Jax's Tail Twitches: When You Are Angry

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Everyone gets frustrated when something important to them goes wrong. In Jaxs Tail Twitches, the whole Squirrel family ends up out of sorts when acorn gathering doesn’t go according to plan. Although Papa, Mama, Jax, and Caspian Squirrel all get angry, they also learn about the power of saying sorry, seeking forgiveness, remembering God’s words, and praying together.

Edited by David Powlison, Jaxs Tail Twitches ends with a special section that guides parents in teaching children how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes how we respond when life goes wrong. Also included is a tear-out page of Back Pocket Bible Verses that will help children and adults remember to turn to God for help when they are angry.

A new series of hardback, illustrated children’s books for three-to eight-year-olds—each centered on an animal family—bring gospel help and biblical counsel to families. The animal characters, colorful illustrations, and the real-life issues each animal family face will captivate children.

The first three books address anxiety, anger, and failure bringing biblical help and hope to issues every child faces. The last page of each book contains information for parents on how God, in his Word, helps children apply biblical truth to specific issues. Together children and parents will be guided by the stories into meaningful conversations about living by faith in the details of everyday life.


David Powlison, MDiv, PhD, (1949–2019) was a teacher, counselor, and the executive director of the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF). He wrote many books and minibooks, including Speaking Truth in Love; Seeing with New EyesPower Encounters: Reclaiming Spiritual WarfareThe Biblical Counseling Movement: History and Context; Good and Angry: Redeeming Anger, Irritation, Complaining, and Bitterness; Making All Things New: Restoring Joy to the Sexually Broken; and God’s Grace in Your Suffering. David was also the editor of The Journal of Biblical Counseling. 


Joe Hox was raised on a farm in southern Iowa where he doodled whenever he wasnt spading thistles or feeding pigs. Everyone knew by his crooked hay rows that he would choose art over farming. Joe earned his BA in Art and Education from Dordt College, and his MA from the University of Nebraska. Today he lives with his wife and four children in Pella, Iowa, where he illustrates and teaches art.



"These books are a uniquely different genre from classic children's bedtime reading. They are counseling books to help children. They provide a creative avenue for children to consider how their faith is intimately relevant to their struggles. This is what makes this series of books so significant."
David Powlison, (1949–2019) was Executive Director of CCEF and editor of the Good News for Little Hearts series

"When our children were little, we read to them constantly—and had these books been available, they would have been among the favorites. With the simplicity and engaging charm of the Peter Rabbit stories, yet with the quiet grace of Christian insight, these stories stamp themselves on young minds. Text and pictures support each other tellingly. These books are destined to become favorites for young families." 
D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical School, Deerfield, IL; cofounder of The Gospel Coalition

"I love these books. My daughter Kim who struggles with a disability loves these books. She giggles all the way through them—catching all the subtle humor. I read them to my grandkids. We especially love the drawings. I buy copies for all my grandchildren. What more can I say? They are fun!"
Paul E. Miller, Director of seeJesus; author of A Praying Life and J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life

"So many Christian parents are looking for engaging, age-appropriate ways to help their young children learn what the Bible teaches about everyday struggles and challenging situations. This new book series edited by David Powlison and Ed Welch fits the bill! In the Good News for Little Hearts series, kids will be enthralled by relatable characters, charming illustrations, and gospel-centered lessons. These volumes would make a valuable addition to any family’s library." 
Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

"Failure, anger, anxiety—for too long we have thought that addressing these typical life experiences is only for the 'teenage' or 'adult' years. How refreshing—and wise—to see them being addressed from a gospel-centered perspective for little children. This series, Good News for Little Hearts, has the potential to produce godly perspectives and habits from the earliest years of our children's lives."
Jonny Gibson, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

“For years I wished there were resources that would help equip children to face the many trials and temptations that come in this life rather than waiting till they are neck-deep in the mire before throwing them the lifeline of biblical truth. The Good News for Little Hearts series is an answer to my longing. These books communicate life-changing biblical truths through beautiful illustrations and stories that connect with young hearts in meaningful ways.”
Curtis Solomon, Executive Director, Biblical Counseling Coalition

Jax’s Tail Twitches is a tremendous resource for children and parents who struggle with anger. The endearing illustrations draw children in to a storyline that uncovers both the sin of anger, and our need for forgiveness and reconciliation. The story walks us through what a right response to our anger looks like and provides a great starting point for discussions with your children. Definitely a must-read in our family!”
Deepak and Sarah Reju, Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Washington, DC), Authors of Great Kings of the Bible and God Is Better Than Trucks

“Wow, what a series! Within these books you meet wonderfully relatable characters with feelings and experiences readily identifiable to children of all ages, clever and creative illustrations, excellent questions that will spark meaningful conversations with your child or grandchild, and simple scriptural connections that are easily understood. Can’t wait to recommend them to our kids and read them to our grandkids!”
Dave Harvey, President of Great Commission Collective; founder of; author of When Sinners Say I Do and I Still Do: Growing Closer and Stronger Through Life’s Defining Moment

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Good News for Little Hearts

16 Reviews

  • 5
    An Excellent Children's Book Giving Biblical Counsel and Help for When Are Angry

    Published by Zack Ford on 01 09 2019

    As the father of two young children, I am constantly on the lookout for good children’s books to teach the truths of the Gospel, the Bible, theology, and so forth to my children. Though my children are both under 4 and not yet reading, I am continuing to gather excellent resources to use with them now and in the years to come. Time and time again, I have been impressed with and thankful for the books that New Growth Press is putting out, not only for adults, but for children as well. And their newest series — Good News for Little Hearts — is no exception.

    This new series consists of 3 books, two written by David Powlison and one by Ed Welch. The series is intended for children three to eight years old. Each book centers on an animal family and brings Gospel help and biblical counsel to children and families. Whether the topic is failure, anger, or anxiety, or the animal is a rabbit, a squirrel, or a mouse, each of these books does an incredible job at combining biblical help and hope to issues that every child and family faces with excellent, brightly colored and fun illustrations and engaging prose and story telling. In each story, children are not offered mere moralism and rules to obey, but are offered practical ways to follow Jesus through difficult situations that they face.

    This story introduces us to a squirrel named Jax whose tail twitches when he gets angry. As the squirrel family is preparing to collect acorns for the winter, everyone in the family is on edge and wanting different things. As the story progresses, each member of the family has an outburst of anger for which they must apologize. The father leads the charge, admitting his failure and reminding the family that we all get angry when we don’t get our way or don’t get something that we want. He then leads them, one by one, to confess to one another where they did not get what they wanted that day and ask for forgiveness for their anger.

    Again, every child deals with anger when he or she doesn’t get his or her way. You can see this at a very early age, even in infants, and it only continues throughout the rest of our life. Through this story of Jax’s Tail Twitches, parents are able to help their children understand why it is that they get angry in the first place, how they are to repent and ask forgiveness for that anger, and how they can avoid that anger festering in the future.

    In each of these stories, parents are given the opportunity to have meaningful, important Gospel conversations about important issues in their children’s lives through the help of a fun and engaging story about animals. At the end of the each story is a guide for parents to help your child with the topic at hand. While the story is the engaging part for the child, this guide at the end of each book may be the most helpful part about these resources, as they offer short, helpful recommendations and encouragement to assist parents in engaging in biblical counseling with their children.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend every Christian parent get a copy of each of these three books. There is not a parent out there whose children has not or is not struggling with anger, fear, or failure. These book will be a great help to all parents seeking to help their children deal with these common issues in a Biblical, Christ-centered, Gospel-focused way.

    In accordance with FTC regulations, I would like to thank New Growth Press for providing me a review copy of these books in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • 5
    I am adding new books to my child’s library. Here’s one your child will enjoy, as well.

    Published by Tami on 01 04 2019

    While I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, it is one I would’ve gladly purchased. Here’s why:

    The Good News for Little Hearts series is one of my favorite collections on my son’s bookshelves. I currently have the three books in the series:

    Buster’s Ears Trip Him Up by Edward T. Welch #childrensbook
    Zoe’s Hiding Place by David Powlison #childrensbook
    Jax’s Tail Twitches by David Powlison #childrensbook

    Jax’s story is lengthy, but I kept my son’s attention by taking short breaks. We discussed all he saw in the vivid illustrations and remembered from the story up to that point. Jax’s story is based on a real life issue: anger. Sadly, that is something we are dealing with right now … both in mommy and child.

    The story will encourage your child (and mine, as well) toward a growing relationship with Jesus as he or she faces his or her failures. My child is currently responding in anger. This book has been a great help in helping him to ask for help and have patience instead of responding in anger. Yeah, it’s helping mommy, too. The book provides ways for you, the parent, to have meaning, yet age-appropriate, conversations with your child.

    Tear out Bible verses about anger are included in the back of the book. The book includes Scripture references of various translations.

  • 4
    Models Conflict Resolution Well

    Published by Elizabeth Hankins on 11 08 2018

    At present, there are three volumes in the "Good News for Little Hearts" series which seeks to help kids and parents face anxiety, failure, and anger in a God-honoring way. While these animal stories don't quite have the enduring charm of classics such as the Beatrix Potter books, Little Bear, or Frog and Toad and some conversations between characters seemed to come off a little unnatural (and maybe even a little "preachy") at times, my little ones enjoyed them nonetheless. The volumes are sturdy and full of creative, vibrantly colored illustrations. Each book concludes with Tips for further helping your child and four "Back Pocket Bible Verses" in the New Living Translation that you can cut out and give to your child.

    Buster's Ears Trip Him Up: When You Fail has the clearest Gospel message of the three books, and both it and Jax's Tail Twitches: When You Are Angry mention the need for Jesus' forgiveness. I love that these books clearly point our kids to Christ! As far as articulating biblical counseling material, Jax's Tail Twitches seems to have the most content as it models the proper way to handle conflict: going to God in prayer, taking the log out of one's own eye first, asking forgiveness, and being reconciled. Parents will want to make sure to avail themselves of the parent tips at the end for the clearest Gospel presentation in this work. Buster's Ears Trip Him Up came in close but, in addition to confessing sin to God, parents will likely want to follow the example and parent tips in Jax's Tail Twitches and encourage kids to apologize and reconcile with those who have been hurt by their prideful boasting.

    Altogether, these titles are useful picture books that will serve adults as they seek to minister to children in their lives and help them to better image and glorify their Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Many thanks to New Growth Press for sending me complimentary copies! I was not obligated to write a positive review. These words are my honest opinion!

  • 5
    Teaching kids about Anger

    Published by Amy S. on 10 29 2018

    Everybody has been angry at some time or other and I really liked how this book showed that both adults and children can struggle. This is a story about a squirrel family and their neighbors. The pictures are nice and colorful and they went well with the story. My favorite part of the story was its “meat”. At the end there are some helpful notes in discussing anger with children. Some of the things that really stood out and made an impression on me were:
    -Anger shows that something in our world that matters is not right
    -We are made in God’s image and like God we experience anger- except when He is angry He doesn’t sin
    These and other points are clear and introduce great topics to discuss with your children. I read this book with my eight year old son and he really liked it. He liked how the topic was addressed, how God’s anger is different from ours, the different ways people were angry, the storyline was enjoyable, and the pictures were interesting. He also said it was a good book.
    I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
    Reviewed by Boo and his Mum

  • 5
    Presents a healthy way for kids to process anger!

    Published by Beauty in the Binding on 10 28 2018

    When I asked my daughter (age 6) what she thought of Jax's Tail Twitches: When You Are Angry, she said she liked it when the two squirrel siblings got angry with each other. That happens in our house, so she could relate to that part. I thought it was good that the book also addressed adults being angry. The characters dealt with their anger in a healthy way: reflection, verbalization, prayer, and conflict resolution with their squirrel neighbors. It ends with character lessons learned and reconciliation. I recommend this book to all families as we all experience anger at some point and this is a great resource for teaching your child to deal with it in a healthy way.

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