Freedom from Resentment: Stopping Hurts from Turning Bitter

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Everyone experiences hurt in relationships, but most of the time we are able to forgive and forget. But sometimes we experience a major hurt that lingers in our minds and leads to bitterness. We feel trapped by the resulting hostility, ongoing broken relationships, and inability to move on. Can you escape the sorrow and soul impoverishment that bitterness brings?

Robert D. Jones explains how a relationship with Jesus, a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering, can free you from bitterness. Then he outlines practical ways to live out the gospel in difficult relationships. Healing and freedom is possible, even for long-lasting hurts.


Robert D. Jones, MDiv, DMin, was a pastor for twenty years and now serves as a biblical counseling professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a visiting professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of the book Uprooting Anger; the minibooks Angry at God?ForgivenessBad MemoriesSingle Parents: Daily Grace for the Hardest Job; and Restoring Your Broken Marriage.


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    Borders on self-performance based theology

    Published by Christine on 03 28 2021

    I am a member of the PCA denomination. Halfway through this booklet I thought to myself, “Hmm, your ‘Baptist’ is showing.” After growing up in an Armenian atmosphere, boot strap mentality, I still struggle with sentences like, “...But if we don’t forgive others, God...will be disappointed in us. While he won’t disown us... he will frown upon us.” And this, “... Carla realized that one day she would stand before the Lord for her own sin, including her condemnatory attitude toward her mother-in-law.” While we will all stand before God for judgement for all that we have done, the blood of Jesus saves His people. His blood will speak for us. This “guilt” producing jargon is detrimental and does not accentuate the Gospel. It does not offer “FREEDOM From Resentment.” Yes, we should forgive others, because God said to forgive. Period at the end. For the love of my Savior, I forgive. But only through the strength and power of my Savior. I can do nothing apart from Him. No boot straps required.

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