A Fever, a Flight, and a Fight for the World: The Rwendigo Tales Book Four

by J. A. Myhre

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A Fever, a Flight, and a Fight for the World is a compelling African adventure story that will enthrall eight- to fourteen-year-old youth who love adventure and learning about faraway places. In the exciting fourth and final book in the Rwendigo Tales Series, readers will be inspired by ordinary people who make the extraordinary choice to stand against great evil. Written by J. A. Myhre, a doctor living and working in East Africa, this adventure story teaches readers of all ages important truths about justice, overcoming evil, and the courage to make a difference.

In A Fever, a Flight, and a Fight for the World, A doctor volunteering in a village plagued by a mysterious virus wakes up on a deserted island injured, sick, and near death—with no memory of how he got there. As Dr. Mujuni slowly regains his memory, he pieces together the horrific reality of what happened to the community and learns just how far the government-backed officials will go to silence all knowledge of the epidemic. As a young girl named Nyakato, the only other survivor, nurses him back to health, Dr. Mujuni must devise a plan to make their way back to the mainland, but what they discover on their journey is even more dangerous than they could ever imagine.

Through a series of perils and hazards, Mujuni and Nyakato must fight for more than their own lives, learning the true cost of overcoming evil and greed. Through their adventures, readers will find hope in the midst of great loss, triumph and courage in the midst of death and injustice, and love in the midst of darkness.


J. A. Myhre serves as a doctor with Serge in East Africa where she has worked for over two decades.  She is passionate about health care for the poor, training local doctors and nurses, promoting childhood nutrition and development, and being the hands of Jesus in the hardest places. She is married to her best friend and colleague Scott, and together they have raised four children for whom The Rwendigo Tale Series were written as Christmas presents.  Jennifer is the author of A Chameleon, A Boy, and A QuestA Bird, A Girl, and A Rescue; and A Forest, A Flood, and an Unlikely Star.


“A well-written story grabs your attention from the very start and doesn’t let go. This is Myhre’s best book yet. Read it to your family, and your kids will be begging for the next chapter.”
Marty Machowski, Pastor; author of Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God, Parenting First Aid, The Ology, and other gospel-rich resources for church and home

“Fans of The Rwendigo Tales will not be disappointed in this latest fictional adventure. J. A. Myhre writes masterfully with a bigger picture in mind of doctors and people of faith who give their lives for justice and mercy in the midst of contemporary African culture. The book is a profoundly unique contribution to children’s literature.”
Robert A. Fryling, Author of The Leadership Ellipse: Shaping How You Lead by Who You Are

“Having lived in Africa, I was drawn into the familiar sights and sounds. You, like me, will be amazed that in the end love, not evil, rules the day. This book is a page turner!”
Rose Marie Miller, Author of From Fear to Freedom and Nothing Is Impossible with God

“Don’t start this book just before bed. It is addicting and I kept telling myself, ‘just one more chapter before bed’ until I finished. Educational, intriguing, suspenseful, and fun for all ages.”
Marvin Dunbar, Chair of the Board of Trustees, International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

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Absolutely LOVE this series!

I have absolutely loved this series. It's captivated the mind of my 10-year-old son and has been a story that my 8-year-old daughter refers to quite a bit. We love the setting and how J. A. Myhre is able to write a lot from her experience as a doctor in Africa. I think her knowledge of Africa helps to make this book come alive.

This is a fictional series, but she writes in facts beautifully. Her description of places is easy for the mind to imagine. We have even stopped reading it out loud to even look at the scenery of different places in Africa.

The story focuses on good vs. evil, something that my son has loved. He has a hard time ending the story because he wants to know what happens next! Many great conversations have flowed out of not only this book, but the entire series. It's a series that promotes conversation with parents. I highly recommend this book as a read-aloud with your kids. If you don't read it aloud, then definitely follow up with them on things they loved or saw throughout the story. You definitely need to read it with your kids or you'll miss out on some good memories and conversation!
Posted by Meagan Taylor on 21st Feb 2019

An Exciting Read!

I don't know about y'all, but I love an exciting read!
This book, "A Fever, a Flight, and a Fight for the World" is actually geared toward the middle school crowd (which I used to teach and read to every single day!) but I found it enjoyable even at 25. As a teacher, I taught a reading class and we enjoyed the Giver series, the Call of the Wild, and other exciting, adventurous books and I think my students would have really, really loved this book as well.
It follows a doctor working in epidemic conditions in East Africa and what happens to him during that time period. I don't want to give too much away, but the doctor finds himself on a deserted island near death and his only companion to help him is another survivor of the epidemic.
The really blood-pumping part of the story is their adventure to return to Africa and their discoveries along the way-needless to say, it turns into a fight for not only their lives, but also for justice.
I think if you enjoy a good adventurous story and especially if you have children somewhere between around 9 to 13, this would be an awesome book to share with them (or to read for yourself, I won't tell!)
Posted by Jordyn on 21st Feb 2019

Appeals to readers who seek adventure!

First of all, the ink illustrations help bring the African setting come alive. Second, the dichotomy between those people willing to help the pair and those trying to harm them keeps the story moving quickly. There is even a divide between elements of nature that threaten them and ones that keep them safe. The African setting makes the book different from other elementary/middle school fiction books. I think children will especially latch onto the special relationship between the very clever Nykato and her bush baby, Komba. The book will especially appeal to readers who seek adventure and new places.
Posted by Sue W on 21st Feb 2019

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