to help readers easily find the many scriptures. It is very apparent that Nash has devoted much research to this project and I consider "Last Words" a wonderful resource. I believe it would be an excellent devotional to use during the week leading up to Easter and very appropriate for both individual or group Bible study. I received a complimentary copy of this book from New Growth Press. There was no obligation for a favorable review and I am voluntarily sharing my honest thoughts.

  • 5

    Published by Laura V. Hilton on 04 04 2020

    LAST WORDS is small, but detailed, devotional Bible study about Jesus' final words on the cross and what they mean. It includes reflection discussion questions that would make it excellent for small groups, and also a prayer. As we ponder what Christ did for us during this time of Lent and the passover and as we approach Easter, LAST WORDS would be an excellent resource to consider. I was given a copy free. All opinions are my own

  • 5

    Published by Michael Smith on 03 30 2020

    I really enjoyed making this book part of my devotional reading leading up to Easter. Although I've read these verses many times over the years, this book gave me new insights on these familiar sayings. Thank you for this outstanding resource, Robert!

  • 3
    Last Words of Christ

    Published by Jill Potts Jones on 03 01 2020

    The most important words we will ever speak are our last. Jesus said seven things as He hung on the cross that summarizes His whole earthly purpose and encourages us on our lifelong journey. He offered forgiveness, encouraged a thief into Heaven, made arrangements for His mother, asked the why question, made statements about His physical condition and entered the presence of God. Each of the seven words/sayings gives us hope and spiritual perception that reveals to us how much God loves us. Robert Nash's short book, "Last Words: Seven Sayings from the Heart of Christ on the Cross", is inspiring and will complement your Easter devotional time. Each chapter ends with reflection questions and prayer making this book an invaluable resource. Many of the reflection questions can be returned to again and again during different seasons of your spiritual journey to encourage you. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from New Growth Press through Audra Jennings PR. I was not required to write a review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

  • 4
    An in-depth exploration of Jesus’ last words.

    Published by SHIRLEY ALARIE on 02 16 2020

    Author Robert J. Nash dissects the seven intentional sayings from Christ on the cross. We're familiar with His last words. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” “Truly I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.” “It is finished.” But what is their context? How do they apply to us today? This is the heart of Last Words. The text is relatively short at 96 pages, including pages of references. But the main goal is to let the power of the words and their intention reach into the reader’s heart. Nash accomplishes this with reflection and prayer at the end of each chapter. Nash brings the reader back to the society and traditions that existed at the time. We learn how Jesus’ words were relevant and meaningful then and still speak to us today. His crucifixion was an astounding sacrifice that changed the course of history and saved us. When we place our mind back in that time, it helps us understand and appreciate it all the more. How this book affected me: Putting myself mentally and emotionally at the foot of the cross is always a humbling and surreal experience. To see and feel the pain that Jesus suffered for my sins is almost too large to grasp. Last Words brought me back there and it’s always a spiritual journey worth taking. Who would enjoy this book: With the narrow focus on the final sayings of Jesus, this book is different than most Christian books. Christians who are solid in their faith and looking to really connect with Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice would enjoy Last Words. Historians might enjoy reading about the circumstances of the time. Christians looking to deepen their faith would be served more by other books. Our Christian Book Reviews: The book reviews at Finding God Among Us focus on Christian books - adult and children, fiction and nonfiction. We're proud to be included in the Top 50 Christian Book Review Bloggers. I chose to read an ARC from New Growth Press. This review is my honest opinion.

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